Friday, August 2, 2019

Television and Media Essay - Daytime Talk TV -- Media Argumentative Pe

Daytime Talk Television      Ã‚   Daytime talk television is certainly controversial. There are those who find these types of shows informative and helpful. There are others who view these shows as pointless and inappropriate. I agree with the latter. Daytime talk television is pointless and it presents material that should not appear on television. I believe that some talk shows need to be removed from the airwaves and not seen again.      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   When looking at daytime talk television, once can see that there are two main styles, which are apparent when looking at the content and manner at which they are presented. There are show like Ricki Lake, Jenny Jones, and the infamous Jerry Springer who bring guests out onto the stage and exploit their problems and in no way try to help the guest through whatever is bothering them. These hosts have shows whose topics range from cheating spouses to homosexual crushes. Jenny Jones hosted a show in which a homosexual man confessed his interest in a heterosexual man. This turned out to be a homicide case, a couple days after the show. The conflict is rarely resolved and most of the times the situation is made worse and more complicated, as in the case of the homosexual's murder. These shows simply parade people with little shame for their behavior. These shows are out to be wild and crazy and make money, with no regard for those who help them achieve this . The other talk shows that appear on television, however, tend to be very positive and are working to some goal. These shows deal with people's feelings, conflicts and experiences and present them to the audience to help council them or guide them through common struggles that other people are dealing with . Oprah... ...It turns out that Oprah is one of the few positive talk shows on television. I believe that Oprah is trying to make life better for others and so I approve of her work. On the other hand, daytime talk television is only entertainment and a display of dirty values. It should not be allowed to portray several of the ideas that it does. As Merry Thomas states, "I would love to see new shows on television which are wholesome and appropriate for viewers of all ages." This is an excellent idea because we can all learn good things from good values.    Works Cited Gaines, Donna. "How Jenny Jones Saved my Life." The Village Voice 1995. Greene, Leonard. "Talk Shows Need to Take Responsibility for Content." The Boston Herald. October 30, 1995. Thomas, Merry. Telephone Interview. 27 Feb. 2002 Thomas, Rhett. Telephone Interview. 27 Feb. 2002   

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