Saturday, February 8, 2020

Organizational Development in HRD (Case Study) Research Paper

Organizational Development in HRD (Case Study) - Research Paper Example Moreover, she also thinks that she was given an ultimatum by her boss when he coerced her to continue with the client as no one else was free to take up. Kindred faces major ethical dilemma. She was presented as an expert of CQI which she asserts misrepresent her competencies and which are not adequate to resolve the problems of the client. But with her first meeting, she had also earned the trust and confidence of the client and who had given positive feedback to her company’s President. She believes that the company needs someone with technical know-how which she lacks. They are dilemma because she is caught between the obligations to her company and ethics of OD which are founded on honesty and openness. She believes that she is not equipped with competencies despite her academic qualifications in the area and therefore rather than looking it as an opportunity, she thinks she is backed into making a decision that is ethically wrong. I would have continued with the current client and used it as a platform for widening my experience and exploiting my core competencies in OD to solve the problems of the firms. OD has wide scope and CQI is inherently linked to the organizational development processes (Cummings & Worley, 2009). Streamlining various interactive process are key elements of CQI which can be achieved through evolving practices of evaluation. OD underpins the principles of optimal performance through evolving organizational culture that relies on constant learning environment, strong teamwork, leadership initiatives etc. (Langley et al., 2009). The major thrust of the problem resolution is to find the root cause which is achieved through critical assessment of program and processes that are measured against the defined goals. CQI fundamentally relies on the organizational processes and mechanisms to face challenges of time with creative input, turning adversities into new opportunities of

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