Thursday, October 17, 2019

Marketing plan for Grey Goose Company Case Study

Marketing plan for Grey Goose Company - Case Study Example petitive price and extra ordinary taste, its level of preference is extremely high among the middle class of the society and so its brand value and market share is also quite high as compared to many other rival players such as Smirnoff, Skyy etc in the market of America. In spite of extreme aggressiveness, the demand and preference of Grey Goose Vodka is extremely high in the market of America as compared to other rivals. This is mainly due to the utilization of the special customized technology, which mixes potatoes in a unique way so as to present a unique quality and taste. Thus, due to this unique feature, the level of preference of Grey Goose Vodka is extremely high in the market. Moreover, as the vodka of Grey Goose might be consumed in both neat as well as in mixed way, so its level of demand is extremely high as compared to others. Thus, due to these above mentioned features, the sustainability and position of the organization of Grey Goose increased to a significant extent in this age of competitiveness. Positioning is the process of locating a specific product within the minds of the customers among many other rival brands in order to improve its total sale and market position. The organization of Grey Goose might try to re-position itself as a premium brand offering a wide range of superior and healthy malt spirits such as Grey Goose La Poire, Grey Goose L’Orange, Grey Goose Le Citron and many others. However, in order to improve its demand and customer base, it promoted itself as a healthier drink with superior quality, sophistication as well as modernity. Furthermore, in order to improve the sustainability and market share, all the products of Grey Goose are prepared from finest quality of ingredients that increased its level of preference among the adult section of the society. Hence, in spite of being a premium brand, its market share and total sale is quite high, due to its healthier taste as compared to others as presented below. Thus, from

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