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Love and Acceptance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Love and Acceptance - Essay Example Examining the importance of this in Morrison through â€Å"The Bluest Eye,† â€Å"Songs of Solomon,† â€Å"Beloved† and â€Å"A Mercy,† are able to define and change the understanding of the novels and how this relates to the several angles that are associated with love and acceptance, specifically with the internal perceptions, relations to the external environment and others and the responses which are given by individual characters. The Overlapping Theme of Love in Morrison The concept of love is one which is found in most of Morrison’s novels and is one of the overlapping themes that continue to be explored. The theme which Morrison follows is one which combines the actions one takes for love as well as the perceptions of love which are attributed to different characters. The belief that is created when looking at the various novels is that the expression and perception of love is dependent on the character, background and the circumstances whic h are surrounding a given situation. The concept which Morrison carries with her personal philosophy is to develop an understanding of how each of the characters would perceive love as a central theme in their lives. When asked about the notion of love in the characters, Morrison states â€Å"With a character, I do what an actress does: I get inside, I try to see what it looks like and how they feel and let them do what I think they’d do. At the moment I’m writing, I love all of that, I love them†¦You just write what you think is your truth. Everybody isn’t everybody† (Morrison, Guthrie, 71-72). ... The changing ideology of love and acceptance then comes from Morrison’s examination of the character acceptance and flaws within each of the novels. The approach which Morrison takes is one which becomes important because the concept of love and acceptance is no longer limited and is only expressed by each of the characters. There is the ability for Morrison to change this ideology into the rejection of love, projection of dysfunctions or with the loss of romantic love. This is done with the sense of investigation and how other environmental issues and concepts relate to love and acceptance. The background of Morrison is one which incorporates an investigation of concepts such as culture, definitions of love in society and other associations with her investigation of love, specifically to show how these elements change the perspective of being in love. It is noted that this comes from Morrison’s background as an African – American living in the south and seeing t he divisions and questions about identity that were a part of the lifestyle. The works which she created then questioned the ideas of culture and identity and how this led to different perceptions of love or the absence of it, dependent on the perceptions of the character. â€Å"All the books are questions for me. I write them because I don’t know something in there I really did not understand: what is the problem between a pair of lovers who really love one another but are culturally different?... How can you manage to love another person under these circumstances if your culture, your class, your education are that different† (Morrison, Guthrie, 270). The main ideology which Morrison

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