Monday, August 26, 2019

Historical Figures and their impact on American History Essay

Historical Figures and their impact on American History - Essay Example James Madison: In Focus Being the fourth President of the United States, James Madison has had made his signature over the focal pages of the country’s voluminous biography which unravels into the present day. Moreover, James Madison was said to be the beginning of the exceptional constitutional government of America, which until now, can be felt (Rives 2). As a background, the hero of this story came from Orange County but was born in Port Conway, Virginia on a faithful Wednesday on the 16th of March, 1751. James Madison Sr. was in possession of a substantially organized tobacco plant in their hometown. For a boy who grew up on the state of Virginia, it was only orderly to inherit their father’s labor in the plantations. However, James exhibited great potential even in his youth with a fondness for reading and learning and so they made certain to give their child the proper education (Mattern 13). Then the College of New Jersey, Madison received his schooling from Prin ceton but did so in an impressive and condensed time frame. People of great importance over the nation had already caught a glimpse of the strength that Madison wielded through his contemplation and his statements the same emanation of intellectual competence that his parents saw. He was appointed to form the Virginia Declaration of Rights and took part in the Governor’s Council, Continental Congress as well as the Virginia State Legislature (Vile 7 ). These were the significant moments and occurrences on the life of James Madison that were molding him into the wise engineer of the United States. Probing more of James Madison’s earlier stories would reveal the effects of an upbringing in such a firmly intertwined structure of family and relatives. Even while already on service for the Continental Congress, he could not stay away from his home in Orange County. The place in which he took his first breath into the world would also be the last place he closed his eyes at his age of 85 on June 28, 1836. This special association with his relatives had an effect on his political life as well, as the Madison family was known to have ties with the sheriffs, country lieutenants, justices of the peace and members of the legislature in Virginia (Ketcham 6). Most of his life’s crucial works would be reared from his home state. Living at the period of the American Revolution, he was a pivotal force for its success. His duty was not in the line of battle nor on establishing foreign connections and political negotiations. James Madison was after all a cerebral leader. He went on with his patriotic intentions and concentrated on in the determination of the right kind of government for his country (Mattern 6). After their declaration of independence from Great Britain on the year of 1776, James Madison’s role persisted in creating a better government and in effect, rebuilding a better nation. James Madison had numerous, key contributions for the nat ions. One of the very first is his work of the Virginia report during the year of 1787 which would later be the blueprint for a work with much immensity in a substantial degree of significance--United States Constitution (Kernell 147). Along with Alexander Hamilton and John Jay, James Madison wrote â€Å"The Federalist Papers† from 1787 to 1788 in the hopes of the people of United States to embrace their work. The

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