Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Dolores Huerta :: essays research papers

1. Dolores Huerta was a member of Community Service Organization (â€Å"CSO†), a grass roots organization. The CSO confronted segregation and police brutality, led voter registration drives, pushed for improved public services and fought to enact new legislation. Dolores Huerta wanted to form an organization that fought of the interests of the farm workers. While continuing to work at CSO Dolores Huerta founded and organized the Agricultural Workers Association in 1960. Dolores Huerta was key in organizing citizenship requirements removed from pension, and public assistance programs. She also was instrumental in passage of legislation allowing voters the right to vote in Spanish, and the right of individuals to take the driver’s license examination in their native language. Dolores Huerta moved on to working with Cesar Chavez. Dolores was the main person at National Farm Workers Association (â€Å"NFWA†) who negotiated with employers and organized boycotts, strikes, demonstrations and marches for the farm workers. 2. Possibly when Dolores Huerta first started working and really was unknown. Employers were not intimidated by her. Dolores would hear sexist comments and would ignore them. Dolores soon proves to anyone who doubted her why she was the negotiator and why she was important to the United Farm Workers union. Once she was heard people started to respect Dolores. Soon enough Dolores Huerta was given the nickname â€Å"Dragon lady,† because she was a fierce negotiator and organizing the rights of farm workers. 3. Dolores Huerta was the main negotiator during the Delano grape strike. In 1965 Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez were approached by Filipino members of the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee ("AWOC"). AWOC wanted higher wages from the Delano are grape growers. AWOC wanted to negotiate new contracts with their employers but they needed the help of Huerta and Chavez. The NFWA was still new and growing although Huerta thought that NFWA was not ready to attack corporate America she could not refuse to help AWOC. The two unions formed into one union called United Farm Workers union. Under this the union Dolores began the battle with the Delano grape growers. Dolores organized over 5,000 workers to walk off their job and to strike until they could reach an agreement with their employers.

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