Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Critical Appraisal - Packaging Design and the consumer behaviour Lab Report

Critical Appraisal - advancement Design and the consumer behaviour - Lab opus ExampleThis essay is an appraisal of the product design process that explains and evaluates the different aspects of publicity product designs.Packaging design is a business function in an enterprise that substructureful be utilized to discover different strategic purposes for a company depending on the needs of the planetary house. Among the different attributes a designer can implement into a packaging design include shape, color, weight, technology compatibility, graphics and durability and functionality (Young, 2002). Packaging radical are created based on the needs of a segment of customers who demand for a particular distinction in a product can lead to increases sales for a company based on packaging design superiority. A company that used design innovation to increase the sales of its products is Neese Products. This firm specializes in food storage utilized different plastic designs that ca n be applied to more or less pre-opened original packaging using a zip slider top and adhesive strips to maintain radiance and prevent spillage (Smith, 2007).There are ways to further integrate packaging design can be used as a strategic tool to add value to a corporation. The packaging industry realized that best way to attract a global customer audience is to discover the customers preferences and integrate the international input into the packaging design. The global audience is interested in cherishing the dry lands environment. A green product is a product manufactured on an eco-friendly manner to protect the environment (Colorado, 2005). An example of a firm that utilized packaging design environmentally sustainable centralize is Johnson & Johnson. The company emphasized a moved to recycled content in its packaging design for products. The firms increased its post customer recycled from 15% to 80% while at the same time bring down the use of PVC used on consumer primary, secondary and tertiary packaging solutions (Rhoda, 2007).Packaging designs are influenced by the target market the company

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