Saturday, August 3, 2019

Importance of Recycling at the University Essay example -- Environment

Importance of Recycling at the University I remember my first semester here at the University and the dark halls of the Bates House Residence Hall. Many a party was concluded with an idea for what to do with the endless piles of cans that had congregated on the floor. One idea, I remember, was to wall someone into his room and another was to see how many we could stand on end without toppling. But, we usually just ended up throwing them in the trashcans in our refuse room. Sometimes out of the five trashcans in the room set aside for trash disposal, three or four would be completely filled with hundreds of cans of various beverages. Upon further contemplation, I can also remember the small, blue bucket that was thrown haphazardly on my bed that first day. Even though it was quite clear that this basket was for the purpose of recycling, because of the triple arrow symbol that was so prominently placed on the front, I perceived it as a great trash can, since I had forgotten to bring one. Over the course of that sem ester it is hard to say just how many cans I threw out or saw inadvertently strewn around the parking lot like a million glittering coins in the afternoon sunshine. However, one thing I can say is that with the proper methods the University could inspire students like me to help keep clean the environment as well as make the money back that is needed to keep the project successful. The University should reconsider the methods by which its current recycling program can be improved. With the proper improvements the University can increase student awareness about the problems with pollution, increase the amount of income that is reimbursed through the system, and keep its impact on the overall environment... ... known and easily accessible, such as in the study areas of each hall, the idea will appeal to many more people than if the bins are only placed on the ground level. Even though some people may not contribute very much or at all, the number of students who jump on the idea to have a free party or other rewarding prize will make the number of dissenters obsolete. This is my plan for the continued and, ultimately, future success of the recycling program here at USC. As a freshman, I jump on every opportunity to get something free that I come across, and if it were as easy as throwing the can down my hall as opposed to on my floor I would be all for it. Who can deny that my fellow freshmen do not feel the same? The long lines at the numerous tables in front of Russell House serve as an example that when offered a free carrot, a smart bunny cannot decline.

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