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Play, Games, and Sport Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Play, Games, and Sport - Assignment ExampleSome games were restricted to men other to women while others were pay to all genders which include the young and the old in the society (Greenough, 45-67).Traditionally, history suggests that Native American games were inbred from their religions according to history of their religion they create stories which mostly involved contests between two opposing reduplicate gods which were armed with clubs bow and arrows. Hence they used these games as a replay of the stories told that offered recreation and as well as shimmer opportunity. These games were divided into two categories where there existed chance and skills games or dexterity the community used this games not solely for the young generations amusement but also a venue where they could learn, gain alter skills and also sharpen their senses. The winners who won these games were highly respected in the tribe. Traditionally, Native Americans are believed to the inventors of most ga mes and sports which included lacrosse. Team games, which the young played always taught cooperation and also encouraged social interaction within tribes and also with other tribes (Krech,107-110).Among those games played by the Native Americans was lacrosse also called tewaarathon, the little brother of war or eve be gateway depending on the given tribe. However, these games have seen some improvements, but it is still played still today. Lacrosse developed from AD1100 WHICH WAS played by 100- 1,000 men on a field that stretched from 500 meters to 3kilometrles long it lasted from dawn to sundown which would even take two to three days this game was invented and played as break off of ceremonial ritual that was used to symbolize warfare to give gratitude and thanks to the creator (Krech, 107-110).The players who took part were certain of warriors with the aim of bringing glory and honor to the tribes as well as

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