Sunday, April 21, 2019

Assess the Different Sources of the Law in England and Wales. To What Assignment

Assess the Different Sources of the Law in England and Wales. To What limit have External Sources Affected its Development - Assignment ExampleThis paper stresses the finishs of the courts and judges are ground on pertinent facts and relevant practice of law and they also take support of case law (decisions interpreted by prior judges in similar situations). Judges base their decisions on precedents, which can be defined as decisions taken by judges based on relevant laws. Precedents can be primarily original in which, the judge takes a new decision based on relevant law and they can be binding in which, the judgment is based on a decision that is already taken on a similar situation previously. If the judgment is taken by superordinate word courts such as House of Lords, Court of Appeal or High court, the lower courts have to run by the same law. Therefore, precedents are taken into consideration in common law for reaching at a decision similar to some previous one or a new on e. plebeian law deals with innovations and newness in law. But its progress is slow. However, it is quite relevant for solving criminal cases, civil law cases, employment cases and much more.From this paper it is clear that the courts take decisions based on precedents so the decisions taken by Supreme Court can be considered as the basis of common law used in England and Wales. English law is basically formed of common law or case law, which is quite old. ordinary law was formed as a law followed throughout England and Wales. Because the law depend on precedents, hence, the courts living in England and Wales are organized in a hierarchy and the cases are properly reported and saved.

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