Saturday, October 26, 2019

Lack of Style Essay -- Personal Narrative, Essay About Myself

As I open my eyes to the world around me, I am blinded by the misery and the despair of people. I am subjected to seeing the lack of style exhibited. It is sinful to identify expensive blasà © attire purchased for brand names that are nothing short of atrocious. In defense to this calamity, I can bring the world an extensive fashion insight, a view not a single person has tackled before. Combined textures, fabrics, and designs, undiscovered brands, form fitting and flattering attire. I can make appearances at modern and splendor fashion shows. Tying in the styles exhibited into everyday wear; combined with taste and sophistication. I can reveal different fashions for different personalities, and help people uncover their inner-character. I can inform the public of colors that look good together, and identify clothes you shouldn’t be caught dead wearing. As a fashion journalist, I will close the windows of yesterday and open doors of today and tomorrow. Identifying trends, rev ealing hip shops, and traveling to fashion exhibits, overpriced name brands will be replaced with glamorous st...

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