Monday, September 9, 2019

Analysis of databases and IT Resources Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Analysis of databases and IT Resources - Essay Example The organizations use the databases to decide the way forward of the organization. The decision making in the organizations should be derived from the analysis of trends in the database – the Big Data. The databases are reliable if they have been designed properly and the captured and stored information contained in them is accurate without redundancy and anomalies. The databases facilitate the analyst to manage the data in whatever the way the analyst wants but keeping in view the constraints of the design of the database. The document presents the details of the above mentioned my viewpoints on why and how much the decision making of the organizations should be dependent on the results obtained from the databases – the Big Data. Every organization deals with information regarding products, people including employees, customers, prospective benefactor(s), who (might) protract organization’s functions and services. Moreover, each and every decision from solving a particular problem for deciding the future of an organization is based on availability, accuracy and quality of information. â€Å"Information is an organizational asset, and, according to its value and scope, must be organized, inventoried, secured, and made readily available in a usable format for daily operations and analysis by individuals, groups, and processes, both today and in the future† (Neilson, 2007). In computing, the organizational information is neither just bits, bytes saved in a server nor limited to client data, the hardware and the software that store it. A data or information to which an (large) organization deals is too huge to control it manually and a process of gathering, normalizing and sharing that information to all its stakeholders. It might be difficult to manage this imperative huge information manually; moreover, the manual maintenance of information might not be reliable and accurate. Therefore, I believe that the organizations should use data bases for decision making be driven by ‘evidence’ derived from analysis of trends in the huge database. This is the reason that databases are formulated and high in demand. A database facilitates to store, handle and utilize implausible diverse organization’s information easily. A database can be defined as â€Å"collection of information that is organized so that it can easily be accessed, managed, and updated† (Rouse, 2006). Keeping in view the above facts, it can be stated that the crucial information needs to be accurate and stored correctly in reliable storages for its enduring usage. The database is one of the best storage mechanisms that are reliable as compared to the manual management of data. But, the quality and accuracy of data are too critical and fundamental for a database developed/maintained by any organization; either the database is developed for achieving a small goal with limited scope or it is a multi-billion dollar information system. It can be said that the value of data is directly proportional to the quality of data. It is one of many reasons that an inadequately designed database may present incorrect information that may be complicated to utilize, or may even stop working accurately. Therefore, the

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