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Comparing and Contrasting Two Characters Essay

There ar diametrical types of characters. Some be protagonists, and few argon antagonists. Two antagonists, General Zaroff from The close Dangerous Game and the mightiness from, The dame or the Tiger?, can twain be compargond.These two characters argon confusable up to now different in their nature, or personality, actions, and attitudes. These characters argon some(prenominal) similar and different at the same time.Zaroff and the king be similar in many musical modes. They are two fair throng. Zaroff and the king are both straight forward with concourse. They are both smart by the way they plan things. These two characters are both similar in more than a few ways.These two characters have a few differences despite the many simmularities. For one, Zaroff chooses to head for the hills people if they dont plug into him, while the king doesnt let criminals choose to be free or not. The king lets criminals pick their own fate, however Zaroff will still kill the people even if they join him. Zaroff is relaced while the king is strict. There are a suspender distinct differences between these two characters.I prefer Zaroff rather than the king. One apprehension is that Zaroff is more relaxed. Zaroff also thinks ahead of new(prenominal) people. Overall, Zaroff is a keen antagonist. These are the reasons why I rather him than the king.The king anf Zaroff are both antagonists that are similar yet different. In my position Zaroff is more situated back than the king. The king in my opinion is more fair. These two characters are both kind by letting people choose their fate. These people are not only similar but are also different.

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Define and discuss what is hearsay, what is not hearsay, and some common exceptions to the hearsay rule

Hearsay is a affirmation effrontery in which the witnesser does non directly hear or get wind what he or she is giving good word to. In that national, the recommendation world say is indirect because what is being asserted was non experienced first hand by the declarant, and therefore bear non really attemptify if it happened or not because the information came from almost one else. This brings complications because the victor or first-hand witness is not puzzle in the tribunal, and thus, female genitalsnot be cross-examined, or thoroughly scrutinized. For this reason, rumor is generally unaccepted as bear witness in the US speak to of natural justness system, especially in execrable cases.But as with all rules, there argon exemptions to it as well. There are instances when hearsay is the wholly way to drive home a trusted piece of exhibit. For example, if the original witness has alleyed away, because presenting hearsay testimony is the but functio nal running of action. In this case, the court must consider the hearsay curtilage well-nigh common exemptions are dying declarations or a statement made period the person is dying declarations against interest or when the person testifies to manything that whitethorn cause some negative effect on the witness. . How has the Crawford vs. capital of the United States case impacted the admissibility of hearsay prove in immoral trials? The case of Crawford vs. cap is a landmark court ratiocination which necessitated the need redraw the rules guiding the use of hearsay differentiate. The ultimate coquette overturned the end of the Washington Supreme Court and upheld the close of the Washington Court of Appeals to reverse Michael Crawfords conviction for assault and attempted score against Kenneth Lee.The case revolved around whether Susans record statements in the police ship would be admissible as depict against her husband. Under court rules, spouses are not allowed to testify against their partner, with pop out the express permission of the odd, or if the spouse is the complainant in the case. In Crawford vs. Washington, the plaintiff presented the court with Susan Crawfords testimony in front of the police the denial argued that this evidence cannot be accepted because Michael, the suspect, cannot front the testimony because Susan, as his spouse, cannot stand witness in his trial.The court denied the vindications petition and accepted Susans recorded statement made to the police where she say that Kenneth was not holding a instrument at that cartridge clip. This testimony shattered the defenses not poisonousityy supplication by virtue of self-importance-defense, and Michael was convicted of the crime. The element of hearsay in this case lies in the accompaniment that Susans recorded testimony is presented by the police, and Susan cannot be presented in court to formalise or refute the statement because as Michaels wife, she cannot do so.In this case, the Supreme Court overturned the conviction because Michaels discipline to confront the witnesses testifying against him was denied. Based on this, the Supreme Court decided to strike out Susans recorded statement, and thus, there was inadequate evidence to convict Michael, and he was exonerated. 3. discuss some of the situations where the exclusionary rule does not apply, scorn the commission of some constitutional entrancement by the government. The Exclusionary sway holds that both(prenominal) evidence that is gathered through with(predicate) wrong or unconstitutional means will not hold in any criminal trial.Particularly, any evidence that is gathered through self-incrimination under duress or ignorance, and wrongful searches and seizures will not be recognize by any criminal court in the United States. The Exclusionary Rule is one of the principal ways to enforce a system of checks and balances within the US court system. This pr til now sots a ny abuse or damage from taking place. This rule is the reason why police are mandated by law to inform suspects of their Miranda Rights, especially when they will be detained and interrogated.If the Miranda warning was not explicitly stipulation, thus any statements made during the ensuing interrogative sentence will not be considered by the court. Of course there are exclusions to the Exclusionary Rule as well. The Exclusionary Rule is very particular only in so uttermost as imparting the guilt or innocence of the suspect is concerned. This evidence can salvage be presented in order to pass the reliability or honesty of the defendants testimony. Another exclusion is called the indispensable discovery doctrine.This doctrine argues that there are some pieces of evidence, gathered though an unlawful search, that would have eventually been discovered by elements of the law in the normal course of their investigation. This assumption maintains that the evidence would have be en be and that it is only a matter of time before it is discovered. There are overly many cases wherein the exclusionary law may be challenged, depending on the circumstances that led to the unlawful search. 4. contend the Fifth Amendment privilege against self incrimination and some of the various situations where it does not apply.The Fifth Amendment ensures the privilege of an accused to disclaim to answer questions that might further evoke or be used against him. This business can be invoked at any apt(p) time during investigation, up until the last-place deliberation of the case. The Fifth Amendment can only be invoked during a direct wondering(a) or interrogation. This right against self-incrimination protects the individual from look something that might further damage his or her case. There are cases when the individual may choose to disclose what he or she knows about a particular case in exchange for immunity.The government oftentimes uses this to bait the bigg er fishes, for example in a criminal ring or network. In order to gather semiprecious information that would lead to more indictments, law enforcers offer immunity against criminal persecution. They may also be entered into the witness breastplate program to ensure the witnesses and their families safety. 5. Discuss the quaternion major tests that govern the admissibility of defenses in criminal trials. The Fifth Amendment prevents and protects suspects from making self-incriminating statements, and because of this, the US courts do not accept confessions at buttock value.Before accepting confessions as evidence in a court case, it must pass a four-pronged test made to establish if the confession was indeed given voluntarily without threat or coercion of any kind. The first test asks whether the statement was given voluntarily or not. This establishes the circumstances environ the act of confession. The second determines if the confession was given in spite of being given the Miranda warning. This means that the confession was given in large deliberation, and acceptance of the consequences of his confession.The third test finds out if any sort of venting was issued by the suspect. Finally, the fourth determines if the electric arc, if there is one, is eject and unambiguous, without any room for double means or misinterpretation. In this case, a waiver refers to a document or a recorded statement that certifies that the suspect is pass his/her legal rights and is giving a full confession. However, this waiver presupposes a thorough understanding of ones rights before these rights can actually be waived. If the suspect is not capable of such discernment, then the confession might be disputed. . How do some of the rules of evidence limit or even frustrate the search for the truth? Discuss the operation of these rules and their impact on justice. The prefatory prerequisite of any case is being able to present enough evidence to determine if the susp ect is guilty beyond reasonable doubt. If the evidence fails to show guilt beyond reasonable doubt, then the suspect should be acquitted. In a criminal case, the prosecutor has the burden of proof nub that the defense is not required to present any evidence if the prosecutor failed to guess their case in the first place.As such, being able to present material evidence is important for justice. The problem is that sometimes, the rules presidency the admissibility of evidence prevents the truth from coming out, and impairs the fine disposal of justice. However, it is a fair trade. The rules of evidence ensure that the rights of the accused are protected, even as the rights of the innocent are upheld. It is not foolproof, but it is the best arrangement that can be made under the circumstances a compromise to balance the rights of everyone involved.

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'Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet Essay\r'

' matchless should non cheque sack for what they want. by dint of the struggles and obstacles creation thr cause at deuce people who atomic number 18 in adore just the other(a)wises may non be able to see it, they will ever find a carriage brook to distri unlessively other. This allow demonstrates the hardship two young people who atomic number 18 in love to find a demeanor to each other even though at the time, interracial dating was non very normal and looked down upon.\r\nDuring the Nipp nonpareilse incarceration in WWII, enthalpy, who is a first-generation Chinese the Statesn, went to an exclusively non-white teach was forced to graze in the kitchen during lunch and clean later on school because that was how his â€Å"scholarship” was be nonrecreational for. At that school, he met a Nipponese-American little girl named Keiko and became friends instantly. Even though atomic number 1’s convey was not very sensitive of the â€Å"enemy ” Japanese people, that did not stop atomic number 1 from organism her friend. wizard night, both(prenominal) hydrogen and Keiko snuck unwrap to see each other. When they saw each other, Keiko gave him her family pictures because all Japanese had to get rid of any self-control that could link them being agnisen as Japanese so they could avoid being taken international.\r\nJapantown was filled with families and businesses who were forced to close down and leave to the safer internment camps. enthalpy had to go through that pain of ceremonial occasion Keiko’s broad(a) family leave, he was baffled to stop them but at the corresponding time afraid that he would be herded with them for his similar physical appearance.\r\nBecause it was a im charge for the Chinese to send their children stick out to china to complete their schooling, that is what heat content’s take did. He sent him lynchpin to China. He agrees to go if his sky pilot saves the Panam a Hotel where Keiko’s family stored a lot of their belongings when they were shipped to the internment camps. While sending garners back and forth letters to Keiko, that is how Henry met the women he ended up get marrieding, Ethel. She worked at the post office and befriended him. As the war was going on, Keiko’s letters stop coming. The only rea word of honor why Keiko’s letter stops coming because his father interfered with the oral communication of the mail for Henry’s own favourable. That is when Henry eventually moves on with his life, finishes school and marrying Ethel, but does not forget nigh Keiko. After the wife dies of cancer he tries to find meaning for living. By doing so he goes back and visits the last Japanese habitation, which was the Panama Hotel. He never in reality forgot about Keiko, that was his first love. Even though Henry’s son, Marty, and Henry were not close, slowly but surely he eventually told him about Keiko. Mar ty and his fiancé go out finding Keiko and sends Henry to New York to be reunited with his first love, Keiko.\r\nBeing in Henry’s father’s shoes, I could see why he stop the communication in the midst of Henry and Keiko. He was really salutary doing what is best for his children. At that time interracial relationships were not common but I guess straightaway parents cannot really choose who is going to marry their children. You cannot help how you feel and when you feel a certain way you will do whatever it takes to be back with the one you love. I think it was so tricksy how Keiko and Henry sent letters back and forth, nowadays it is only text messages or snapchats being sent. There was no sodden feeling like there was before. at a time we rely on technology as our form of communication and that is why well-nigh relationships fail.\r\nIt is hard bringing your culture to America especially when you want to live the American lifestyle or culture. I fare Henry ’s father did not want him speaking Cantonese at collection plate because if he spoke incline, he would be much acceptable as an American. He was proud that Henry was going to an American school but of course he was not going to let few of the traditions go so therefore sends him to China. Henry’s father’s morality are very different with Henry as he grows up to being a father. When Henry has a son who is planning on marrying an American girl. At that time, dating outside the race is to a greater extent acceptable. With me dating outside the Filipino race, my parents are okay with that. To them race does not matter. What matters is how the other person feels about you and vice versa. One that cares for you, takes care of you, and how they treat you should be the larger concern and not the race. I ever so thought I would have to discover within my race because I complete that is what my parents would want, but they told me race should not matter. It is j ust how the other person can brand you feel that matters the most. As long as I am happy, my parents are happy. I wish Henry’s father saw that Henry was happy with Keiko, but since his father was not very cordial of the Japanese, he did every amour he can for them not to keep in contact.\r\nThe story ends on a sweet note. The first thing Henry says when they meet was a Japanese phrase to tell her how beautiful she was, that he learned when he was a boy. with the search from the city and pain and memories Henry had in the past, finding Keiko was the main settle in his life. He wanted to be rekindled with his first love again.\r\nHotel on the boxwood of Bitter and Sweet did a good job at alternating in the midst of telling the story at puerile Henry’s war historic period with his later life in 1986. The former manages to tell the story of the Japanese evacuation, of the struggles between generations in immigrant families, and of the friendship that later dour i nto love between Henry and Keiko. This handwriting also tells an important story, that of the internment of Japanese-Americans during populace War II and it was heartbreaking to pull in Keiko’s family as they were evacuated, despite the point that her family was more â€Å"American” than Japanese, and that Keiko was born in the U.S. Keiko’s frustration at seeing those of Japanese heritage taken away and her family’s strength as they are forced to leave behind their entire life is hard. I cannot image being taken to an unknown place with my family because of who we were. I liked how the author incorporated the generation of Chinese-American Henry and his immigrant parents. Henry’s father demands that he speak only English in their home, despite the fact that this leaves Henry unable to communicate with his parents but be more acceptable to the American culture. This book was overall a touching book. It was more than a love story between two peo ple, it was the hardships that was going on during the WWII that unbroken those two from being with each other and with Henry’s father stopping communication between Keiko and Henry. I had complex emotions because I was happy they found their way back to each other but at the same time I was upset because I wanted to know what would happen next.\r\n'

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'Mass Spec Explanation in HTML\r'

'Mass spectrometry bum cooperate determine the molecular(a) formula and heaviness of a compound as swell as provide isotope abundance data. at heart a magnetic field the move of deflection of charged particles is used to ensure the relative masses of molecular fragments and ions. several(prenominal) peaks are due to the contri barelyion of Isotopes. An Isotope refers to an section having the same atomic number scarce a deferent number of neutrons, subtracting or adding mass. The mass spectrum of methyl radical chloride has a ascendent peak at m/z=49 consisting of the most abundant Ion at 100% abundance.It also has a molecular ion peak at m/z=84 consisting of the molecular weight of methyl chloride at 80% abundance. By subtracting the bum peak from the molecular Ion peak, It can be determined that the resulting 35 corresponds to CLC. The difference of separate molecular fragments can be looked at to verify chlorines presence such as and corresponding to the CLC Isotope. The [M*2] rule also Identifies the CLC Isotope when sounding at m/z=84, 86 and 86, 88. Each urn/z peak can represent a variety of diverse molecular mass fragments.The peaks arm=86 and 88 only have and abundance respectively, since both peaks are the results of isotopes. The CLC isotope has a 24% abundance naturally and ICC has a 1% abundance naturally. These low abundance percentages transmit to the smaller intensities of the m/z=86 and 88 peaks. While m/z=86 can be be with only one isotope of CLC, m/z=88 must contain at least two CLC isotopes making the persuasiveness of its peak even less. Mass spectrometry may identify a compounds fragments and isotopes, but it also determines the purities of products.\r\n'

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'Steven Massie Mr. Bevier AP slope Language AA/BB 1 family line 2012 degeneration in New Orleans In Zeitoun written and published by Abdulrah composition Zeitoun and Dave Eggers, the approximately powerful assertion made is that the politics was corrupt during the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. This allegation is regrettably accurate. Many citizens were remaining stray in their homes, while the political relation gave orders to arrest exculpated men and women who were still in the urban center of New Orleans, which also lead to the governing body of many corrupt government programs.To start, the causation supports his statement by including information of citizens who were remaining hopeless at their homes. Some citizens waited on their rooftops, while others waited on their front porch. On Thursday September 1st, 2005 Abdulrahman Zeitoun paddled through verboten the urban center determined to inspection and repair save stranded citizens. He went class to dramatic a rt and inform to the National Guard where and who infallible to be rescued. At his starting encounter with a soldier, he was told he could not be helped. However, while talking to another soldier he was told everything would be taken c be of and the citizens would be helped.Unfortunately, help did not deign to everyone. â€Å"Alvin and Beulah were still there, on the porch, bags still ready, a light rain still falling on them. They had been waiting for four hours” (Dave Eggers 137). This modulation encourage proves only one object lesson of citizens who received no help from the government, no rescue, and no safety. The corrupt government left over(p) many unsure if they were going to lead at all. Continuing forward, the author further demonstrates his point by including information of poverty-stricken citizens being arrested during the aftermath of the storm.The first m refs become aw atomic number 18 of this is on Tuesday September, 6 on page 212. Zeitoun alon g with his friends animation in the house on Claiborne are all arrested and driven to a ending a few blocks from the Superdome. From there, they are told they are nether(a) arrest because they are ‘Al Qaeda’. However much the distinguish may vex pointed towards this being a correct statement, the men had committed no crime, had not been processed correctly, and had not been allowed to addle a call. All evidence of the government being corrupt during this era.Another example brought to reader’s attention is a man Abdulrahman Zeitoun meets at the lam Correctional Center. â€Å"He met a man who said he had been moving furniture in his house just after the storm hit. The law of nature spotted him and broke in. When the protested his innocence they ram down him up and left. A few geezerhood later, he came to the Greyhound Station to complain. They arrested him and sent him to Hunt” (Eggers 258). This ridiculous behavior during a time of crisis is una cceptable and shows how the government was corrupt.Lastly, the author strongly supports his assertion by explaining the conditions he lived under at these corrupt government programs. The first place Zeitoun was held captive was the terminal shoemakers last to the Superdome. Here, innocent men were pepper sprayed, and rack in other various ways. They were presumption 1 steel rack, a cover floor, and a negative amount of unselfishness at crush. â€Å"Zeitoun had been brought into the station on September 6, seven and a half eld after the hurricane passed through the city.Even under the best of circumstances, building a prison the like this would have taken four or five days” (Eggers 226). This also tells the reader, that kind of of spending their time saving citizens who needed them, they were building a jail to house innocent men. The reader continues forward, to find out poor food and medical help was provided, along with the absence of a environ call. Under unit e Stated laws, a person who is arrested is guaranteed one phone call, once again proving the corruption of the government.When one faces the facts provided in Zeitoun they have no choice but to keep back that the government was corrupt during the aftershock of the storm. When citizens are left without help, took away for no reason, and held captive under terrible conditions, the reader is left with no choice but to be bilk in the government. One might remember that Zeitoun have lived in a tertiary world country when all this had occurred, withal it happened right here in the United States of America.\r\n'

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'70 percent of international organizations will have incorporated gamification into at least one element of their tuition program by 2014 according to investigate firm Gartner. Gamification, put simply, is the use of gimpy theory in platforms of interaction with employees, customers and the wider community. The approaching of game technology allows training providers to shuffle the positive reinforcements of gaming into the learning environment.While few may roll their eyes and behave some assertion that big business suck is kowtowing to the younger crowd or that gamification is a passing fad, others embracing it and creating loyalty among customers and high engagement among training participants. A frequent discussion among training specialists is the cost-effectiveness of training as some studies show that participants retain a mere 10% of content. Indeed, the prospect of academic term all day listening to soulfulness talk about a event that you have little amour i n would test anyone’s tenacity for exclusive attention.So while some readers would have already disengaged with this article (because they have little interest in the topic, maybe gamification would have been a better way to engage the nay-sayers to gamification) allow us look further at why gamification works: Games give us real time feed spine, if a participant gets something wrong they are counterbalanceed immediately. It does non wait for the participant to get back to the workplace, wait for the scenario to arise and fail with real-world clients or profits at stake. Games touch on trouble solving, which sparks our creativity.Games provide us with fun and enjoyment, which increases the penury to continue playing and maintain our attention. Games involve goals which provide us with the motivation to despatch the tasks. Games are based on storylines, storylines name affiliation and emotional attachment. Gamification could effectively abolish the need for those drea ded performance appraisals be it yearly or quarterly. As the gentleman resource professional in the fundamental law we are viewed as the uncool daemon come performance appraisal time. The line managers hate them, the employees fear them and we get ditch of reminding everyone to do them.Gamification take the performance pass judgment away from line managers through development a standardised inventory of correct answers, the employees are given goals promoting competition in the midst of departments, which increases social interaction between employees. The gamification pulls employees in rather than us as HR practitioners and leaders having to push the process onto them. It is dreadful what a gold star bay window actually do. Positions that have KPI’s merchant ship now be set up as a game to struggle your highest score, beat your co-worker with relevant rewards fasten to it.\r\n'

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'Israeli Wars from 1948 to Present Essay\r'

'The 1948 War of indep windupency, which took channelise amidst November 1947 and July 1949, was started by a 6 month civil fightfare between Jewish and Arab militias at the oddment of the British mandate of Palestine. This turned into a regular war after the declaration of Independence and the interjection of several Arab armies. The five adjoin Arab nations i. e. Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon with support from Saudi Arabia launched a arrange advance on Israel from the land, sea and air. These countries were urged on by their leaders who assured them that they could drop dead after all Jews had been driven stray (Eisenberg 147).\r\nThe Jews were, however, able to defeat Arab armies resulting in an cease-fire that was subscribe in 1949 signaling an end to the conflict. The Armistice agreements were signed between Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. They established the armistice lines between Israel and the West shore also known as the park line. The S inai War of 29th October 1956 involved a forces attack on Egypt by Britain, France and Israel. Israeli troops invaded Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula and cursorily overcame opposition as they raced for the Suez Canal.\r\nBritain and France offered to temporarily rent the Canal Zone and suggested a 10 mile buffer on each side to separate Egyptian forces from the Israelis. Egyptian President Nasser objected and on 31st October 1956, Egypt was attacked by Britain and France. Consequently, the Soviet Union threatened to attack on Egypt’s behalf but it took the intervention of U. S. President Eisenhower to get them to agree to a ceasefire. The war itself lasted for only a workweek with invading forces withdrawn within a month. The Six day War took place in June 1967. It was fought between June 5th and June 10th.\r\nThe war was against Syria, Jordan and Egypt as Israel believed that it was only a question of time before the ternary Arab states attacked her. subsequently the 1 956 crisis, the United Nations (UN) had established a military machine presence in the Middle easterly but in 1967, Egypt made it make believe that the UN was unwanted in the region. Israel viewed this as a sign that Egypt was preparing to attack and rather than endure to be hit, they launched a hugely prospered military campaign against its perceived enemies. hobby the war, the territory held by Israel expanded significantly and it now included the West Bank, Sinai, the Golan high gear and Gaza.\r\nThe War of Attrition was a trammel war that was fought between Israel and Egypt from 1967 to 1970. This war was initiated by Egyptians as a way of recapturing the Sinai from the Israelis who had been in control of the territory since the Six Day War. The Egyptian President believed that Israel would be ineffectual to endure the economic burden and casualties of war. To this end, he ordered calibrated attacks on Israel which would not provoke an all out Israeli war response. The hostilities ended when a ceasefire was signed between the countries in 1970 with frontiers remaining in the same place as when the war began.\r\nThe Yom Kippur War of 1973 is so called as it began on the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), the holiest day of postulation and fasting in the Jewish calendar. This war is variously referred to as the October War. It started with a wonder Arab attack on Israel knowing that the military would be participating in ghostlike celebrations. Israeli forces were initially overwhelmed but by October 8th, bolstered by reserves, they counter attacked in the Sinai. They managed to tote back the Egyptian military. The United Nations make a ceasefire on October 24th and in September 1975, Egypt and Israel signed an interim agreement.\r\nStill, in that location were no significant territorial changes. The starting Lebanon War began on 6th June 1982 when Israeli forces invaded gray Lebanon. The government launched military trading operations after an assassination attempt against Israel’s ambassador to the U. K. by a promoter organization opposed to the PLO. Israel then attacked the PLO as well as Syrian and Muslim Lebanese forces before they occupied Southern Lebanon. The war ended after three years in 1985 when Israel stabilized in the safety strap lengthwise a grand the border.\r\nThe Second Lebanon War was sparked when Hezbollah guerillas ambushed an Israeli patrol on the border on July 12 2006. Israel’s Prime minister of religion Ehud Olmert declared his intention to free the captives and get rid of Hezbollah from Southern Lebanon forever and so began an ultimately inconclusive month long war. During the short conflict, Israel lost 119 soldiers and 43 civilians whilst Lebanese civilians bore the brunt of the war with more than yard killed. The UN Security Council unanimously approved UN declaration 1701 on 11th August 2006 to end hostilities.\r\n'

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'McBride Financial Services\r'

'McBride m matchlesstary Services is a premier genius-stop mortgage supplier in the five-state argona of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and S turn outh Dakota. The caller-up specializes in providing low- address, flat-rate fee mortgages to members of its communities shipping for a reinvigorated residential mortgage. The vocalisationy is originally privately held besides is exploring opportunities to go semipublic through and through an Initial national Offering (initial offering), acquiring other companionship in its equal pains or merging with other(prenominal) shaping.Through utilization of the SWOT order, management will treasure each approach and determine which is the trump rule to halt McBride Financial Services public. Strengths in pass ordinary If McBride Financial Services chose the plectron of tone ending public with an IPO in that location argon a couple of authorisations that it would benefit from. The first distinct strength is the education of expectant. Additional groovy would allow for brick and mortar expansion, investment opportunities, and added cash head for the hills to improve products and services. An IPO give the bounce help reduce debt and the applicable risk of exposure rating given by creditors.If the IPO is roaring, the options for extra financing will be open. By utilizing the option of an IPO, an establishment’s sensitiveness within the club arises. Most companies gain pelfs when establishing an IPO. Consumers become aw be on a local and hitherto a national level of what your organization produces. They will take a risk if currently unhappy with their current pecuniary services and experiment with your products and services. If the customer kin is cemented from the beginning, the consumer is sure to this instant produce extra work organization via word-of-mouth.All of this additional bloodline is generated by creating and offering an IPO. If McBride’s chose to acquire a nonher organization within the same labor, it has several services it could benefit from. One favour from the jumping is that the open locations could potentially be in speciemaking locations that would create a stronger voice and curb appeal. support options become available as well. The current operate used by McBride, will be counterfeit and willing to offer other financing options if required because of additional income that is now a potential.The potential for additional consumers and vendor relationships is tremendous depending on the size of the organization acquired. It bay window be beneficial for McBride, as to a greater extent or less of those vendor slues whitethorn be more bell effective in the future. Within the same ideal of cost effectiveness, the additional staff that is acquired with the pertly organization brings experience and dependability. It allows the devil organizations that be now one to continue to run smoothly and non con trive higher be of training and development.There are two major rewards to merging with another organization if that is the plectrum McBride’s Financial Services commits to. The first advantage is that once the amalgamater is completed, competition within the industry community becomes less of a threat. The other advantage to a merger is the strategic planning and restructuring of the organization. ordinarily the two organizations will coercively plan and stage a strong management lead to run the larger institution. Weaknesses in qualifying Public Conducting an IPO is long and dear(predicate).It stomach take up to a course of study or more to complete and suffer cost several hundreds of thousands of dollars for attorneys, accountants, printers, and additional fees. The SEC disclosure rules are very extensive and mean all financial information is make public. McBride will be idea to review by the SEC to ensure conformation with regulations through proper files and relevant disclosures. Decision-making among management may be stirred by the market harm of the shares and the feeling they must receive market apprehension for the union’s downslope. McBride could lose market cartel should shares of the guild’s stock fall.Decreased valuation of the alliance kindle affect lines of credit, secondary offering pricing, the company’s ability to maintain employees, and the personal wealth of insiders and investors. â€Å"’In today’s global logical argument environment, companies may endure to grow to survive, and one of the best ways to grow is by merging with another company or acquiring other companies,’” harmonise to consultant Jacalyn Sherriton. In principle, a merger or erudition is a capital bud buming decision much wish any other. However, much like an IPO, mergers subscribe their weaknesses as well.The value of a merger may depend on such things as strategic fits which send word b e difficult to measure. The accounting, tax, and legal aspects tooshie be complex. Mergers oft beats involve issues of corporate comprise and are a means of replacing be management. Mergers affect the value of a steadfast and promote affect the relative value of the stocks and bonds. Finally, mergers are often unfriendly. Although many companies have found acquisitions to be highly beneficial to their operations, many more encounter problems that can prove disastrous to the future position of the menage.A poorly(predicate) put to death acquisition can harm McBride’s financial and strategic situation. Problems with financing an acquisition can arise before and after the transaction. Expenses for acquisitions can be astronomical when they involve lawyers, consultants, financiers, and advisors that helped make the deal possible. Additionally, filing and legal fees because of complications in the transaction can provided exacerbate the already extremely high costs of acqu isition. Oftentimes, quality employees are lost in an acquisition because the acquiring firm is too caught up in transaction to recognize they exist within the acquired firm.The long-term strategies of a firm can be negatively affected if it is pursuing a diversification strategy. quite an than improving upon the factors that led to its competitive advantage, management focuses on running a diversified company, which could result in the company losing its core clientele advantage and poorly h ampering the future success of the firm. Opportunities in Going Public Major companies and corporations that comprise a big part of the United States delivery take advantage of certain(prenominal) opportunities such as passing public through IPO’s, acquisitions, and mergers.These three approaches provide an additional pick and many times an advantage to expand, become more networkable, or simply save a company’s existence. McBride Financial Services, for instance, can rai se capital by doing an IPO. This gives the company an opportunity to expand its business by becoming a part of the stock market and hence becoming well-known. This also provides bounteous stocks to be put back into the company for profit, and for any other expenses necessary to remain successful and in existence.In the case of an acquisition, which is the taking over of another company, McBride will benefit because the company being acquired is already established. It takes less investment, time, and energy than to start-up a cutting company. A merger also can be a beneficial opportunity for the company because both parties jeer to come together as one organization to improve and grow stronger than as individual companies. A merger eliminates part of the competition, creates a bigger and stronger company, and strengthens the proportion sheet.Without methods such as IPO’s, acquisitions, and mergers, â€Å"…a company may simply become financially non-viable [and] no t able to meet its debt and trade obligations” (Collier, p. 5). Threats in Going Public With the opportunities that McBride Financial Services has with these three options of expansion, there exist certain threats as well. If McBride chooses to go public through an IPO, then it has to worry about the new owners of the company and their ideas about what the company is and should be doing. In a worst case scenario, Mcbride’s competitors can get the company and decide to do with it what they want.They can take full control of the company and manipulate it in ways McBride never imagined or they could even just dissolve the company into nonexistence. If McBride needs the money to expand that it would get if it went through with the IPO, then acquiring another organization in the same industry is indeed going to be difficult to do, if not impossible. Even if McBride does find a way to get the money to acquire another company without going public, then it would most likely go into eventual(prenominal) bankruptcy because of the debt it will accumulate because of increased costs.If McBride wants to merge with another organization to expand, it will not be an easy task because the two become one company with a common purpose. If they do not learn how to work with each other and balance for the other’s weaknesses, then they will last fail and both companies will be out of business. Conclusion Based on the information provided composition researching each of the approaches for going public, the management team at McBride Financial Services has opted to go public via an IPO.Although it can be costly and time-consuming, it seems to be the best method to maintain the current managerial make-up and righteousness of the organization. References (n. d. ) Merger and acquisitions. Retrieved on November 2, 2010 from http://www. answers. com/topic/mergers-and-acquisitions Collier, Steve. Mergers and acquisitions: Special dangers and opportunities. Retrieved November 4, 2010, from EBSCOhost database. Keown, A. J. , Martin, J. D. , Petty, W. , & Scott, D. F. (2005). Financial Management: Principles and Applications.Pearson Education, Inc. Steffens, Gregory (n. d. ). Common problems with acquisitions. Retrieved on November 2, 2010 From http://www. gaebler. com/common-problems-with-acquisitions Taubman, L. E. (n. d). Considerations of an IPO. Retrieved on November 2, 2010 from http://library. findlaw. com/2001/Jan/1/127967. html Chapter 22 Problems 1. What new problems and factors are encountered in international as oppose to domestic financial management? * Foreign up-to-dateness Exchange Fluctuation: International financial management involves cash time period in alien bills.Foreign coin win over rate keeps fluctuating. International business is undefended to foreign currency step in risk as fluctuation in wrong direction affects the business adversely. There are many ways to manipulate the cash flow in foreign curren cy, but no strategy provides complete protection. * Fund flow between countries †International financial management deals with capital flow between countries. In many countries banking transcription is not mature and /or fund raising is not easy. In that case, company has to raise fund outside the country.International financial management involves the fund flow from one country to other country. * Laws and regulations †Different countries have different business laws, labor laws, laws related to revenue enhancement etc. International financial management is affected by the prevailing laws and regulations in a exceptional country. * Country risk †International business is exposed to the country risk of the country company is doing business in. Country risk involves political risk, general sparing environment etc.Because of country risk, additional risk agiotage is required. International financial management deals with this issue as well. 2. What does the term ar bitrage profit mean? trade profit refers to making risk free profit without investing your own money. The opportunity of arbitrage profit arises because of pricing mismatch. In the simplest form, if the same financial instrument is selling at different cost at two different places, one can buy the security where it is selling at the lower price and sell where it is selling at the higher price.This gives the vender a risk free profit without development his money. Another example of arbitrage profit is angular arbitrage. It is the process of art out of the first currency into a second currency, then trading it for a third currency, which is in turn traded for first currency. merchandise profit can be realize from trading from the second to the third currency if their direct quotes are not consistent with the cross exchange rates. 3. What can a firm do to reduce exchange risk? The firm can hedge against foreign exchange risk in a fig of ways.First, they can deposit gold int o the foreign countrys banks in the foreign denomination in a satisfactory quantity so as to hedge against a downturn in the domestic currency. There are some opportunity costs associated with this method as the interest rate earned on the deposited funds will be less than could be earned elsewhere, but the difference is like carrying insurance. In addition, the firm could enter into earliers, futures, or options. 4. What are the differences between a forward contract, a futures contract, and options?A forward contract is one that locks in an exchange rate now for a transaction in the future. It is possible the economy will render the forward more expensive than actual exchange rates would have made the transaction to begin with, but again, the forward acts like an insurance policy against negative shifts on exchange rates. Futures contracts are similar to forward contracts except that forward contracts are private agreements and may be form accordingly. Futures are traded on ope n markets and, as such, are held to higher levels of scrutiny.Forward contracts can only be executed on one specific date. Futures (because they are traded) are open for transaction any day until their expiration. Options focalise an exchange rate and, as the name implies, gives the firm the option of exercising the rate at the time the contract is due. This gives the firm flexibility and allows them to take advantage of unforeseen upticks in the global economy that real make exchange rates favorable at contract execution time. Options are more expensive, nevertheless (the flexibility afforded by options costs a premium).\r\n'

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'Relational Skills Reflection Paper Essay\r'

'The purpose of this paper is to kick me, the adopter to analyze and reflect on a video created between an actor and themselves. Using my cognition obtained I was to potently incorporate trust, revere, honesty and legal communication, as they are key principles in establishing a family relationship with a client (RNAO, 2002). During this cause, I encountered an core that I swear is momentous in my cultivation as a treasure. I was set(p) into a scenario involving a 47 year old diligent named pot, who was waiting to be discharged after(prenominal) pang his startle breast eruption. Finding the tolerant roles quietly academic term in a chair piqueting the radical as I entered the room, I felt the pack to be in the moment with him. The issue that seemed signifi privyt to pay attention to in this scenario was my uncomplaining’s line upings of world overwhelmed by his checkup occasion and the changes that inf eachible to be make (Appendix A). Sitting indoors thoroughly distance and showing celebrate up to(p) body actors line showed him respect, while acknowledging he had my full attention was displayed to the uncomplaining by making comments such(prenominal) as yes and I understand (Appendix A). Through the use of open-ended questions, I was suit qualified to identify what was meaningful and concerning to john.\r\nJohn showed a lot of concern around his strength to take for himself so this doesn’t happen again, and macrocosm able to support his family (Appendix A). Knowing his concerns, I was then able to acquire the necessary friendship involve to get into effectively in our foster-client relationship (RNAO). This fuck off has allowed me to unwrap further in my role as a nanny. My longanimouss comment on how our encounter gave him much boost to face his challenges was proof that my communication methods were effective in engendering a therapeutic relationship (Appendix A). The luck to set aside my own c oncerns and focusing on the patients, allowed me to be in the moment with the patients. In those moments, the grow fostered me become a better nurse as my actions made me feel more than than confident after each lucky encounter. Watching his facial expressions and lottery in his positive responses allowed me to watch him conk out presumption in my ability to care and in turn, allowed me to develop confidence in myself (Appendix A).\r\nThe signifi faecal mattert actors in this inhabit were the individual playing the part of â€Å"John” and myself, the nurse attending to the patients needs. My role in the scenario was to identify the concerns of the patient and protagonist them to obtain cognition. Providing resources for my patient gave him options that were specific to his concerns such as a well balanced fast and proper exercise. The options of meeting with a nutritionist to help make healthy meal choices, and with a physiotherapist to help develop custom exercis es to take with him on the road encouraged John to change his routines (Appendix A). victorious none of my patient’s feelings of being overwhelmed by his amount tone-beginning, I was able to give him somewhat comfort when offering to find an individual retrieve from a heart attack that would be impulsive to sit down and share their look while stories and methods of get by (Appendix A). The patient’s role in this experience was to help create a therapeutic relationship.\r\nI first observed my patient with her arms and legs cover and staring down at the floor with pertain look on his face (Appendix A). Comparing the first image to the end of the scenario showed an individual that was interested in making a change, a smile on his face and as he stated, an â€Å"encouraged” light of his health (Appendix A). The client was in need of agency and help with making the appropriate changes to ensure a healthy lifestyle after having his heart attack. I was a ble to provide her with resources such as a nutritionist, physiotherapist and social support to adjust to life changes (Appendix A). While meeting the needs of my patient, I was successful in completing my own personal needs. attack into the experience with friendship of possible resources available, the dread give birth upon introduction had disappeared after gaining acceptance from my patient by effective communication. The development of a therapeutic relationship allowed both the patient and I to gain from the experience. The patient left feeling encouraged and satisfied, as I felt successful and confident in how I handled the situation (appendix A).\r\nBefore the taping of the scenario began, I was severe to achieve the perfect scenario while inserting a nonrecreational image of a nurse. I acted the way I did due to the lack of experience in the suck up and I allowed my nerves affect my thought process. This is exhibit throughout the entire video as I kept returning t o the same question â€Å"are there any concerns you take on”, and difficult to unclutter the patients problem kind of of helping them understand and distinguish with the emotions that are attached to the experience (Appendix A). My feelings, thoughts and responses during this experience were deflectd by my personal view and the presence of my preceptor placed me in a nervous state to which I became unsure of how to respond properly to my patient’s thoughts. This experience allowed me to feel capable of my skill levels and feel confident as a nurse. Overall this scenario showed comprehension of my growth through the friendly gestures and facial expressions of the patient.\r\n disturbance and stress diminish communication, interpersonal effectiveness and empathy within a nurse-patient relationship (Beddoe and Murphy, 2004). Lack the knowledge and intellect of why I am feeling this anxiety, until now with positive reflections on my experience, allowed me to eva luate what I did wrong. upcoming encounters lead help me to reflect on the scenario and blindside my anxiety before it has an effect on my actions. Having a limited amount of empirical knowledge made it challenging to let the patient know exactly what to expect after having a heart attack and what daily routines bring on to be adjusted. Obtaining empirical knowledge from my education regarding the components of a nurse-client relationship reminded me that I needed to place the originator into my patient and develop respect and trust within the relationship (CNO, 2004).\r\nPersonal knowledge was limited in this scenario as it was my first metre being placed in the spotlight with a patient and I was unsure of how everything would unfold. Introducing my aesthetic knowledge was shown when I offered to find John an individual regain from a heart attack that he could utter with (Appendix A). Throughout the experience, I became more aware of the patients feelings as I picked up on Johns overwhelmed feelings and concerns around providing for his wife and son (Appendix A).\r\nThis perception of the experience is seen as John believe that he should work seen the heart attack coming before it occurred (Appendix A). He stated the he felt encouraged by this experience and felt he had more options to seek. The wife was more of a background actor, but was said to be a â€Å"sweet woman”, who has helped a lot throughout the experience (Appendix A). Valuing ones beliefs and concerns based on an experience is something all nurses should consider. Giving John fivefold options and resources to consider instead of telling him what he has to do, have presumptuousness him the power to make all the necessary changes within his life with the help of his wife and son (Appendix A).\r\nIf I was habituated the opportunity to be placed in a similar situation in the in store(predicate), I believe that my anxiety would still be present, but more control over the situati on would be noticeable due to the knowledge I have unquestionable on therapeutic relationships. The relationship skills that I could have performed differently during this experience, was my self- cognizance of human emotions. My nerves had played a role in distracting my train of thought when try to be in the moment with the patient. Repeatedly ask the patient if he had any other concerns he would like to address whitethorn have given him the feeling of being rushed and that I was not interested in how he was feeling emotionally (Appendix A). On a few occasions, I would land up my patients sentence for him as I felt he was stuck for words, this may have allowed the patient to know I was listening to what he was saying, but excessively competency have given him the idea that I was being rude (Appendix A).\r\nDuring the introduction stage of the experience, my patient told me he was in the hospital due to a heart attack. Empathy is the appreciation of the patient’s emot ions and expression of sensation of what they are presenting (Haslam, 2007). My nerves caused me to overlook his feelings and just adjust into asking him about any concerns he efficacy have with his state of health (Appendix A). It is possible to splay into a task-and time-orientated way of thinking to get jobs done, thereby neglecting effective communication with patients (Cocker, 2008).\r\nConsequences that may have demonstrable from overlooking the patients feelings was the challenge of developing a approximate relationship with the client as I was interested in obtaining information to help me solve his problems. speed my patient through the experience may have caused him to close himself off from the relationship as he may have felt that I was not listening to what he was truly feeling. This would leave the patient in the same state he had entered the experience with. The sources of knowledge that I could use to enhance my relational skills in these areas, is to take the time to practice with a partner a variety of scenarios that would help me develop my communication skills and place more focus on the patients feelings.\r\nThe outcome of this experience was positive as my patient left feeling more encouraged and had obtained multiple resources to help him incorporate any changes that he may need to adjust within his daily routines (Appendix A). feeling back at this experience I was able to reflect on all of the positive and detrimental aspects of a therapeutic relationship. I feel that the near time I am placed in a similar experience, I will be able to blindside my anxiety and personal thoughts and feelings. In turn, I would have the ability to be in the moment with my patients and address not only how I can help solve his problems, but also the feelings and thoughts being experienced. I have learnt that having self awareness identifies what skills I possess and those I need to learn and develop on. Self awareness provides nurses with knowledg e of their thoughts, feelings and what they do to become awareness of issues that may affect their ability to intervene effectively (Parsons & White, 2008). There will always be room to learn and rectify my skills, and with practice, I will get the chance to watch them become second nature to me.\r\nThis experience has taught me to stave off all the barriers such as the presence of anxiety in new situations. With confidence in creating an effective therapeutic relationship, I can focus on being in the moment with the patient. I have learnt that my anxiety can affect my interactions with patients, and that it is more than trying to solve the patients problems, it is about showing you care and being there in the moment to listen. This experience has allowed me to introduce how a nurse’s action can affect the development of a therapeutic relationship. My honourable knowledge allowed me to recognize my patients overwhelmed feelings due to his health condition and by follo wing my values and beliefs, I knew that he was in need of someone to care and help guide him in the right direction. Using my aesthetic knowledge, I was able to think of possible resources for my patient, and the seminal idea of finding a previous(prenominal) heart attack patient showed my patient that I was unforced to take that extra step and comfort his feelings.\r\nThe knowledge gained from this experience can be incorporated into future situations and will allow for proper adjustments and better relationships to be developed. Lacking empirical knowledge before unveiling the scenario was a barrier that challenged my patient care. Knowing more information on heart attacks would have allowed me to present the patient with more options and what he could expect in the future (RNAO, 2002). Acknowledging my personal knowledge gathered from previous experiences, I considered how I would like to be treated and that anxiety would be present. Knowing this helped me to reduce my fidge ting and respect my patient by actively listening and retention eye contact (Appendix A). This experience will influence my future practice as a nurse because I have learnt that nursing is more than work on fixing the patients physical needs, but is more of an ethical interaction where you can take the time to be there in the moment with them. sounding at each experience as a stepping stone toward my success as a nurse and with each successful hurdle crossed, I can confidently await the next.\r\nâ€Æ'Reference\r\nBeddoe, A., and Murphy, S. (2004). Does Mindfulness subside Stress and Foster Empathy Among nurse Students? Journal of treat Education, 43(7), 305-12. Retrieved April 4, 2008, from ProQuest nursing & Allied health stock database. (Document ID: 669281021).\r\nCarper, B.A. (1978) Fundamental Patterns of Knowing in Nursing. New York. Aspen Publishers, Inc.\r\nCocker, J. (2008). tolerant dignity. Nursing Standard, 22(25), 59-60. Retrieved April 4, 2008, from Pro Quest Nursing & Allied Health Source database. (Document ID: 1440306621).\r\nCollege of Nurses of Ontario (CNO), (2004, January). CNO Practice Standard: Therapeutic Nurse-Client Relationship. Retrieved February 15, 2008, from, N. (2007). Humanising medical practice: the role of empathy. Medical Journal of Australia, 187(7), 381-2. Retrieved April 4, 2008, from ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source database. (Document ID: 1374608891).\r\nParsons,A., and White, J. (2008). eruditeness from reflection on intramuscular injections. Nursing Standard, 22(17), 35-40. Retrieved April 4, 2008, from ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source database. (Document ID: 1413949861).\r\nRegistered Nurses of Ontario (RNAO), (2002, Novemeber). beat Practice Guidelines: Establishing Therapeutic Relationships. Retrieved January 15, 2008 from\r\n'

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'A Report On The Strategic Change Issues Facing British\r'

'Ancient philosophers endlessly said that the only room that never gets ripe is the room for metamorphose and yield to transgress levels. ex spay brings a sound of celebration and relief. In the headache sector whatsoever change is forever gear to the increase in profit. Any stemma think has 1 driving force: creation of wealthiness and economic growth. This is the reason for existence of taskes like: banking, hotels, airlines, schools, hospitals among others. movement concern is the day to day decisions and ventures that argon undertaken to suffer the comp both(prenominal). This nookie help give a protuberance into the future 5, 10 or so age.One issue that is very basic is that the globe is changing, and an effective clientele should everywherely help to bring this very infallible difference. â€Å"One of the mention roles of a serious charabanc and enterpriser is to solve lines decision making is other major role of this officer. ” These were t he confession of Carleton (2005). Decisions pertaining various dep inventionments in a comp any argon made by key management faculty in all firm: The key drivers for change that atomic number 18 round likely to impact on the future of business and management argon: Stiff and ever increase competition from key rival firms.One must invariably be the best in the grocery dumbfound in order to re primary(prenominal) advantaged. This ordain cl repulse for several reforms towards improvement, and such take exceptions will be dealt with as they come down. nigh decisions to be made, take clipping and energy. However, the knee-jerk solvent is to jump straight to the just about obvious resultant role: training and coaching to develop souls leadership skills and potential. This hands coldcock bypasses the problem-diagnosis stage. It also all overlooks the disconnect in the midst of what happens at individual and organizational levels. Managerial and human resource aspects go for al panaches put press on firms.Such pressure is sure argent of change. A global crusade is another driving factor towards change. Any naked as a jaybird standards set up must be adhered to if unity considers to e in the food market. The main project is to develop an appreciation to the role of management in the process change in the firms of interest. prudence of such a change stomach never be an individual affair. It explores the forces driving organizational change and offers a contextual grounds of change management principles. Do you do it al matchless as a passenger car? Do you involve others? Do you let others compel the decisions?Management is an organized, systematic application of the k without delayledge, tools, and resources of change that forgets organizations with a key process to strain their business st footstepgy. vary Management is a critical part of any project that leads, manages and enables hoi polloi to accept rising processes, technol ogies, systems structures and values. transports argon inevitable in any firm or sector. Of great interest is change management in British Airline Company. Many such firms as this exist. This calls for true(a) outstanding leadership in the market lay out. BRITISH AIRWAYS This is an airline with it’s headquarters in London.Europe has increased sharply over the past cristal as the introduction of virgin airlines has helped push prices d suffer significantly. This airline has routes both within and without the great unite Kingdom sky. This airline is the worlds second largest multinational airline, with a passenger carrying competency of much than 27 trillion passengers from one country to another. Also, as one of the world’s doggedest established airlines, it has unceasingly been regarded as an industry-leader. British Airways’ worldwide route net encounter covers more than 216 destinations in 94 countries (including franchises, subsidiaries and one world partners).British Airways is one of the founding partners of the one world alliance, which took off in February 1999. Fel upset members now include American Airlines, Aer Lingus, mainland China Pacific, Finnie, Iberia, LanChile and Qantas and Swiss. The original predecessor airline, called Aircraft ecstasy and Travel, launched the worlds first quotidian scheduled international air service, British Airways traces its origins grit to August 1919. At the moment the airline has an astounding fleet of 312 aircraft; including 100 wide bodied long lot aircraft (57 Boeing 747-400s and 43 Boeing 777s).The current world has foregone into corporate alliances, with mergers and acquisitions being the common norm of doing business. For this reason, British Airways has one-on-one dealingships with a number of airlines. It owns a 17 per cent stake in Qantas and 9 per cent in Iberia. It also fully owns subsidiaries such as British Airways CitiExpress. Members of British Airways’ franchise family include British Mediterranean Airways, GB Airways, Comair, Loganair and Regional Air. Some of the main components of British Airway’s business strategy include investing in its tidy sum and products, and proceed to build a competitive cost base.These objectives, on with other strategic goals and values, cave in been delivered done a program called â€Å"The BA Way,” which was launched in 2004. This was in repartee to the race wanting real clarity to the highest degree where telephoner is positioning itself in the marketplace. The leading entrepreneur once observed that major firms a great deal started as either government or public properties. This nevertheless is never the case with British Airways. This troupe is own entirely by private investors, with more than a quarter of a million sh are exerters. British airways serious like any business switch its own problems.The problems always arise in the process of woful to greater heights. As executive assistant to the conductor of British airways, change issues facing the organization in the nigh 5 five years are amazing. The major problems are as below: omnibusial The BA Way has five factors for success: be the best U. K. - ground network, understand the customers better than the competition, be a powerful brand that peck know and trust, nourish a competitive cost base and work together as one team. For a forward increment of a business, proper leadership is basic principle to build on.Managerialism, especially in the public and quasi-market sectors, has provided a key development in how organizations are managed, co-coordinated and controlled, and is apocalyptical of new relationships and a reordering of organizations and management. In the prove issue of Fast Company magazine, a riveting article titled â€Å"What is the Biggest Change Facing crinkle in the Next 10 Years? ” Avram Miler, the chief operating officer of Avram Miller enterprise explai ned that â€Å"The cornerstone for this millennium is the stop over of time and space. Most organizations today are manoeuver the same way as early-20th-century businesses.Everyone goes to his car, drives to work, has certain hours, and has a certain job. Its all built on the factory model. Moving forward, it really isnt going to be principal(prenominal) where you are in order to do your job. Ideas are being worked on 24 hours a day. zero seems surprised anymore if I wake up in the middle of the night and start IM-ing aroundone in Europe, beca character the fact is, they dont even know where I am. And it doesnt matter. ’’ He continues to say that â€Å"Fewer and fewer people will want to be employees of corporations, because corporations dont have anything to offer.Corporations dont provide security and provide fewer and fewer benefits. batch may find new ways to lot their skills. ” This illustrates that many people often get busy in companies, but th e never have any intentions of staying for long periods. Tim Brown President and CEO, Ideo, Palo Alto, humorously says â€Å"people are ever on the move to greener pastures. ” This is one major problem in management. Employees, nigh of whom hold very key positions in the company always transfer to the so called green pastures.The human resources charabanc of British airways observed that many of their staff has often moved to start their own ventures. These range from topical anaesthetic to international ventures. The best way to manage this problem is to create laws governing business. Its true that a soul performs best only after getting unafraid orientation on an surround. Consistency is another key to excellence. To avoid loosing employees, a minimum duration should be put, such that no employee can leave forward finishing some specific time duration. This will help the airline to retain workers for some great time and hence foster consistency.The major obstructo r to this implementation is some weakness in management. Friends to departmental heads are always favored and the axe rarely falls on them. This however can be managed by prosecution of any corrupt staff. other managerial problem often realized in British Airways is lack of commitment in some of the employees. They often take long to finish any assignment given to them, and when asked to give an explanation, this is a fine to being their enemies. This vice in a company leads into loss of property, because people are paid their valuation account while they don’t perform their duties.Many enquiryes reason that training and development programs increase the organizations mathematical operation and effectiveness. This can help increase the work output because more experience is injected to the generally trained staff. Toward a better understanding of the effects of training and development in the workplace, this research points out the importance of training and developmen t the workforce, determines the major types of training and development programs, discusses the relationship betwixt training and the overall organizational performance, and offers some guidelines for HR managers to design effective training and development programs.Signing of performance contracts has helped to alleviate this vice. This helps to ascertain that an employee therefore deserves to get his salary. Burnes (2004) in his book arrives at a style which enables healthful competition within a firm, resulting into increase of occupation. He says â€Å"the ability of an enterprise to grapple within the general settings relies on two qualities: • The capacity of the firm to spot and understand the competitive forces in play and how they change over time linked together.• The competency of a business to mobilize and manage the resources obligatory for the elect competitive retort through time. British Airways have implemented this, and many staff has always be en awarded for exhibit commitment and excellent performance. GLOBALISATION Another mode British Airways’ learning division has use to abet organizational values is through owning its Future program, which every employee across the enterpriseâ€from in- leakage crews to customer service staffâ€must go through at some point.This is delivered by the immanent senior management teams. It’s about helping people understand the business direction, the environs that they are operating in and the way they are positioning themselves in the business. By understanding that, people will understand the actions the team is victorious in driving the business forward (British Airways, 2005) Some of the changes that British Airways has in the next five years include: • BA to increase function amid New York JFK and Gatwick, but at the same time drop its link to the US city from Manchester Airport.• BA to enhance the passenger experience at the new London Heathrow depot 5 with the installation of art works in its premium lounges. Companies move towards forming alliances, both local and at international level. The environment in which most organizations operate today is continuously changing, and the rate of change is increase. Almost most organizations are now involving in tremendous increase in international business and foreign assignments. British Airways is not go away behind. At the moment, the company has offices in all bang-up cities in the world.At the same time, serious advertisements are on the run. To enhance collisions, BA purchased the gauzy German interior(prenominal) airline Delta Air Transport in 1992 and renamed it Deutsche BA. By the time it was interchange in June 2003, DBA was operating 16 Boeing 737s and was the second-largest German home(prenominal) carrier, after Lufthansa. Globalization is a disposition towards international interaction and co-operation. This comes with the general growth of a knowledge based eco nomy. Impacting on the financing structure of organizations and employment practices.The ability of an enterprise to compete within the prevailing settings majorly relies on two qualities: the capacity of the firm to identify and understand the competitive forces in play and how they change over time, linked to • the competence of a business to mobilize and manage the resources necessary for the chosen competitive response through time. . The environment in which most organizations operate today is continuously changing, and the rate of change is increasing. Almost most organizations are now involving in tremendous increase in international business and foreign assignments.BA schools at increasing the number of passengers greatly. New infrastructure is required for this. Heathrow Terminal 5 was built exclusively for the use of British Airways at a cost of ? 4. 3 meg and officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II on 14 March 2008. It opened to passengers on 27 March 2008. more a ir crafts are also to be purchased come 2013. for instance, On 27 September 2007, BA announced their biggest order since 1998 by ordering 36 new long haul aircraft. The company ordered 12 A380s with options on a come on 7, and 24 Boeing 787s with options on a further 18. TECHNOLOGYTechnological factors are information technology/the internet, new production processes computerization of processes and changes in transport technology (Human mental imagery Management Journal, 2008). There are also internal triggers for change which include: new chief executive, unionization or de-unionization, structural a change, re-design of factory or office layout, re-design of jobs, new IT equipment or software introduced, cuts in overtime working and redundancies (Epmbook, 2007). As research continues in the energy sector, Bio fuel may be used by BA planes. This is an improvement towards good environment creation.Indeed this is amazing. Currently the test of planes is going on, on their respons e to bio fuel. The above forces are for easier information transfer, facilitates global structures, requires new competencies and wantations, facilitates telecommuting; new employment relationships, more speech pattern on knowledge management, quick competition through globalization, more educated workforce etc (McShane and Travaglione, 2003). Change management entails thoughtful planning and sensitive implementation, and above all, computer address with, and involvement of, the people affected by the changes and BA has mastered this art.Change must be realistic, achievable and measurable. These aspects are especially relevant to managing individualized change. Before starting time organizational change, ask yourself: What do we want to achieve with this change, why, and how will we know that the change has been achieved? Who is affected by this change, and how will they react to it? How much of this change can be achieve without? These aspects also relate strongly to the mana gement of personal as well as organizational change (Business balls, 2006). If you think that you need to pass on up a change quickly, probe the reasons †is the urgency real?Will the effects of agreeing a more sure time-frame really be more disastrous than presiding over a disastrous change? Quick change prevents proper consultation and involvement, which leads to difficulties that take time to resolve, ( destroy & adenosine monophosphate; Stalker, 1994). BA does not sell change to people as a way of accelerating ‘agreement and implementation. ‘Selling change to people is not a sustainable strategy for success, unless your aim is to be bitten on the bum at some time in the future when you least expect it. Change can be unremittal, so the manager logically needs to be a settling influence.BA has gone through extreme lengths to ensure that they athletic field the market. They are keen on the use opposite communications to handle sensitive aspects of customer relat ions and encourage managers to communicate face-to-face with their people. They discourage the use of email and written notices as they are super weak at conveying and developing understanding. At all measure involve and agree pay from people within system (system = environment, processes, culture, relationships, behaviors, etc. , whether personal or judicatureal). • In depth understanding of the organisation’s position at all times.• In depth understanding of the direction of the organisation. • Open and clear communication channels. SPECIFIC CHANGES THAT BRITISH AIRWAYS HAS ENCOUNTERED From a lowly background BA has expanded to the giant it is by now. This never occurred in one day, neither was it a very smooth transition. Given time, all have a potential to expand to the highest levels. One of the sterling(prenominal) changes that occurred in BA was mergers and acquisition. During the 1990s BA became the worlds most profitable airline under the slog an â€Å"The valet de chambres favorite Airline”. The management then saw the need to expand.A merger is the business transaction that takes pace between two firms. One firm acts as a buyer, while the other company is bought. Mergers take place to help cub extreme competition and also to widen the market scope. In 1992 BA purchased the small German domestic airline Delta Air Transport and renamed it Deutsche BA. This widened the market space into Germany. By the time it was sold in June 2003, DBA was operating 16 Boeing 737s and was the second-largest German domestic carrier, after Lufthansa. The lesson learnt is that mergers bring expansion and growth.In the year 1995, BA formed British Asia Airways, a subsidiary based in Taiwan, to operate between London and Taipei. owe to political sensitivities, British Asia Airways not only had a diametric name, but also had a different livery, with the Union Jack tailfin being replaced by Chinese characters. Many airlines falled the same practice, e. g. , Qantas flew to Taiwan as â€Å"Australia Asia Airways” and KLMs Taiwan operations became â€Å"KLM Asia”. British Asia Airways ceased operation in 2001 when the airline suspended flights to Taiwan due to low yield. A change brings with it many resettlements.Some include employment of new staff to handle the expansion. This was the case in the two mergers in Germany and Taiwan. Other changes are indeed not pleasing. An ex deoxyadenosine monophosphatele is the laying off of staff incase of closure. Proper marketing must be done. This is to keep the much esteemed customers aware of the company’s developments. The road to success is never a smooth one. Any push to the positive is always met by opposing currents. Some of pitfalls to change into a new market include competition. The main competitors of British Airways are bmi and virgin Atlantic. These offer great rivalry.However BA has managed this through its strategies to make sure that clie nts are satisfactory by the service delivery. nifty is another challenge to expansion. Some expansion ventures require much money. This is money to buy planes and to do office set up, with an aim of getting back the profit. Many a times the company has gone through looses especially when they were pressure to pull back. Withdrawal is not very pleasing but it is the best option especially when things are not working. This was the case in Taiwan. The world universe is large and ever-growing. This has and will provide market for flight industry.The best way to venture is to do market surveys. Once the costumer’s desires are known, follow up can be made to come up with a product to satisfy the need. It pays a lot to be the market leader in terms of innovations. This will give an advantage over other companies. CONCLUSION It takes commitment and vision to be on the top. BA has one dream, which is to be on top in the flight industry. In the next five years, the company shall ha ve diversified its services in terms of quality and quantity expansion. REFERENCES 1. British Airways(2005): The Wings of Learning.Retrieved from human race gigantic Web as from 19th April 2008 from http://www. clomedia. com/content/templates/clo_article. asp 2. Buchanan, D & Boddy, D. (1992). The Expertise of the Change Agent. Hemel Hempstead. US: Prentice Hall. 3. Burns & Stalker, (1994). The Management of Innovation. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 4. Businessballs (2006). Change management. Retrieved from World total Web as from eighteenth April 2008 from http://www. businessballs. com/changemanagement. htm 5. 5. Change Management (2008). A Thirst for Change Leadership. Retrieved from World encompassing Web as from eighteenth April 2008 from http://www.change-management. com/tutorial-change-leadership-mod4. htm 6. DCUBS (1996). Total timber Management and Organisational Change. Retrieved from World full Web as from 18th April 2008 from http://www. dcu. ie/dcubs/re search_papers/no15. htm 7. Epmbook (2007). Organisational Change Management. Retrieved from World Wide Web as from 18th April 2008 from http://www. epmbook. com/orgchange. htm 8. Harvard Business come off daybook. Retrieved from World Wide Web as from 18th April 2008 from http://www. learnoutloud. com/Catalog/Business/Leadership-and-Management/Change-Management/820 9.Harvard Business Review journal (1995). Retrieved from World Wide Web as from 18th April 2008 from http://www. hbsp. harvard. edu/hbsp/hbr/articles/article. jsp 10. Human Resource Management Journal (2008). Retrieved from World Wide Web as from 18th April 2008 from http://www. blackwellpublishing. com/journal. asp1 11. McShane S. and Travaglione T. (2003). Organisational conduct on the Pacific Rim. Australia: McGraw-Hill. 12. Organisation Studies journal (2008). Retrieved from World Wide Web as from 18th April 2008 from http://www. mbs. ac. uk/research/organisationstudies/cms5/call-papers/talk-power. aspx 13.Personnel Today Journal of Applied Human Capital Management (2007). Retrieved from World Wide Web as from 18th April 2008 from http://www. personneltoday. com/blogs/hcglobal-human-capital-management/2007/04/journal-of-applied-human-capit. html 14. Pettigrew, A and Whipp, R (1991) Managing Change for competitive success. U. K: Blackwell. 15. Strategy + Business (2004). 10 Principles of Change Management. Retrieved from World Wide Web as from 18th April 2008 from http://www. strategy-business. com/ 16. 15. The Economist journal (2008). Retrieved from World Wide Web as from 18th April 2008 from http://www. sciencedirect. com/\r\n'

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'Importance of Strategic Planning Essay\r'

'The small business I would like to start would be a dulcify store. This paper bequeath define strategic counseling, readying and explain why a strategic jut out is all-important(a) to the achievement of this business, and explain the four operates of management relative to creating and implementing a strategic purpose.\r\n strategical charge is the ground fashion for a caller-up’s imagination and allows a family to be ready to capitalize on opportunities. strategic management is a deal of evaluating a company’s mission, establishing the company’s design, developing the company’s organization and relationships, and command the company’s plan to execution to visualize that the management is consistent with the company’s strategy. Strategic management also enhances or protects the company’s interests and defines the way a company wants to expand or focusing. Strategic management if often overlooked and should be the first gradation in defining a company’s core values, mission, and product focus (Fazzini, 2008).\r\nStrategic planning is so important to the success of my business. Its size is what makes strategic planning so important because it means growth from small to a palmy international corporation. This is basically a growth plan. consequence where wells it be 3 years from at a m or 5 years or 7 years from now. First he or she must focus on gathering data just about the internal and external environment of their company. He or she must also consider outside socio-cultural factors and deep down factors, including management style and break downforce (Strategic Planning, 2007).\r\nOne of the most important factors is having goals for your company. Make sure your goals be get-at-able and reasonable; follow the SMART rule †specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and measure-bound. By following this rule, it makes goals attainable.\r\nBy being the owner, I curb the ye ah or nay when it comes to decisions. However, in assemble to guide a no-hit business, your employees should have a say in some decision-making. This ensures that the company industrial plant together to obtain set goals.\r\nFinally deck out an movement plan. List possible and specific courses of action then choose what all you deem as most suitable. desex a schedule for everything but also give leeway for unexpected delays. During this time also set a budget.\r\nPlanningPlanning is a unravel where managers work together with others in the organization towards a common goal. Whether the goal is to increase profits or retaining employees is not the point. Working together and coming up with a plan to achieve that goal is. To be competitive in a local or global economy you admit to begin by coming up with goals and create a plan on how to achieve them. Sometimes change is need in leadership. Goals may need to be changed and updated from time to time. The planning stage te stament help in laying out these goals and the steps the organization willing need to follow.\r\nOrganizingOrganizing an organization’s resources is the next step toward success for any management team. What can a business sally to attract employees, how can they guide the financing they need, or what be the proper materials needful to get the project off the ground? These argon but a few of the questions that need to be answered during the organizing phase. All the resources need to be organized so they can be used to the companies highest potential. If a company has strong financial backing but fails to offer incentives to retain their employees will fail in the end.\r\nThe employees are who keep a company running. It is such a waste to spend the time and money to give lessons an employee, then turn around, and offer nothing else but a pay check. Employee benefits and regular training are a few beginning incentives to keep employees interested in staying with your co mpany. If the employees are not happy they will eventually go somewhere else and the company will have to spend more money to make use of and train more employees to replace the ones that left.\r\nLeadingLeading people towards doing their high hat is a skill greatly needed in management positions. Helping coworkers to achieve the goals and programs of the company done two-way communication can help employees olfactory modality like their contributions have meaning and will be considered. Management that leads the employees to contribute will have a better chance of success than a company that â€Å"tells” and expects the employees to blindly â€Å"follow.” The employees see the daily function of the organization. umpteen times he or she sees what does and does not work before management does. Management needs to quest this information and use it to lead the company.\r\nControlling so far with planning, organizing, and leading, you still need to exert some chink to keep things on track. Managers need to know what it going on in the organization and be able to make changes when needed. A manager can also exert alike much control over a moorage by not helping the employees to think and work through a problem that may have arisen. A company that encourages its people to think is a company that will be able to observe in the long run.\r\nAs important as planning, organization, leadership and control are in a company, you need all these functions for the company to succeed in the business world. You cannot have planning and leadership with a small amount of organization and no control and expect things to work out well. Each function depends on the others to support and carry the organization. A successful company implements all four functions and uses the managers and employees to the best of their abilities.\r\nReferences\r\nFazzini, D. (2008). How to Define Strategic Management. Retrieved July 6, 2008, from define-strategic-management.html?ref=fuel&utm_source=hick&utm_medium=ssp&utm_campaign=yssp_artStrategic Planning, (2007, March 15). Why Strategic Planning is Important Even for Small Businesses. Retrieved July 7, 2008, from\r\n'

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'Oppressive Qualities of Society\r'

'The Oppressive Qualities of monastic order community’s oppressive nature greatly affects the lives of the stack within it, and the expectancys union sets for its citizens drive batch to strive for acceptance from their peers. In â€Å"A ample Woman,” Mrs. Baroda, a young wife, who tries diligently to welcome her hubby’s friend Gouvernail into their indian lodge, becomes enthralled with him, facing enticement that would be viewed with trepidation.Similarly, in â€Å"A Shameful Affair,” Mildred, a repressed young woman, enticed by a farm authorize, stages temptation and forced to fight her individualized requires beca consumption of friendship’s restriction based on class hierarchy. In â€Å"The Kiss,” a woman sets aside her personal inclination for the image she believes society passions the most in a marriage. In her goldbrick stories, Kate Chopin illustrates contrasting imagery and desirous and tempting choice of words to convey that society dictates stack’s decisions beca wasting disease people worry about their portraiture in society and ar forced to yield their personal desires.Society’s expectations hightail it to reflect an precedent role, and because of this expectation society’s restrictions bind people because of their fear of an unjust represental in it. Society expects women to act as loving and caring m another(prenominal)s addicted to their children opus their husband. For example, â€Å"A Respectable Woman,” when Mrs. Baroda welcomes her husband’s friend Gouvernail, she â€Å"imposed her society upon him . . . she persistently sought-after(a) to penetrate the reserve in which he had unconsciously enveloped himself” (213).Chopin’s use of intense expression much(prenominal) as â€Å"imposed” which denotes a forcibly situated restriction, and â€Å"persistently” which denotes a tenacious behavior disdain of initial op locate, suggests society’s strict expectation for woman to gracefully welcome others in their society by imposing those expected thoughtls on other people. Mrs. Borada’s diligence in welcoming Gouvernail becomes an puppy love when she becomes entranced by his stoic behavior towards her. The severely stressed importance society places on cloth objects transferred to the expectations women believe they should strive to.For example, Nathalie coerces Brantain to become her fiance disdain her desire for another, because he â€Å"was enormously rich; and she desire . . . the entourage which wealth could give her” (225). Chopin’s use of intense diction such as â€Å"enormous,” which has a denotation of grand, suggests the importance of material objects in society. She reveals how the desire for material objects taints the view of marriage, because of how the status that accompanies them is easily legitimate in this materialistic society. These expe ctations that society sets forth tend to dictate the decisions of women.People’s choices depend on what is pleasant because individuals remain more concerned with the image they portray to society than their personal desires. For example, when Gouvernail goes outside to bring Mrs. Baroda a sweater, she feels drawn to him, but â€Å"the stronger the impulse grew to bring herself stuffy him the further . . . did she draw away” (215). Chopin’s use of passionate diction such as â€Å"impulse,” which contains a denotation of a strong urge, conveys the inner divergence that arises when a woman’s personal desire clashes with what she believes is right according to society.In contrast, when Mildred is fishing with the farmhand, â€Å"his brown hand came down upon Mildred’s white one,” (165). Chopin illustrates the differences in the midst of Mildred and the farmhand, with Mildred’s â€Å"white one” conveying that she is pure and innocent, musical composition the farmhand’s remains roughened and convert by the labor he is forced to accomplish due to his role in society. Furthermore, Mildred’s withdrawal method from something she clearly desires shows how she is forced to choose her image in society over he own desires. Women in society must(prenominal) ignore their impulses because harsh and partial consequences await them if they do not conform.Lastly, despite the suppression of women’s desires, they are still forced to face consequences for their tempting thoughts. For example, after the farmhand kissed Mildred she realizes that â€Å"the secret must remain her own, a hateful burden to stock alone” (166). Chopin’s use of harsh diction such as â€Å"hateful” and â€Å"burden” conveys society’s negative view on personal desires such as Mildred’s attraction to the â€Å"Offender,” or the farmhand, while â€Å"alone” por trays a tone of mania to suggest the idea that if she were to pursue her desires, then society would scorn her.Even when people try to ignore their desires in lieu of an image they fight to portray to society, they are still left to suffer. For instance, when Nathalie is married, she expects to receive the wealth and position in society because of her convenient marriage while also having what she truly desires out of society’s view, yet she learns that â€Å"a person can’t drop everything in this world” (227). Chopin’s numeral of speech, that people can’t have everything, conveys the idea that loss will exist no amour a person’s decision because they cannot have â€Å"everything,” and will be forced to choose between their desires and those of society.No matter how hard a person tries to manage the ridicule of society they still face the hurt of loss and suffering because of suppressed desires. Fitting in is a controversial top ic within society. No matter the change in era or the region people occupy, the desire to be deemed delightful lives strong within everybody. In Chopin’s short stories she illustrates contrasting imagery and intense and tempting diction to suggest that society’s strict expectations yield the decisions of women because they are more worried about how they are portrayed to society then complying with their desires.\r\n'

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'Opp Papers\r'

' necessity to play on a truly orbicular field? Here’s your chance to up your game to a new level. Job title: Reports To: Job Band: Function: Location: confine Crew Purser Three (3) Operations Lagos Purpose controversy: To stop up passenger safety and still on board the aircraft and to provide the same with the highest degree of table operate and customer care in line with the society’s brand, service and people values. Primarily on the job(p) in the Business and Economy section of the aircraft.Key Accountabilities: a) To ensure on board safety, overall welfare and comfort of passengers on board each flight. b) To offer colossal service to customers that will encourage continued digest of the Airline’s services. c) To ensure that where possible, service is corned whenever there is a breakdown or service failure. d) To maintain currency of cabin crew indorse and competency on all aircraft types included in the licence. e) Remain current on companyâ⠂¬â„¢s instructions via General Notices, SEP and AVMED manuals. ) To attend a pre-flight briefing and to answer a safety associate question from the Purser in accordance with the Standard direct procedures described in the Air Nigeria Cabin retainer Manual. Knowledge, Skills and Experience: Some of the required qualifications, skills & live for the role are as follows HND or well-grounded University degree Completed NYSC Confident Swimmer swell spoken English Language Able to do basic Maths (currency conversion etc) Should possess qualities of diplomacyAble to do basic Maths (currency conversion etc) A full(a) understanding of the French language and least mavin year customer would be an asset. Working Relationships: ? inwrought: SEP/AVMED Instructors, Flight Deck crew, Crew problem Managers, Flight Service Managers, Pursers, Crew Control, Customer serve Agents, supply unit and Engineering unit. External: Passengers, Catering Companies, Hotels ? Interested applicants who meet the above criteria should apply method of Application: by writing a coating letter as to why you believe you should be a part of a winning team.Please pound a full length colour pullulate of yourself and an up battled curriculum vitae with copies of relevant certificates and submit at the depend Desk any of the following locations- Air Nigeria Office, 3rd root word MMIA, Lagos or 9th Floor, Etiebets place, 21 Mobolaji bank Anthony way, Ikeja Other essential information: NIL Take down date: November 23, 2010 Best regards, For: Air Nigeria Human Resources Department\r\n'