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Who is the Greater Villain, Godfrey or Dunstan? :: Free Essay Writer

Who is the Greater Villain – Godfrey or Dunstan? My understanding of a villain is a wicked person or some one who tricks someone. In the dictionary a â€Å"villain† is defined as a person who is guilty or capable of great wickedness or a criminal. My impressions of Godfrey are that he is weak, however he also has qualities of a villain as well. Godfrey’s younger brother Dunstan is not like Godfrey and he us more like a villain than weak. My initial impressions of Godfrey were that he was a good person. This is shown in chapter 3, â€Å"Mr Godfrey, the eldest, a fine open – faced, good natured young man†. The first time he seemed weak was when he kept his marriage to Molly Farren a secret. This implies that he was weak - willed and usually unable to think of much beyond his immediate material comfort. He also allows Dunstan to blackmail him about his marriage. â€Å"â€Å"Well, Master Godfrey, what do you want with me?† said Dunsy in a mocking tone â€Å"Suppose, now, you get the money yourself, and save me the trouble, eh? †¦You’ll not refuse me the kindness to pay it back for me: it was the brotherly love made you do it, you know?†Ã¢â‚¬  This implies Dunsy is taking advantage over his brother and he also sounds like he is being sarcastic when he talks about brotherly love. Godfrey’s actions also back this idea up as he, â€Å"bit his lips and clenched his fist†. I Feel Dunsy is very villainous when he talks about being such â€Å"a good natured brother†. He also blackmails Godfrey when he says â€Å"You’ll take any trouble for me. You’ll get the hundred pounds for me – I know you will!† this seems like he is threatening Godfrey and instead of asking for the money he is demanding it like he is the master of Godfrey. I feel sorry for Godfrey when he starts quivering and explains that he â€Å"hasn’t got a shilling to bless his self with† this implies he is weak. Although Godfrey shows he is not as weak as it comes across because he threatens Dunsy, when Dunsy talks about her. Godfrey also didn’t want to go to mornings meet as it was near Batherley (which was the place where him and Molly Farren got married). Godfrey and Molly Farrens secret marriage is a good example of guilt and moral cowardice. Godfrey keeps the marriage a secret, as he knows that if his father (Squire Cass) finds out about it, he would disown him. The person Godfrey really loves is Nancy Lammeter and

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