Thursday, May 9, 2019

The French Revolution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The French Revolution - Essay ExampleThis study outlines that powerfulness Luis XVI withal escalated the need for a revolution because he was known to be indecisive. He also had the habit of letting the strong opposition bring him to a position where he could not polish off a decision on his own. In as much as he reduced the regime expenditure, he often was not strong enough to prevent the opposition from thwarting his attempts to create and consecrate the most important reforms. Therefore, it was easy for those who were against the French monarchy to spread propaganda against the king, thus arousing resentment towards it.From this paper it is clear that apart(predicate) from the above factors, other issues also led to the eruption of the French revolution. These include the resentment of the flock towards the royal absolutism. The peasants and laborers were also driven by p everywherety so they thought with the monarchy and the church out of power, they would be satisfactor y to improve their lives. The race also felt intimidated by the Catholic Church power over the public policies and institutions too. Others also advocated for freedom of worship, combined with resentment towards the French queen known for her extravagant style. These were fair(a) among other reasons as to why the French revolution occurred. The main goals of the 1789 revolution were to create a entire monarchy which would allow for liberty in the French society (Emmet 23-24). Some of the liberties that the French people wanted to ware been for instance sovereignty for the domain, right to speech and conscience, freedom of employment regardless the status, and most importantly, the rights to own property. The people also wanted to have a bleak constitution that stripped the church off their powers. The new constitution was not to oppose the king but make him as a part of the nation while the church was to be replaced as a source of sovereignty. The peoples goals were inclined t owards the rights of the people against the government.

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