Friday, April 26, 2019

Teamwork and Leading Teams Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Teamwork and Leading Teams - Assignment poser both(prenominal) squad subdivisions publicly question the authority, and there are those that want to be in authority. Some advantages of teamwork include improvement in the quality of service. The production improves with active cooperation. Another advantage is shared ideas. A common agenda for teammates helps achieve a common goal.At the formation stage, clear directions were given, and challenges resolved. We were allowed to act on our individual thought and soon noted they somehow lacked in the ultimate goal of the company. As a group, we combined ideas and were able to tackle problems encountered. We developed the spirit of cohesion and trust was the central pillar of our team work.Teamwork is an accessible door to enter into an organization culture. Collaboration improves companys performance and is an indispensable part of any profession (Maxwell, 2014). Group culture geared towards cooperation helps achieve goals and work in a given time frame.If I were to assume a leadership role, I would put emphasis on the groups achievements everyplace individual performance. In-group competition kills the spirit of comradeship and diverts from the teams goal. I would organize frequent team building activities among members and institute competition among themselves. Regular teamwork brings the company together as well as a refresh on the focal purpose of the enterprise.Formal communication is essential for passing vital information. Memos and circulars at key inductance place deliver information to all people. Communication can pass through informal actor of communication like propaganda and grapevine. Information flows quickly using informal means but stands a happen of being distorted. Informal information is easy to assimilate for team members, unlike formal communication (West, 2012).As the team leader, I would be with my team throughout the process starting with formation. Ensure each member knows her rol e and, above all, the main reason for

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