Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Developing a New Ready to Eat Dessert :: Business and Management Studies

Developing a New Ready to Eat DessertI was asked to design and bring on a set to eat dessert. My tar furbish up groupwas all ages of people, specifically people aged between twenty andsixty as they tend to have more funds to spend than teenagers orpensioners.In order to gain an insight into the type of products that could beavailable to me to design and make I first had to do rough research.First I created a questionnaire, and handed it out to fifty people ofdifferent ages. My questionnaire asked a variety of differentquestions much(prenominal) as do you equal chocolate based desserts? Do you likesponge? Do you prefer hot desserts to cold? The results of thisquestions formed the foundation of my project. I wrote letters to managers of supermarkets asking them to mail meinformation on existing products, this helped me understand the typeof cost that was suitable for my product to be interchange at.From a range of magazines I make a collage of different desserts andannotated it , I used this as a kind of brainstorm of ideas, such asthe different layers and colours that could be used.The internet was a big help to my research as I used the supermarketswebsites to find out prices of products and ingredients.In order to condense the range of desserts I was considering I mademyself a speciation table, this stated the criteria my product shouldmeet. I decided that I would prefer my product to be chilled ratherthan frozen, which cancelled out some of my previous ideas such asice-cream dishes.My specification stated that my product should beColdChilledAvailable in individual portionsCheap to produceOf a standard quality put one over a toppingHave a creamy fillingHave a crunchy baseHave a variety of texturesMust be sold at a maximum cost of 2Must have layersNext I had to design ten different products, I illustrated them andannotated them. Referring to the recipe of the dessert. To make mydecision on the final product I tested a few of the suggested ideas. Idecide to make a cheesecake.I had to make confident(predicate) my cheesecake fit my product specification. To mydelight my finished design actually does meet the majority of mycriteria. So overall my cheesecake has been a success.The only area that did not go as planned was the portion size. Mycheesecake ended up as a family size portion. This was due to thecomplication of the packaging, and sizing. I found it very hard to getthe individual portions exactly the same size each time, it was easier

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