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Social Costs To Those Entering Gender-Specific Sports :: Sociology Essays Research Papers

Social Costs To Those Entering Gender-Specific Sports not Their OwnI was part of the wrestling team when I was in middle school and in gritty school. While in middle school, the wrestling coaches were supportive of me and the other four girls on the team. We were trained as if we were men and competed with other team members. One girl was even condense from the team for not keeping up with the training that was expected of solely team members. The other coaches in the school were not as supportive. P.E. teachers that were erst friendly to the five of us became aloof and discriminatory. Students other athletes, some on the wrestling team taunted us. We five women on the wrestling team form we were no longer certain by teachers and friends. We were never told that this change in attitude towards us was directly caused by our participation in a mans sport, but wrestling seems to be the only reason five women of disparate race, religion, and amicable grouping would have underg one(a) such an experience. My teammates and I were issuecast by many of our peers and punished in our classes by some of our teachers for participating in a non-traditional sport for women. When I received a wrestling hurt that ended my wrestling season, I was still outcast because I carried the soft touch of being a wrestler. In high school, I did not stress out for the wrestling team until my sophomore year because I was afeared(predicate) of the social implications that joining the wrestling team had. When I did try out with a friend in our second year of high school, we were accepted onto the team automatically so that our school could compete on the female level. We were not supported by the coaches or any of our teammates and were forced to sit out during trials. Off of the wrestling mat, we did not face any social repercussions for wrestling. Then again, we were not wrestling. We were not trained, we were not expected to weigh in, we were not a part of the team. In bot h middle school and high school, the social benefit would have been acceptance of female wrestlers and propagation of private-enterprise(a) female wrestling. My friends and I failed in both situations and suffered socially in one way or another for our efforts as a group.

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