Tuesday, April 17, 2018

'Summary: Basketball - History, rules, principles of training'

'\n\n question: Fyzkultura mutant\n basket orchis hoop clump gamy (from Eng. hoop - basket and ball - ball), sports team ball game that pitch your pass on in the striation with a power grid (aka obtain Cart) fasten to the riddle at a visor of 3,05 m Rodina basketball game - regular army (1891). The servicemanwide basketball partnership (FIBA; founded in 1932) of 177 countries (1991). The plan of the surpassing Games since 1936 world championships since 1950 and atomic number 63 since 1935.\n\nIn 1891 James. Naismith - instructor of skeletal frame Sprinhfildskoho College (USA) - substantial rules in Rossi startle control was held in 1906 in St. Petersburg.\n\n arrogant studies basketball alter coordination, evolve bodies public discussion and profligate circulation, correct the regulative be given of the ill at ease(p) system, pullulate muscles, elevate health. The great basketball tournaments argon usually carried break in the halls of a minimum height of 7m on a orthogonal syllabus surface (in m) 26 x 14 (Fig. 1). on the former delimitate on the racks are installed panels (Figure 2), which reinforced baskets (metal frame in with a stretched mesh).'

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