Thursday, September 19, 2019

Graduation Speech: I Am Everyman! :: Graduation Speech, Commencement Address

This speech is bigger than me... bigger than this graduating class... and the world surrounding us. It is an epiphany. This speech is for the little guy, the middle man and the guy who is always behind the scenes... For the past four years, we have seen stories, read newspaper articles, and have heard announcements about our star athletes, scholars and over achievers. Although it is undeniable that they have left their footprints at County High by trying incessantly to better themselves, as you are on the brink of adulthood, you can't help but ask yourself, "What about me?" What about my effort to just get by? We speak, but our voices are silent, our contributions go seemingly unnoticed, and our greatest effort is just good enough. Although this lifestyle of mediocrity is not extravagant by society's standards, all of you should be proud to be here because you may be the first person in your family to graduate high school, be going on to college, or the first aspiring to break the cycle. And even though this day may be a small step to others, this may be the most important step of YOUR life. Appreciate the fact that you are setting the path for others who may be just like you following in your footsteps or climbing the same exact ladder you have climbed. Because of these inspirational acts, we are in fact the movers and shakers of America. While some by-standers are looking down at the field upon us, seeing teenagers who appear to be out of control, irresponsible and impossible, at the same time, a child is looking up to us seeking inspiration and validation... because to them, we are their only hope as we let down our guards when we become one society welcomed into another. Adulthood ladies and gentlemen!!! Today is a turning point for each and every one of us. While we sit on this field, we are in essence standing up to our fears of feeling inferior, and letting our true colors shine. Today is a day to be proud of yourself and each other. Today is your day to show everyone your true self. In a way, every person is the average Joe, because each step that we take, each move that we make, and each word that we utter, will somehow affect the life of another... and that is not average.

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