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Help Improve Own and Team Practice at School Essay

Please write out each question in full including the reference numbers.1) secern the importance of effective team design in school. Mention the function and objectives of the team in which they work. Ref 3.1, 3.22) Describe both your own role and responsibilities and other members in the team- instruct Governors- Governors work as a team and are accountable for the surgical procedure of the school to parents and the wider community plans the schools future direction selects the proposition teacher makes decisions on the schools budget and staffing including the performance care policy makes sure the agreed Curriculum is well taught decides how the school send away encourage pupils spiritual, moral and cultural development makes sure the school provides for on the whole pupils including those with special needs.Read more Essays on Teamwork in Schools( datarmation received from http// Management team- make strategic plans and put in procedures in place for forward planning of the school SENCO- In mainstream main(a) schools the key responsibilities of the SENCO may include overseeing the day-to-day operation of the schools SEN policy, coordinating provision for children with special educational needs, liaising with and advising fellow teachers. managing learning back assistants, overseeing the records of all children with special educational needs, liaising with parents of children with special educational needs, contributing to the in-service procreation of staff, liaising with external agencies including the LEAs support and educational psychology services, wellness and social services, and voluntary bodies. (information received from http// Teachers- plan and run les tidingss harmonise to the national curriculum Support staff-Ref 206 3.3 & x-ref 205 Ref 2.1 a,b,c,d,e3) Mandy is on playground duty which is s hared between all teaching assistants on a rota system. For health & safety reasons staff are non allowed to take coffee/tea onto the playground. Mandy has worked the whole play age because Romena has not contend out to take over. After looking for Romena, Mandy goes straight to the deputy go teacher as she has had a long morning and this is the second time Romena has not been where she should be that week. The deputy head teacher tells Mandy that Romenas son has been in hospital and that she has been very worried about him as he is due to have an operation that week. What might have been an alternative come?How could the situation be resolved if Romena is unable to fulfil her duties for the time creation?Ref 206 4.6 4.7 (x-ref 203 3.5 b)4)When and how could you suggest ways in which the team could advance or change existing practice?Ref 206, 4.55)Explain the opportunities available to you in fiat to develop your skills (CPD)Ref 206 2.46) Identify ways in which your own kn owledge, sympathy and skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT impact on your own practice. State possible opportunities to improve these areas for improvement. (x-ref 210 6.1, 6.2

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On Your on Exercise #1

student Name ____________________ Class Section ____________________ registering Module 1 On Your Own This military action in Reading Module 1 gives you both reading transitions to practice applying the Active Reading Str takegies you have learned. Directions Complete the activity by reading each musical passageway and answering the questions. Do not forget to spell check and proofread your work. When you have completed this activity, entertain upload it to the Dropbox for this week. Reading 1 The lie behind those gravenessy study polls by Michael Medved of USA Today.Source The Week, October 19, 2007 Ask Americans how they feel closely the world, said Michael Medved, and they wind up with a paradox. use the Predicting strategy Read the title and first sentence. Now promise what you think the passage willing be almost. Your prediction to the highest degree the passage Now read the self-coloured divide Reading 1 The Lie Behind Those Gloomy topic Polls by Michael Me dved of USA Today. Source The Week, October 19, 2007 Ask Americans how they feel near the world, said Michael Medved, and they wind up with a paradox.By staggering majorities, community tell pollsters that they disapprove of both Congress and the President, and two out of three say the U. S. is headed in the wrong direction. Yet when asked roughly their own lives, Americans converse overwhelming contentment and dazzling confidence. A recent Harris poll build that more than nine out of 10 multitude be at ease with the action you lead, with 56 percent choosing the highest category very satisfied. Almost every iodine expects life to be better in the next five years.Somehow, Americans feel that they in person live in a sun-kissed, optimistic island of happiness, while the country at large is going to hell. How can this be? Its actually not that surprising, given that we spend, on average, 30 hours a week immersed in television. On both the news and entertainment shows, the world is presented as rife with crime, terrorism, death, internal depravity, personal humiliation, and bitter political conflict. Self-serving politicians add to the prevailing gloom by emphasizing problems and exaggerating threats.The real American story, though, is the one we live, in which people are making steady economic progress and life is more often than not goodand always better than it was yesterday. Using the Questioning Strategy As you read the paragraph 1. Do you find any details confusing, or that you wonder about? 2. are there words you dont know? Which words are unfamiliar? 3. What questions do you have about any confusing sentences? Your questions about the passage Using the Making Connections Strategy As you read the paragraph 1. Can you make connections to anything you read about in the passage? . What foregoing knowledge, if any, do you have of this topic? Your connections to the passage Using the Visualizing Strategy What is in the passage that you can vis ualize (see in your mind) as you read? Your visualizations of the text Using the Summarizing Strategy Write one or two sentences that summarize the passage. Your summary of the passage Reading 2 Dieters Take poster Source www. workingmother. com (Oct. 2007) Eating out can cave your weight-loss plan. Using the Predicting Strategy Read the title and first sentence.Now predict what you think the passage will be about. Your prediction about the passage Now read the whole paragraph. Reading 2 Dieters Take Note Source www. workingmother. com (Oct. 2007) Eating out can sabotage your weight-loss plan. Dieters and binge eaters ate between 226 and 253 extra calories and 10 to 16 extra grams of fat on days when they dined out, according to a new University of Texas study. Whether or not youre on a diet, make sure you dont hyperbolise it the next time youre eating out with these simple tips keep down fried pabulums and sugary drinks, especially soda.Fill up on veggies or salad with dres sing on the side before the entree comes. Get a take-home box when you get your meal and put half your food in it right away to keep it out of sight and veto mindless overeating. Skip the rich dessert in favor of immaterial fruit. Using the Questioning Strategy As you read the paragraph 1. Do you find any details confusing, or that you wonder about? 2. Are there words you dont know? Which words are unfamiliar? 3. What questions do you have about any confusing sentences? Your questions about the passage Using the Making Connections Strategy As you read the paragraph 1. Can you make connections to anything you read about in the passage? 2. What previous knowledge, if any, do you have of this topic? Your connections to the passage Using the Visualizing Strategy What is in the passage that you can visualize as you read? Your visualizations of the text Using the Summarizing Strategy Write one or two sentences that summarize the passage Your summary of the passage

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Chinese Ccot Essay

CAC Global spate patterns and interior(prenominal) frugal personal matters was significant to the population. It affects how comfortably the country is running and makes it low control. Global trade patterns and domestic economic affairs has changed and move in mainland china from 500 to 1750. As age progressed, trade patterns and the parsimoniousness became sophisticated and prominent. Many population began to depend and on the economic issues. Currency has changed into fluid which became a huge lease. Today, the global trade patterns and domestic economic affairs is the way due to history.Due to homeless(prenominal) circumstances involved changed in currency and a look of diffusion, Chinese economy shifted a bit. As china developed scattered tangency with foreign regions and faced several(predicate) conflicts, they changed trade patterns and domestic affairs. From the time percentage point of 500 to 1750, the change and continuity of the use of Silk avenue/Ind ian sea basin, the use of currency, and trade goods stimulated in the global trade patterns and domestic economic affairs. chinaware has prospered from the Silk pathway from a long period of time. at one time the Silk passage was established, it light-emitting diode to establishments of other intricate network of trade channels. It was a trade route across land masses which connected East, South, and western Asia. Trades on the Silk roadway was a significant factor in the using of the great civilizations and it helped lay foundations for the modern world. Many goods such as jewelries, spices, medicines, textiles, and etc were traded. The Silk Road was a source of cultural and economic diffusion between Asian and European societies. The Silk Road was always active and it became very prominent in the later years.However, due to bubonic plague (Black Death) that traveled, umpteen a(prenominal) merchants died and got ill. Also, there were many bandits there who stole stuff so many people started to non use the road. Also, soon, the naval trade got popular so many people got involved in the seafaring trade in the ocean. The Silk Road became less used and slowly lost fame. Due to the diffusion that went in and out, its disconnection had a significant fee on China. China lost contact with foreign people and lost relationship with the outside world of global ideas, cultures, and technology.China especially became limited in foreign affairs with the Europeans. Not many people traded and not many people came into the Silk Road so it led to the downfall of Chinas economy. The continuity that occurred was that the Silk Road was bland organism used. Even though all these disasters were occurring, people were still using the Silk Road to trade and to traveling. China depended and used the barter arrangement for a long period of time. The barter system was trading spot for an item and relying on interpersonal relationships for business.However, under the Ming dynasty, the currency was changed into currency. Silver was being bited and exported from many regions into China, where thriving domestic economy demanded increasing quantities of fluid. The demand of silver was so high that Europeans exchanged silver for Chinese capital which they got more profit from in Japan. The Ming dynasty in China just real silver and nothing else. All taxes were to be paid with silver and traded with silver which led to the frantic demand of silver. The monopolization of silver led many people to get silver because only silver was accepted.However, the silver became price since it was used as currency which led the Ming dynasty to not release silver in public. his lack of circulation had a huge impact on the economy which led to the downfall of the Ming dynasty. The change in currency damaged the Chinese economy so the currency changed. However, they used the currency to make the economy running by changing currencies. From the time period from 500 t o 1750, China always has been manufacturing and producing their own needs. They imported goods they didnt have or things that couldnt be grown in their region but it wasnt common.Also, China always been exporting because of the amount of resources they had(huge). Their goods changed as time progressed and they imported/exported different goods. The Chinese people exported prodigality times, slaves, jewelries, corn, and etc from different time periods. However, they were always exporting goods which circulated and stimulated the world economy today too. China supported silver during the Ming dynasty which became in very high demand. China exported large amount of goods of luxury items in order to pay for the silver.The continuity that occurred was always has using the Indian sea Basin for trade and exporting goods. It was their maritime trade route which has been continuous like the Silk Road. Chinese cargos constantly roamed around the Indian Ocean Basin. exporting and selling good s all over the world, stimulating the world economy. Chinas global trade patterns and domestic economic affairs changed and continued from 500 to 1750. China always had resources and goods available. China didnt have to import often because most of the products were often produced or grown in China.However, China exported tons of things under the Indian Ocean basin. Not only did they only use the Indian Ocean Basin but also the Silk Road. The Silk Road was an important factor in trading and in diffusion. However, due to diseases, maritime trade, and bandits, the Silk Road lost fame. The change of in currency into silver under the Ming dynasty also had a big impact on Chinas economy. These factors had a significant impact in the circulation of global ideas, traditions, and technology. These factors also led to the change and continuity of global trade patterns and domestic economic affairs from 500 to 1750.

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Importance of Being On Time Essay

Scheduling the work daylight is one of the most serious duties whatever leader in the nautical Corps or the Armed forces in general, tackles each and every day. macrocosm at the good place at the right time for any member of the Armed forces is extremely essential to the defense of the entire get together States of America. Its because of this that existence on time is remarkably important. Dependability, accountability, consistency and playing field argon all crucially important for all members of the armed forces. be on time shows that a Marine is dependable and has his or her priorities straight. organism at the appointed place of duty means to be on that point on time and has always been one of the most important aspects of being a Marine. Failure to be on time not provided hinders billing ready capability and quickness, but also good deal without a doubt cost un inevitable loss of life.It is important to realize that it is necessary for those in the Armed Forces a re held to a high standard. Punctuality ashes and always give be an extremely vital aspect of war machine bearing and discipline. It has a direct correlation to a Marine appearance, fighting readiness, mission effectiveness, and essentially every aspect of army life and responsibility. I cannot place enough emphasis on how important being on time constantly is. For instance a Marine who is late or does not report at all to a place at the time ordered effectively compromises and diminishes the efficiency of which the task or mission at hand can be completed.In an extreme theme a Marine who is not on time to relieve the occurrent guards post would cause the combat effectiveness and readiness of the unrelieved guard to be greatly reduced. This would be caused by fatigue, or lack of supplies, etc. Consequently the guard on post could be compromised and the security of the area could be breached. These things do occur, however, they can undoubtedly be avoided by merely, once again , being on time. The importance of being on time is so you will be early to where ever you take aim to be and accomplish whatever you need to do. If you are early you will always have time to make sure everything that you need to do is straight and there arent any errors in what you need to do.It is important to be on time for work because it shows that you are dedicated in the things that you do and it can help you in moving up in your field of expertise. It is important to be on time in the military because you will be at the right place at the right time, you will be accountable for and if anything was to happen no one can accuse you of anything because you were where you were suppose to be at the right time.Whenever you show up late to something it shows that you have no discipline or respect for anyone else because without delay everyone has to wait for you to arrive instead of starting on time or possibly earlier. It is important to be on time because it shows leadership, co mmitment, loyalty and that you are responsible enough to be trusted without supervision. It is very important to be on time because it is crucial to the mission, my leadership, and me as a Marine.

‘A complex character deserving sympathy.’ How far and in what ways do you agree with this view of Angelo in Measure for Measure?

In Shakespeares evaluate for Measure, Angelo emerges as a double-sided source an distract focal train for such a problem play, as umteen of Shakespeares later works are considered to be. Shakespeare appears to have taken his inspiration for the novel from sources such as Promos and Cassandra (George Whetstone) and Giraldi Cinthios Hecatommithi, twain plays in which a self-righteous deputy, be it Promos in Whetstones version, or Angelo in Shakespeares, seduces a woman (Cassandra or Isabella) by promise of pardon for her condemned brother.Scholars have argued for centuries whether Angelo, or indeed Promos, is a moralistic or an evil computer address. Those scholars who support the notion of Angelo as moral oftentimes cite the following factors in the play the Duke obviously trusts Angelo Angelo is disheartened overflowing by the end of the play to offer a sincere vindication and Angelo tries to resist the temptation that Isabella presents. On the other hand, others have a rgued that Shakespeare depicts Angelo as a purely evil man. These critics emphasise Angelos treatment of Marian, the Dukes possible suspicion of Angelo, his commit for Isabella, and his broken promise to Isabella.By examining Angelo in both of these circumstances, it will have apparent that the most successful interpretation of Angelos shell is a combining of both of these facets. One of these critics, Leo Kirschbaum, suggests that the change in the structure of Measure for Measure is the result of a change in the sectionization of Angelo. At the beginning of the play, Kirschbaum notes, Angelo is cruel and inflexible, but this is tempered somewhat by the fact that he is also noble in his consistent adherence to the law. hardly in the end he is a character who is no longish noble but who is instead small-minded, mean, calculating (and) vindictive. Therefore, a comprehensive analytic thinking of the character and his significance is necessary to decide whether Angelo does actua lly deserve sympathy. Upon summary of the early scenes, we, as the auditory modality, would instinctively begin to consider Angelo a character not worthy of sympathy, as he has ostensibly fooled the Duke into trusting him bountiful to give him power over Vienna and then immediately condemns Claudio to last for impregnating his lover, despite his genuine love for her.By telling Angelo Mortality and clemency in Vienna Live in thy tongue, and heart, it is apparent that the Duke trusts Angelo, redden more than his own right-hand man, Escalus, who is overlooked to be the Dukes deputy. This, however, is overshadowed by the Dukes chat with the friar in I. iii where he says Believe not that the drool dart of love Can pierce a fatten embracing and I have on Angelo imposd the office Who may in thambush of my conjure up strike home in both quotes we are led to confide that the Duke perhaps does not trust Angelo to the extent that is signly apparent. Instead, it appears to be so cial function of a wider plan of which we are so uttermost unaware. To make a moral judgement on Angelo at this stage of the play would be incorrect however we have barely met him as a person, and unless seen him in a brief exchange whilst accepting the position the Duke offers him. He is, however, tyrannous enough to promise Claudios liberty in return for Isabellas virginity, such is his power in the Dukes place.These factors, along with his cruel treatment of Mariana, with whom he had plans of spousals which broke down because her promised proportions Came sort of composition, exposing his shallow and insincere nature, would point to Angelo not being worthy of the audiences sympathy, and simply a cold, emotionless character (whose blood is very snowbroth) created by Shakespeare to reflect the promiscuous evil of Viennese society at the time.For all the negative criticism of Angelo, there is in fact plenty of prove to suggest he is a character with redeeming features who can b e seen as reflecting the positive implications of punishment in a play so concerned with the theme of justice. His apology in the final scene is the prime example of his somewhat altered attitude, payable to the events of the story. He is sorry that such sorrow I procure And so deep sticks it in my penitent heart a quote which refers to the Dukes synopsis that the dribbling dart of love Can not pierce a complete bosom.This apology, especially with its placement at the end of the play, does leave the audience with a slightly more positive view of Angelo than would be had otherwise. Angelos initial refusal of Isabellas offering whilst carrying out the Dukes plan is another factor of the play which would train the audience to sympathising somewhat with Angelo and not considering him an entirely malicious character.Despite the evidence of these two points, however, I firmly believe that Angelo is mainly a character undeserving of sympathy, whose reputation amongst the masses is well -founded by his selfish actions and hypocritical nature, as we learn that he has committed a crime far worse than Claudios something apparently known by the Duke, who soliloquises at the end of exertion III, saying He who the sword of heaven will bear Should be as holy as severe.Although the scoop analysis of Angelo as a person would clearly be a combination of both malicious and beneficent, as many of the key characters in Shakespeares problem plays would best be described as, he does appear to be vastly a malevolent being, not worth of the audiences compassion.

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Investments Worksheet Essay

Answer the pursuance questions in at least 50 words eachWhat argon the main(prenominal) differences between a 401K and a Roth individual retirement account?One of the main differences between a 401K and an Roth IRA is that a 401k is offered by your employer, while the Roth IRA is something an individual seeks and ancestrys on their own. With a 401K your employer contributes or matches what you are position into your 401K.How would you explain the difference between a stock, a bond, and a rough-cut fund?A stock is like owning a raise of a company, you are investing your money into something that is your that can make you more money. A bond is like loaning money to a bank or the government and when they pay you back, they pay you back with interest. A mutual fund is like investing in something with a group of people. Everyone owns a piece of it and benefits from it if it grows.What are the risks and rewards of investing?For investors, risk comes in many forms. Theres the risk of a downturn in stock prices. Theres the risk that inflation will erode an assets buying power. Theres the risk of political instability affecting worldwide markets, but without risk there is no rewards. Sometimes you have to get to a higher risk to get a better reward. They put depending on age should be how much you should be willing to risk.

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Is the Most Important Asset of an Organization

Question homo resourcefulnessfulness (employees) is the most important asset of an transcription. inception Traditionally, gay resource focused mainly on administrative functions and process force out precaution. However, due to technology advancement, administrative tasks select reduced. The role of military man resource has shifted and seems to be taking up more righteousness in company strategic reading and maturement. This scheme has been choke offed in the officiate of Noe et al (2010, p. 719) Durai (2010, p. 109) stated, Employees argon the precious asset of an placement.In view of this statement, human resource planning plays an important role to perfect the utilization of its asset in bourne of cost and productivity. Involvement with companys strategic planning go out free human resource de vocalisationment to cast a broader view of employees acquirement exigency and deployment. Ineffective planning lead construct a hindrance to employee satisf actory and presidential term success. In this paper, we go forth study how the theory of stipend care, task rotation, recognition and fostering impart impel employees.Correspondence to these theories, geological formation testamenting draw in in productivity and reach in one case the employees be appeased with the working surround. Employee elaboration with the cheek Employees talent and efforts have obvious effects on an brass sections productivity and stability. And such efforts are very much been neglected and fail to satisfy employees needs. When employees efforts are non accepted, there entrust be a lack of commitment to the organization. Thus, employees impart not be motivated and will be less creative. Effectiveness of wages ManagementIn order to facilitate the achievement of an organizations goals and key values, endure management plays an important role in human resource management function. Employees should be managed powerful and motivated by providing the best honorarium system based on the occupancy d wiz and its resolution. A good wages system will attract and prevent skilled and productive employees. (Pattanayak B, p. 284) According to Armstrong (2002, p. 8), the wages system consists of a check earnings of direct pecuniary wagess (fixed wage and protean pay) and employee benefits (annual leave and sick leave).And, non- pecuniary settle withs such is avocation recognition, opportunities for career advancement and in the flesh(predicate) growth are also part of the allowance system. Diagram 2 shows the list of financial and non-financial rewards that an organization can apply nether the earnings system. pic Noe et al. (2010, p. 547) menti adeptd that employees emotion and function towards the organization is mainly influence by the compensation payout. Difference in case-by-case personal characteristic will draw batch to different compensation systems.A great resolving to compensate employees in th e organization is to accommodate combination political program rather that one program over another. List of compensation programs are merit pay, incentive pay, usefulness sharing, ownership, lucre sharing, and skill-based pay. Merit pay is one of the best rewarding compensation programs. Employees are measured and payout annually based on the individuals performance appraisal rated by employees supervisor. many companies in Singapore are adapting this compensation program for their permanent staffs. Employees will be more motivated when their performances are recognized and their basic pay is change magnituded.Another example of compensation program is incentive pay. Incentive pay is usually seen in organization with gross sales team that brings in revenue and pay that will gain mart deal out for the company. Employees with high performance will gain in such compensation program as they measured based on the amount of products or services change and the payout is not part on the employees basic pay. Payment will be earned on a all week or monthly basis depending on the organizations policy. Once an individual is motivated by such fiscal rewards, he will sell more products and services for the rganization. However, if the compensation program is not well planned, it will have a negative effect to the organization to upkeep its business quarrys. As mentioned in the term by Daly D (2009), skilled-based pay is the stipend to payout employees with a bankrupt skilled friendship that related to the patronage. Employees who have attained unseasoned skill and knowledge will be compensated more comparing to their co-colleagues. fetching an example of a technician in a manufacturing organization, he will be rewarded once he has completed the machine fixing and maintenance program.In order for him to continue to be compensated with better basic pay, he has to continue to upgrade his skillsets. Once the employees market value has increased, he will be motivated to set in more to the organization and cleanse productivity. Effectiveness of Job rotation &038 Recognition Apart from monetary rewards, job rotation has a function to motivate employees to enhance their skill knowledge and contribute more to the organization. Job rotation is taxonomic procedure whereby individual employee is shifted from current side or department to another in a given period of time.Employees will be multi skilled and able to support the organization when skillsets are required. When a job is less lifeless or monotonous, employees will perform better and improve productivity. Hence, employees will gain a promotion and increase their income. (Noe et al, p. 430) Effectiveness of Recognition Recognize and reward are exactly what the employees in the organization looking forward for a better growth in their career. The right motif will influence the employees behavior and in return employees will achieve the organizations goals and objective and stri ve for higher productivity.Once the employees are satisfied and feel rewarded, it is incredible for them to leave the organization. Employees will dedicated their skill and time for the organization. Therefore, the management should always be enthusiastically recognizing the talented and hardworking individuals to hold a healthier working environment for the employees to come to work happily every day. Effectiveness of Training and Development benignant employees with schooling and development are the ii fundamental components in an organization.Both training and development do co-exist, as training will provide the skillsets and knowledge for the employees needs in the job. Whereas, development is a process to rig employees in gaining new skills and knowledge for extrovert demand in the current job or a job that do not exist. When employees obtained new skills and knowledge, it will improve the quality of the work. Organization will guide on the opportunities to attract and retain talented employees to gain profits and productivity. This theory is support by Noe et al. (2010, p. 87) ConclusionEmployees are still an integral part of a company, being important assets. They must be constantly motivated and rewarded financial or non-financial on effort through on the job. Thus, human resource management has to balance the needs and achieve the goals and objective of both employees and the organization. Once the employees gained the recognition from the organization, they will produce better terminuss and profits. Reference Armstrong M, 2002 Employees Rewards, capital of the United Kingdom CIPD Publishing. Durai P, 2010 valet imagery Management, newfangled Delhi Dorling Kindersley (India) Pvt Ltd.Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, Wright, 2010 gentle Resource Management Gaining A warlike Advantage, 7th Edition New York, McGraw-Hill. Pattanayak B, 2006 Human Resource Management, 3rd Edition New Delhi, Prentice Hall of India Private Limited. Daly D, 2009. Empl oyee Relations, Motivation, motion Management, DeGarmo Group. Available http//www. degarmogroup. com/index. php/2009/03/the-effectiveness-of-skill-based-pay-systems/ 1 Dec 2010 Own Referencing Employee reward Michael Armstrong CIPD Publishing, 2002 573 pages http//books. google. com/books? d=keiVwGxm3i0C&038pg=PA363&038dq=financial+and+non+financial+rewards&038hl=en&038ei=lELSTtXwHYLorQeht-XnDA&038sa=X&038oi=book_result&038ct=result&038resnum=1&038ved=0CDcQ6AEwAAv=snippet&038q=total%20remuneration&038f= delusive Durai P, Human Resource Management, Pearson Education India rapscallion109 http//books. google. com. sg/books? id=cRAvCCsN2e0C&038pg=PA109&038dq=what+the+point+on+human+resource+is+an+asset+to+organisation&038hl=en&038ei=58zRTti1K9HnrAeGjOnGDA&038sa=X&038oi=book_result&038ct=result&038resnum=3&038ved=0CEIQ6AEwAgv=onepage&038q=what%20the%20point%20on%20human%20resource%20is%20an%20asset%20to%20organisation&038f=false pic Ronel Kleynhans, Human Resource Management 2006 Page 6 Pearson South Africa, 1 Mar, 2006 byplay &038 Economics 310 pages http//books. google. com. sg/books? id=8_acBYy_77oC&038pg=PA6&038dq=HRM+-+employee+is+an+asset&038hl=en&038ei=bbHRTsf8LYHTrQf1pakw&038sa=X&038oi=book_result&038ct=result&038resnum=4&038ved=0CEAQ6AEwAwv=onepage&038q=HRM%20-%20employee%20is%20an%20asset&038f=false Human Resource Management 3Rd Ed. Biswajeet Pattanayak PHI encyclopedism Pvt. Ltd. , 1 Mar, 2005 504 pages http//books. google. com/books? id=dF7G0yZ51GgC&038dq=compensation+management&038a mpsource=gbs_navlinks_s picUltimate Small melodic line Marketing Guide James Stephenson, Courtney Thurman enterpriser Press, 4 Jan, 2007 Business &038 Economics 478 pages http//books. google. com/books? id=algx60Sbqo0C&038dq=training+program+to+motivate&038source=gbs_navlinks_s industrial/Organizational Psychology An Applied prelude Michael G. Aamodt Striking a balance surrounded by research, theory, and application, the sixth edition of INDUSTRIAL/organisatio nal PSYCHOLOGY AN APPLIED APPROACH http//books. google. com/books? id=TgE7zklRjHgC&038dq=training+program+to+motivate&038source=gbs_navlinks_s David Daly http//www. egarmogroup. com/index. php/2009/03/the-effectiveness-of-skill-based-pay-systems/ comprehensive Dictionary of Organization Behaviour Rahul Arora 2000 573 pages plentiful viewSarup &038 Sons, 1 Jan, 2000 573 pages Recognition &038 Reward computer program Best Practices By Derek Irvine, Globoforce April 15, 2011 http//www. hrmtoday. com/talent/human-resources-management/recognition-reward-program-best-practices/ lick Their Day Employee Recognition That Works proven Ways to Boost Morale, Productivity, and Profits Cindy Ventrice ReadHowYouWant. com, 6 Aug, 2010 Business &038 Economics 336 pages