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Lewis Carroll English Paper

Lewis Carroll is an important English writer because of his position in English literate ere, and his many arks, such as his novel, â€Å"Lice's Adventures in Wonderland,† have impacted o r influenced some writing styles of today. There was a lot of controversy that was consistent throughout Lewis Carol's I fife. This is what made him such a unique English writer. Charles Dodson was born on Jag unary 27,1832 in Treasury, Cheshire, England. Later known by his pen name Lewis Carroll.Lee wise Carroll changed his name because he thought that the people reading his mathematic CSS books would find it odd to find the same author having written fictional books. This would make e a difference in his various styles of books. At age 20 he was awarded a scholarship to Christ Cool egg. Apart from being a lecturer in mathematics he was a photographer and wrote many essay yes and poetry. Carroll was shy, but that didn't stop him from enjoy creating stories for child en. Carroll suffered from a bad stammer, but found himself vocally fluent while speaking with chill drew.The relationships Lewis Carroll created with young children was of great interest n most of his well known writings. For example Carroll told tales of dream worlds later written d own due to the request of Alice Lidded, a young girl who loved to listen to his stories. The stop rye was later coincidentally found by Henry Kinsley who urged Carroll to publish what is k now to us now as Notwithstanding such criticism, Lewis Carol's work and popularity remains la argyle undiminished. The place of Lewis Carroll in Children's Literature/ Alice Beyond Wonderland: Essays for the Twenty First Century; written by Christopher Hollingsworth.The e text had generated many cultural complex episodes and images. The short story; Lice's Adventures in Wonderland story contains in very high detail words that form imagery. Therefore, very s mall broken down literature made up sentences. For this reason, Victorian texts AR e f ormed Sentences that contain allusions and retelling. Agree with the criticism's argument beck cause I know that by reading , Lewis Carroll does an amazing job with detail considering it was written as a classic children's story.Having considered Lei s Carol's writing style , it is also reasonable to look at the way he consistently used metaphors. In Allies Adventures in Wonderland, Alice changes size throughout the story. At first SSH e is too big to fit in the little door into the beautiful garden. Similarly, in Down the Rabbit Hole, is a term that homebodies exploring the world and being adventurous. Lastly, Through the Looking Glass, Sis good metaphor for using a piece of glass to look back at yourself. It is important to note however, that Lewis Carroll was a man of mystery.Bess des the fact that he has a pen name, his novels contain very fictional scenarios. Lewis Carr loll's work, Lice's Adventure's in Wonderland , stands in the category of nonsense literature. Many authors a rgue that the novel contrasts with the standard moralistic literature of the Victoria n times. Lewis uses nonsensical concepts and words in his stories in order to create a mood of w musical and a fantasy. His books Lice's Adventure?s in Wonderland ; published in 1865 and Through the Looking Glass ; published in 1871 have been published since 150 years ago.The novel control acts with the manta amounts of widely moralistic children's literature during this it me. Lewis Carroll was surrounded and perhaps influenced by many authors during that time pee riot. This may have included Hawthorne and Emerson. For a while Lewis Carroll was forgotten UN till his wonderful book was published thus allowing his work to be widely known to this day. Lewis Carroll Was a man of many talents and was known greatly throughout A Rican literature as a remarkable author, artist, mathematician, teacher, and poet.

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