Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Identify and give the significance of the east Asia history words Essay - 2

Identify and give the significance of the east Asia history words - Essay Example Kawapata was born to a family of dactor and lost his both parents when he was four he went to be with his grandparents (Holcombe 2011). Burakumin were a oucast group of people that were considered low in the society. Their occupations were considered tainted and therefore were relegated to the lower social class status. by being at the bottom of social class they were discriminated at all aspects of participation in the public. Nixon shock was an economic policy by president Nixon of united states that lead to the end of conversion of American dollar to gold. In the proposal there had also to be 90 days wage freeze for all the Americans and import surch. Japan prime minister realized how weighty the matter was and the toll it took on its people. It puts japan in awkward position in terms of international trade and its people were irritated. This is the description of the non linear relationship between oil prices and the gdp growth. Oil prices have effect on everything and the more the price the more the cost of every unit of production. Oil prices increase affect the economy while decrease does not (Holcombe 2011). Minimata disease was first discovered in minamata city japan. it is caused by severe mercury poisoning. It results when one eat a lot of fish that breeds in water polluted with industrial waste full of methyl mercury. Minimata cause numbness in the feet general muscle weakness and norrowing in field of vision. In its extreme it causes insanity. Animà © are Japanese animated productions both hand drawn and computer drawn. Anime is short form of animation and it started in 1917 in Japan and currently involve, short animated films and movies

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