Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Alternative Assessment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Alternative Assessment - designation ExampleResearch has demonstrated that both the curriculum and performance based assessments played key roles in the development of individual skills among learners with the latter use, known to create awareness among the students and teachers thereby offering an avenue for to a greater extent lessons. This also creates a system of consistent follow-ups as a track tool for the performance and donnish development (Shinn, 1989).Performance assessment is a system in which students demonstrate that they have acquired mastery of specialized skills and that they have competencies in a specified field by way of performing certain tasks (Espin, 2012). In view of this, students are gauged based on their achievements on a rather unconstrained response to a significantly rich stimulus resource material. This kind of assessment gained favor from a number of mettlesome profile individuals in the united state in the late 1980s with some advocating for a rep lenishment of the traditional multiple choice assessments (Espin, 2012).Despite the extensive campaigns to have the system adopted by institutions of learning, it dealt a blow as efforts to have it installed were marred as it failed to capture an imminent role in so far as achievements of tests in schools is concerned. This was attributed to the fact that it failed to meet the threshold of standard-based accountability.Curriculum- based assessments on the other mitt is a system of continuous monitoring of students daily development in an academician setting with direct evaluation of their academic skills. This can be used to measure the students progress and achievements in written expression, spelling, reading and arithmetic (Lee & Owens, 2004). While conducting this kind of assessment, the instructor administers certain timed samples and academic materials that are taken from the curriculum based measurement. When such probes are given to students, they are subject

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