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The competition between 2 fungi in same sugar (food) source can lead Assignment

The competition amidst 2 fungi in same sugar (food) source can lead to change PH and color - Assignment Example1. Firstly i noneulate the wood samples in wood agar petri dishes as mention be Robinson etal in International Wood Products Journal, vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 103107.After proper extraction of Scytalidium Ganodermopthorum fungi species from wood, petri dishes of the finishing are prepared.2. The second step involves liquid culture growth, the fungus is grown on malt media amended with fair rotted maple prepared in half-pint Mason jars with plastic screw lids. The petri dishes are sterilized via autoclaving in the beginning use.3. After sterilization fill the dishes with 50 mL of autoclaved liquid media (2% malt in deionised water) according to Robinson etal, susceptibility of three yellow pigment producing fungi to colour wood under controlled conditions,International Wood Products Journal, vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 103107, 2014.5. Incubate the liquid cultures on an open shelf at room temperature for the next twenty 2 weeks. Over this period the colour measurements were recorded on a Konica Minolta CR-5 chroma meter for each flaskful of media before use, with output in the CIE L*a*b* colour space.6. Filter 3 rest home of the media using a Whatman Cat. No. 1002150 filter sheet after(prenominal) every 7 days. The pigments collected after filtrations are then solubilised in dichloromethane and standardized based upon their colours using the colour study machine for distinguished and precise results every 7 days. For the green colour obtained from the readings in the machine S. ganodermophthorum L* = 87.04, a* = 0.54, b* = 22.21.This is a perfect pitch green colour and any pigmentation close to this entrust be olive green as shown by the media from the 100 plates. Those from the 10 negative plates will take hold their colour.Under natural conditions once the growth of a fungal colony is established, or when supplies of vital nutrients plump depleted, parts of the

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