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Sermon on mount Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Sermon on mount - Essay Example ‘ To love is to will good for someone’ (Kraut, 3-20) Thus, it is sensible to do all we can to see a different person get and have a good life no matter how great ones life does not seem to be. The need to write on the topic on the sermon on the mount is to clarify various confusions cited by people each time on the relevance of the topic (Prabhavananda, 13). Using different theories of various philosophers is important to create a substantial evidence as well as to leave any unanswered questions answered fully. Some critics have paid tribute to it since it is the best benevolent teachings in time immemorial, and considering the fact that the teachings can be taken literally. They give an example of St Francis of Assisi the man who risked his life to assist other individuals in the society. He gave up everything and lived in abject poverty to see other humans live comfortably. Another example of one who gave up everything and whose actions can be compared to the teachings in the beatitudes is Padre Pio. He gave up everything and the only wealth he remained with were his priesthood veil, and a pair of sandals just to watch others have a better life. â€Å"How then can the focal point of the sermon on the mount be a sentence that says, ‘be perfect’? and be perfect ‘just as god is perfect’?† (Vaught, 4). This chapter involves proving the fact that the teachings from the sermon in the mount are substantial enough to prove the fact that justice over powers injustice, and that the just live a more fulfilling life than the unjust. From this confusion and argument, substantial evidence is needed to give the people the most suitable answer. Thesis Statement On the issue of whether justice or injustice is important, I take the side of justice being the best and choose to argue out the point in various perspective. Using various points and theories to prove the importance on the message about justice in the beatitudes is essent ial. Using theories like that of Plato, Aristotle, Nitsche and Jesus is essential. Argument 1 In Plato’s Reasoning theory, he supports the fact that justice is better compared to injustice. Plato defines justice as well as its characteristics. He further explains the point that when a city is just, its inhabitants will always live at peace with each other without much ado (Ashbaugh, 48). Plato uses this theory to challenge the sophophists as to why one has to live morally in this life. Comparing this to the teaching on the sermon on the mount, is clear that a just person is one ruled by reasoning. Reasoning is Plato explains that of the three human energies; reason, appetite and emotion, reason surpasses all the other two (Ashbaugh, 7). Plato said, â€Å"Morality is a necessary cause of happiness, one’s happiness is correlary to ones moral behavior.† â€Å"Therefore, an immoral person would be motivated to be moral if he wants to be happy. The happy person is t he just person† (Taylor, 10-23). His is proof that the sermon on the mount’s teachings on living justly to be happy, and for the satisfaction and peace of soul is proof that a just person is happier than the unjust person (Wagner, 4). Argument 2 I quote Aristotle â€Å"The hearer is the one who determines the speech’s end and object.† (Kraut, 3-20) This may present the Sermon on the mount as a more that Jesus might have said

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