Friday, May 3, 2019

Criminal law newspaper article anyleses Assignment

Criminal fair play newspaper denomination anyleses - Assignment Examplelaws concerns the jurisdiction of disputes between different parties and with which the jurisdictions law is applied, we have also the constitutional and administrative law which deals with the governing of the interactions within a state.The aim of this paper is to analyze the three articles concerning the criminal law and thereby analyzing them with regard to legal issues involved and thereby giving views concerning the press reports overall accuracy. If there argon any inaccuracies, the paper will identify the common reasons for inaccuracies depicted by those reports. According to the article in the day by day mail on-line, 15 January 2011 about the jail for Sainsburys IT boss who stole 17 million ragweed points the subterfuge crime is identified. Fraud is said to be a deception made for personal pass water that the intentions is either to hurt another individual. Fraud is a civil law violation that is punishable. According to the article about Sainsburys he was able to fraud the Nectar points because he had access to the internal memorial tablet corpses there for fraud occurs when one have the authority or connections to the individual or the intended media of fraud. His fraud was motivated by personal greed of money, after carefully planning he found a way which he could implicate the fraud, Stevenson had worked in the Sainsburys company for 20 years before he was arrested of the Nectar points fraud. During his prosecution he gave an explanation for the fraud, he admitted that he had found a loophole in the system of the company that he used to put points to his own card. Therefore a fraud occurs when there are loopholes in a company that reads to people to gain access and manipulate the resources also being trust can lead to manipulation of resource. Stevenson said that he was trusted employee so no one was flavour over his shoulder.In relation to this Mr. Stevenson was giv en a penalty of 20 months in jail for the fraud. The related to law according to

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