Friday, October 4, 2019

Visual Arts and Film Studies. Memento 200, Truffauts 400 Blows, Essay

Visual Arts and Film Studies. Memento 200, Truffauts 400 Blows, Casablanca and The Spirit of the Beehive - Essay Example The story is contrasting, as one part of the story in forward motion while the other one is in backward motion. It is refers to as one memory inside the other memory. The movie is a complicated challenging adventure where we see Leonard striving to avenge the death of his wife. This is complicated by the fact he had lost his memory, hence, was unable to recall the way the events took place from day to day. He attacked and took the life of one of the attackers that led to the death of his wife. He can only remember his wife dying from the attack from the gang. Because of this pain suffered inside, he vows continue until he gets the second man who was involved in the killing of his wife. This movie changes from the black and white flow and continues in the sequential order. The two colors coincide at the end of the story in forward and reverse manner. He describes how it is vital to have written notes that constantly remind him of the killers of his wife, written in a part of his arm, John G, the man who raped and murdered his wife. He continues with his narration and tells when he met Sammy during the time he became an investigator. Sammy has a condition that did not pass as mental disorder but he was rather unable to learn by conditioning. The life of Leonard focuses on trying to unravel the truth; this brings him to meet Mrs. Jankis who he tells that Sammy was in a position to come up with new memories. Leonard discuses with the caller, as to why the police did not buy hi story of the attackers that killed his wife. Fortunately, the person whom Leonard was seeking to turned out to be a police officer, and he gives him more clues towards his quest for his killers. Soon Leonard sets up a meeting with Joe at the lobby, who is an undercover police and prefers to be called teddy. The film then continues with the flow in contrast to the first part. Here we see teddy convincing Leonard that jimmy was the man he was looking for in connection to the killing of his wife. Natalie and Leonard go to the house and agree to stay together. She then tricks him to go and beat a man who had harassed her off her money, but before he could do that, teddy warns him of the plans of Natalie, and he leaves her. The truth is slowly becoming known, and in the morning, Leonard leaves and hide in Dodd’s’ motel, beating him senselessly, before calling teddy who persuade him to elope from the country. Leonard decides to spend the night with Natalie, as a thanks giving for helping him get Dodd. Finally, Leonard puts the clues together, and discovers that teddy was indeed the second killer of his wife. In deep aggression, he shoots teddy right in the head. Conc lusion The story reflects the quest for Leonard to find the truth of the death of her wife. He is surrounded by the main culprit, Teddy who tries to derail him in his findings. Leonard despite of his mental condition finds his way and puts clue together to finally know that teddy was the killer. Truffaut’s 400Â  Blows Question 2 This film demonstrates the steps taken by the 12 year old Antoine who was in bad terms with his parents and teachers, is seen descending into delinquency. Antoine is preparing to go to reform school, since the teachers and his parents, plus the squeezed house and classroom imprison him mentally and physically in his village. He often runs to his favorite spot where he hides fro the rest of the people. This leads him to participate in the game of hooky, which takes him to the streets where he enjoys the freedom of moving about far from the authorities. This continues to worsen as he gets more trouble both at home and school. In addition, the more trou ble he creates at

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