Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Foundational Philosophies of Management-Terence Essay

Foundational Philosophies of Management-Terence - Essay ExampleIn the reference list the foundation philosopher that will be analyzed is Sharpe, C. This is because his 2011 work, Online Resources for Senior Citizens, provide techniques for ensuring effective use of communication technologies like the internet, by the senior citizens worldwide. The depth psychology will also look at the philosophy described by Zain et al. (2011) and Nejmej (2012).Sharpe explains that communication technology improves return delivery to the senior citizens, and enables them effectively and efficiently access information. For instance, a lot of government services ar currently provided with the internet. The senior citizens must therefore, understand how to use the internet and access the online resources properly. One of the essence(p) online resource for the senior citizens is the ElderWeb. This is a website which is very effective in research on older people, families and professionals, quest in formation concerning elderly care or long term care (Bandura, 2003). Tourism websites like Exploritas is useful to the senior citizens because, it arranges for learning and travel adventures of the senior citizens.Social security administration is also conducted online. The senior citizen behind therefore know their social security status through the internet, instead of visiting the actual offices. This ensures capacity in service delivery because minimal costs are involved, and also ensure effectiveness because many a(prenominal) people can be served at almost the same time. The government also illustrates the laws and regulations affecting the seniors through the internet. This ensures adequate publicity, because many people use the internet for getting information. Most of these legislations protect the interests of the elderly citizens for instance, banning of age discrimination in public service delivery. In this

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