Sunday, September 15, 2019

Play And Physical Health Essay

Play is characterized by behaviors that are intrinsically motivated and self initiated. It is a process oriented, non-literal and pleasurable activity. it also has other characteristics as being exploratory, among other things (Fromberg, 2002). Play is an encompassing activity that affects the physical (Frost et al. 2001), social (Murata & Maeda, 2002), emotional and cognitive development of the child. (Murata & Maeda, 2002) Children spend an ample of their time playing. Children interact with their peers and parents most time by playing with them. A lot of their interaction with their parents builds their intellectual prowess. They learn to build social bonds with their family. (Rivkin 1995) . Moreover, interacting with their peers help them to become individuals that are completely incorporated into the society. Interaction with their colleagues sometimes brings about traumatic experiences like inflicting bodily wounds. The effect of what they do might linger with them for the rest of their lives. However sweet the playing experience could be, it can also be nasty. Aside from sharpening the physical and mental agility of a child, playing can also bring upon them serious medical emergencies as a result of accidents. Although play is an important part of sociological interaction, it is one of the major ways by which children learn role playing. Playing is also a way by which children keep themselves healthy. (Murata & Maeda, 2002) Play is good for the children but in order for it to bring out the desired results, it must be in the right environment (Rivkin 1995). The environment must be attractive enough to facilitate the play so as to encourage the action. In selecting play objects for children, it is important to consider their abilities and temperament so as not to inadvertently hand them tools that they can use in inflicting bodily harm to themselves and their peers. Also, they must play under the supervision of an older adult to monitor their activities. Play is pleasurable, it is good for the development of the child but it must not be allowed to get out of hand.

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