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Non-linear Pro vs Quick Takes Video - Nature of Agency Essay

Non-linear Pro vs Quick Takes Video - spirit of Agency - Essay ExampleHence, the wizard would be vicariously liable for the acts of the federal agent and would be obligated for all the negotiations and contracts that the agent has signed on his behalf (Herbert, 2010). The agency relationship would be having both commercial and judicial effects. For example, an owner of the business would rely on various agents to do the ordinary day-to-day work of the business, whereas since a company is an artificial person, it would be represented through the act of the agents (including management and employers) that make decisions and acknowledge responsibilities on behalf of the company. Usually a contract or an agreement may be present between the agent and principal who may be in an oral or written format, and giving agency in an expressive or implied manner. Implied agency refers to playacting out of necessity or the situation would dictate that an steal person make a decision on beha lf of the principal. In a corporation, the senior executives and the management get on have the implied ascendence and the appargonnt authority to make decisions on any matter on behalf of the principal/company (London International University, 2007). ... An agreement for agency may also be mentioned in the employment contract, be a separate agreement of agency, be mentioned in the contract with the third caller, etc. Secondly, there is a relationship bringing third parties in contract with the principal, for certain works (Herbert, 2010). For an agent to act on behalf of the principal, he/she should have some authority to do so. If the agent was not acting out of his world-beater and not out of necessity, the agent and not the principal would be held liable. The authority provided to the agent is of 3 types and are recognized by law. These include actual authority, apparent authority and ratified authority. Actual authority involves actual provision of authority to the agent t o represent the principal in certain matter and make decisions. The authority provided here may be expressed or implied. If an agent has acted beyond the actual authority, it provoke be considered as a breach of contract. When an agent is acting within the scope of his employment with the principal, then the claimant can claim from the employer. Ratification is a process in which an agent who had been acting on behalf of others in the other(prenominal) and would have performed certain non-authorized acts, but the same is being approved now (Rao, 2009). Apparent authority or ostensible authority refers to the conduct or words of the principal which would require a person to take decisions on behalf of the principal and act on behalf of the principal with any third party. Here the third party is in a position to believe that the agent is acting on behalf of the principal, even if the issue with acting with this particular third party has never been discussed between the principal an d the agency. The third parties have acted within middling grounds,

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Utilitarianism is not so much a political philosophy, as a political Essay

Utilitarianism is not so much a policy-making philosophy, as a political technique. Discuss - Essay ExampleHowever, the structure of the flavour does not necessarily appear in this personal manner depending on the claim but the context is definitely similar.In multiple occasions, leaders apply utilitarianism in political initiatives making it appear as a political philosophy in most of these cases, depending on the particular initiatives and the dissimilar outcomes. Moreover, sometimes it is due to the manner that these leaders relate utilitarianism to achieve their goals. Generally, in any basis, utilitarianism is a form of consequentialism, which means that the evaluation of an action is relative to its consequences, whether in politics, religion or science. In most situations relative to politics, utilitarianism comes out as egoism especially since the consequences are of more significance than the actions. However, this notion also applies in distinguishing utilitarianism fro m egoism typically, the scope and relevance of the consequences. Utilitarianism principles focus on maximizing the overall pricy, a core reason why it applies in politics however, the best way to exploit this is considering both singular good and that of others (Mill 2002, 64).Multiple philosophers made vast contributions to utilitarianism however, Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill put up out because of their arguments context in an effort to make people understand utilitarianism as a form of ethics theory (Crisp 1997, 15&Bentham 1990, 8). They were hedonists about value through the identification of good with pleasure moreover, they encouraged people to maximize the good by bringing about the greatest amount of good for the biggest number of people possible. An initiative that citizens command from politicians moreover, it should be the general basis of most political proprietors. Conversely, in a political philosophy stand point, distinguishing utilitarianism also takes plac e through independence

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Talis Spa Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Talis Spa - Essay showcaseSuch circumstances has actually worked as a motivation for the study and the tourist destination in focus happens to be the Talise Spa situated in the city of Al ain which happens to be the quaternaryly largest city in UAE. It is likewise known as the garden city because of the greenery making it a unique location of for tourists. The study has been d one(a) in lieu to analyze the location in hurt of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Also a stake holder analysis has been conducted to identify the key stake holders and their impact on the business. Based on the analysis a strategic plan for the facility has been prepared which includes the preparation of a vision and mission statement, environmental impact analysis, developing a product development strategy and advance or communication strategy (Kolb, 2008). Location Audit Location Description While describing the location in details it needs to mention that both Talise Spa as well as the city of Al Ain would be considered, simply because both the unique geographical elements and the infrastructure of the Talise Spa would play a major role in the overall strategic marketing and communications. The city of Al Ain is the fourth largest city in UAE and it is well known as the garden city due to the unique greenery. ... due(p) to such reasons Al Ain is one of the most popular tourist destinations for the people of UAE especially during the summers. As a tourist location Al Ain is still a developing one. The city gets a lot of traffic in the summers most of that are locals who have holi twenty-four hour period houses in the city. However, as compared to its counterparts uniform Dubai, Al Ain gets very little foreign tourists. Talise Spa provides personalized treatments in all the long dozen private rooms of it. There are a range of experiences provided by the Talise Spa such as facials, body treatments and massages. To be a bit more detailed it provides body scr ubs, aromatherapy, body wraps, full day packages, waxing, skin care treatments, etc. There is also availability of Food centres, play yards, food corner. The facilities provided by the governing are excellent to say the least. However, there is still room for improvement as the authorities are looking to position the spa as a place to have fun which also reflects the cultural heritage of the country. Reason for choice Again in this section, both Talise Spa and Al Ain have to be focused. The major reason for choice of Al Ain is the unique geographical conditions and recondite cultural heritage. Also as compared to its counterparts like Dubai there is a lot of opportunity for development. Based on the initiatives of the government to develop Al Ain as a premier tourist location, it would most in all likelihood that slowly but surely the place would start to get traffics in the forms of foreign tourists and hence it would be impotent to have a facility like Talise Spa that provides an array of services under one roof reflecting the cultural heritage of UAE. Location SWOT Analysis Strengths Excellent location, infrastructure

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How Does Language Define Who We Are Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

How Does Language Define Who We atomic number 18 - Essay ExampleFor instance, the English that one uses at home is poles apart from the language one would engross in ones workplace or educational institution. This is because when a person is around his family or friends, i.e. around batch who are intimate with him and have known him for a length of time, the mask that one wears to the outside orb slips away and an individual feels no need to hide behind a facade of statelyity. This natural and cursory transition that one makes from formal mode to casual mode, might appear strange when studied from a distance but if one were to observe closely, it would be seen that this is universal behavior where even the most formal of people will be seen using an entirely different type of English when in promiscuous surroundings. Another point worth noticing is how individuals for whom English is not their mother play, speak it.There is a common perception amongst people that those who speak accurate English, free from any grammatical errors, are gifted with with child(p) insight, depth of perception, logic and common sense and have comparatively superior education and wisdom than those who speak, as burn puts it, broken fractured or limited English. This case is discussed at great length by Tan who gives the example of her own mother. Tans mother reads the Forbes report, listens to W each(prenominal) Street Week, converses with her stockbroker and reads Shirley McLains novels (p.258). All these prove that she is a woman of above-average wisdom and her command over English language is better than most people, even better than those whose mother tongue is English. Unfortunately, Tans mothers speaking powers are slightly weak and she tends to speak English that is grammatically poor. As a result, she faces great difficulty in her day to day life as most people in frequent places such as banks, restaurants and hospitals ignore her or are rude to her. For them sh e portrays the image of a woman who is unable(p) to understand and pick up simple rules of a simple language. It is due to this that once, even her daughter, despite well-educated of her mothers reading habits and talents, thought of her as somehow lacking in wisdom. As Tan writes, I was penitent of her English. I believed that her English reflected the quality of what she had to say. That is, because she expressed them imperfectly, her thoughts were imperfect (p.259).It cannot be denied that basic judgments about people are made based on a lot of factors, not the least of which is the persons language. A person who uses well-crafted sentences, employs all manner of embellishments or better still, uses difficult words, is considered to be highly learned, sea captain and someone with hordes of intellect. Perri Klass, a paediatrician by profession, related just such an experience from her personal life in her witty essay Shes Your Basic LOL in NAD. She relates how she came to ado pt the medical jargon that her colleagues used in their daily communication charm discussing patients medical condition. Klass relates her initial sense of awe at hearing all those acronyms and how even the complicated LOL cancelled out to be nothing more than Little Old Lady (p.98) but sounded extremely professional nonetheless. Klass recounts how she happily used these words despite knowing that at times they were nothing but cut into

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Teamwork and Leading Teams Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Teamwork and Leading Teams - Assignment poser both(prenominal) squad subdivisions publicly question the authority, and there are those that want to be in authority. Some advantages of teamwork include improvement in the quality of service. The production improves with active cooperation. Another advantage is shared ideas. A common agenda for teammates helps achieve a common goal.At the formation stage, clear directions were given, and challenges resolved. We were allowed to act on our individual thought and soon noted they somehow lacked in the ultimate goal of the company. As a group, we combined ideas and were able to tackle problems encountered. We developed the spirit of cohesion and trust was the central pillar of our team work.Teamwork is an accessible door to enter into an organization culture. Collaboration improves companys performance and is an indispensable part of any profession (Maxwell, 2014). Group culture geared towards cooperation helps achieve goals and work in a given time frame.If I were to assume a leadership role, I would put emphasis on the groups achievements everyplace individual performance. In-group competition kills the spirit of comradeship and diverts from the teams goal. I would organize frequent team building activities among members and institute competition among themselves. Regular teamwork brings the company together as well as a refresh on the focal purpose of the enterprise.Formal communication is essential for passing vital information. Memos and circulars at key inductance place deliver information to all people. Communication can pass through informal actor of communication like propaganda and grapevine. Information flows quickly using informal means but stands a happen of being distorted. Informal information is easy to assimilate for team members, unlike formal communication (West, 2012).As the team leader, I would be with my team throughout the process starting with formation. Ensure each member knows her rol e and, above all, the main reason for

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Constitutional convention Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Constitutional meeting - Essay Exampleby the bankruptcy it was steeped in, and could not afford to compensate the military for their services in the Revolutionary warfare, or settle the loans approved to finance the war effort. By 1786, United States was insolvent. Additionally, the liberal expanse experienced a lot more other(a)wise challenges and threats. States were ravine with the war of economic bigotry against trade from other states. Southern states locked horns with northern states for economic benefit. The nation was badly prepared to fight a war this prompted other countries to doubt whether pacts with the United States were really up to the task of the paper they were scripted on. Ever so, the American multitude suffered from the indignant conceit, as European countries rejected the United States as a mediocre republic. Americas money lending class was deeply steeped in anxiety. It is these troubles existent in the Confederation of States which persuaded the Continent al Congress, in the fall of February 1787, to convene for a conference of delegates to rally in May in Philadelphia (McClellan 1-2).For three and a half consecutive months throughout a sweltering, clammy Philadelphia summer, the delegates argued about outstandingly perceptive issues, including whether the national regime should be permitted to sanction state laws and whether the states should be abolished. To hearten the delegates to articulate unequivocally, the Constitutional Convention seized astonishing theme paths to guarantee confidentiality. Guards were stationed at the doors of Independence Hall, and no replicas of the periodical were tolerable. Delegates were advised to raze their annotations (Linder 1).The Virginia Plan that was originally written by James Madison but offered by Edmund Randolph favored a national legislature separated into two houses, that is the senate and the House of Representatives. Ideally, electorates in every state would vote members of the House of Representatives. Even more, the American

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A 2-3 page, double-spaced statement of purpose that describes your Essay

A 2-3 page, double-spaced statement of heading that describes your backcloth, reasons for applying to this graduate program, and your educational and career goals - Essay Exampleonditions of the living standard depend upon various stinting measures taken by an individual and market as a whole, thus I opted for Economics in my Bachelor level education.My enthusiasm for learning more about Economics developed because of the intellectual family surround I was part of. My father was always open for discussions which encouraged me to be inquisitive about orbiculate happenings around the world. It was because of my father I felt my opinions in the field, had a value associated with the real world. I also had the opportunity to meet two well known politicians which promoted my interest in the field of Economics and heighten my understanding about how politicians or government can have an impact on the economic conditions of a country.My concern with global issues increased when I stud ied in US as well as in mainland China. At this time, economic growth of China is the most interesting global issue for me. I realize that although China is the fastest growing economy in the world, issues related to wages and labor working(a) standard have started to emerge. In the Masters program, I would like to further explore such questions Is Chinas undervalued currency good for its domestic economy? How should China maintain its economic growth in the long run? What are the economic policies, China should learn from the U.S. for its further development?I debate that while my Masters program will equip me with sufficient knowledge to answer these questions, my educational background in Econometrics will enhance my capabilities of learning with quantitative analysis skills such as regression pattern and time-series model. This skill has guided me through casual effects and hypotheses analysis. With this knowledge, I wish to gain a hands-on experience in policy analysis and m ake a difference in safeguarding developing countries economic development through research.My passion for the subject is not only related to the content of the subject that also my input

Foundational Philosophies of Management-Terence Essay

Foundational Philosophies of Management-Terence - Essay ExampleIn the reference list the foundation philosopher that will be analyzed is Sharpe, C. This is because his 2011 work, Online Resources for Senior Citizens, provide techniques for ensuring effective use of communication technologies like the internet, by the senior citizens worldwide. The depth psychology will also look at the philosophy described by Zain et al. (2011) and Nejmej (2012).Sharpe explains that communication technology improves return delivery to the senior citizens, and enables them effectively and efficiently access information. For instance, a lot of government services ar currently provided with the internet. The senior citizens must therefore, understand how to use the internet and access the online resources properly. One of the essence(p) online resource for the senior citizens is the ElderWeb. This is a website which is very effective in research on older people, families and professionals, quest in formation concerning elderly care or long term care (Bandura, 2003). Tourism websites like Exploritas is useful to the senior citizens because, it arranges for learning and travel adventures of the senior citizens.Social security administration is also conducted online. The senior citizen behind therefore know their social security status through the internet, instead of visiting the actual offices. This ensures capacity in service delivery because minimal costs are involved, and also ensure effectiveness because many a(prenominal) people can be served at almost the same time. The government also illustrates the laws and regulations affecting the seniors through the internet. This ensures adequate publicity, because many people use the internet for getting information. Most of these legislations protect the interests of the elderly citizens for instance, banning of age discrimination in public service delivery. In this

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An investigation of the support newly qualified radiographers receive Essay

An investigation of the support newly qualified radiographers satisfy towards developing their CPD (continue professional development) in united kingdom - Essay ExampleWhile the desire and prospect to develop learning and reflection from the work out take a back seat (Brown 2009).SOR ( ball club of Radiographers) clearly show that unlike CPD resource support to other health cargon workers, radiographers argon not placed well. indeed post registration skill development has remained little, if any. But the role extension has been taken as harsh practice during the duration of service so radiographers too have moved up to clinical practice and higher academics and research (Henwood 2003). However, if the radiographers plan to remain in practice, then also CPD helps in achieving supervisory and/or specialist positions. Achieving higher positions is a biggest incentive for a radiographer to undertake CPD even if he has to arrange for it on his own. Due to work pressures however emp loyers are reluctant to release staff for CPD (Brown, 2009). The radiography is considered a passage with monotony and routine work, heavy workload with little credit and family consideration by the school students (Coombs et al, 2003). besides lack of clarity of a programme makes radiographer reluctant to go for it. The present article attempts to critically gauge the various CPD options available to radiographers for job satisfaction and career advancement.It has been clearly indicated by Department of Health (as cited in ODonoghue, 2006, p92) allied health services personnel must regularly update their knowledge through CPD. Its running(a) together-learning together document emphasised the need stating it necessary for improved patient care and better opportunities for professionals. The e-earning is prefer by higher education funding in UK since professionals send packing update knowledge without loss of time. The Society of Radiographers (SOR) has emphasised need for CPD, despite initial apprehension about its effectiveness. It has stated that radiographers must maintain and filtrate to improve their professional knowledge and competence... Every patient is entitled to be cared for by radiographers with relevant and up-to-date skills and expertise. Therefore all radiographers must undertake lifelong learning and will keep a eternalize of their ongoing development activities... The Society and college considers that CPD, lifelong learning, periodic appraisal and revalidation must be compulsory to date and maintain competence, as well as enabling radiographers to gain knowledge and competencies outside their scope of practice (SOR 2009, p1).The radiographers professional and other bodies thought of CPD when some efforts by NHS to appoint non-medical consultants did not succeed fully as there was lack of appropriately qualified and experienced consultants. Moreover, the clinical and educational pathways to prepare potential consultants are also ill defined (Hardy & Snaith, 2007). The study necessitates upgrading the basic training in radiography to make resultant CPD effective.Cherry and Duxbury (1998) have felt that in spite of training at higher educational institutions i.e universities, the radiographers are equipped only with basic competences. The half life of this knowledge is only 2-5 years so it can not provide the competency for life time. It is more so in these times considering the rapid engineering changes.

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Comprehensive Examination for Capella Learner Essay

Comprehensive Examination for Capella Learner - Essay subjectKaya (1994) made it clear that in most exploitation and little(prenominal) actual countries the public libraries are atomic number 53 of the last parts of the infrastructure to be put into place. As a consequence, many maturation and less(prenominal) developed countries have a signifi batht gap between the information wants and needs of their mostly shortsighted populations and the information and communications that could potentially be available to them through having more libraries with the latest ICT. The purpose of this melodic theme will be to evaluate how information technology and telecommunications can aid librarianship in developing and less developed countries and help significantly increase the literacy of any given countrys population through analyzing nonpareil technology installation as it relates to increased literacy.This paper discusses issues that are faced by librarians in developing and less d eveloped countries. An Information and Communications Technology program is suggested to die hard the librarianship in developing and less developed countries to provide the means for possible improvement of their probable contributions in those countries. This paper considers two key factors as the main ideas. Number one is job satisfaction, which is an extremely important aspect in the structuring of an organization, especially one where motivation is one of its key economic drivers. Number two is libraries that are bundled with the learning environment of parliamentary procedure in a developing country. Bearing in mind the germane(predicate) fact that in developing and less developed countries human resources is the number one service provider due to lack of proficient advances, the issue of job satisfaction for the librarians in those countries becomes crucial to the implementation of positive changes in the socio-cultural context that can help those developing and less deve loped countries emerge as productive, empowered and proactive communities in the part of economic and human development. . These significant issues will be discussed and analyzed in some detail. Then the treatment will be followed by the guidelines which should encapsulate the necessary information and communications regarding organizations and associations that can provide support for librarianship in developing and less developed countries aided with the help of the implementation of ICT initiatives that can really compound the educational experience necessary for those developing and less developed countries to achieve higher degrees of collective welfare. The focus should be placed on the primary factors for funding and finding the proper technologies to support the librarianship in developing and less developed countries in such a synergic way that the learning community can beat their present level of illiteracy/oral traditions, lack of knowledge and poverty through the ex tremely relevant value of education in all the realms of its implicit and explicit meanings. Without education, it is really impossible to achieve a minimum degree of civilization and development in any country, especially in poverty-stricken countries standardized the developing and less developed countries. Technology is a powerful means of empowering any

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Assess the Different Sources of the Law in England and Wales. To What Assignment

Assess the Different Sources of the Law in England and Wales. To What limit have External Sources Affected its Development - Assignment ExampleThis paper stresses the finishs of the courts and judges are ground on pertinent facts and relevant practice of law and they also take support of case law (decisions interpreted by prior judges in similar situations). Judges base their decisions on precedents, which can be defined as decisions taken by judges based on relevant laws. Precedents can be primarily original in which, the judge takes a new decision based on relevant law and they can be binding in which, the judgment is based on a decision that is already taken on a similar situation previously. If the judgment is taken by superordinate word courts such as House of Lords, Court of Appeal or High court, the lower courts have to run by the same law. Therefore, precedents are taken into consideration in common law for reaching at a decision similar to some previous one or a new on e. plebeian law deals with innovations and newness in law. But its progress is slow. However, it is quite relevant for solving criminal cases, civil law cases, employment cases and much more.From this paper it is clear that the courts take decisions based on precedents so the decisions taken by Supreme Court can be considered as the basis of common law used in England and Wales. English law is basically formed of common law or case law, which is quite old. ordinary law was formed as a law followed throughout England and Wales. Because the law depend on precedents, hence, the courts living in England and Wales are organized in a hierarchy and the cases are properly reported and saved.

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The Road Into the Open Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Road Into the centripetal - Essay ExampleShe is a young Judaic woman from a Jewish middle signifier background. In this era of First World War every religion and community is on the threshold of liberalizing themselves. This novel can be analyzed psychologically by highlighting three characters Georg,Brennan and Anna Rosner.Georg being a wealthy magnate has association with Jewish elites of the town .He sh atomic number 18s his leisure time with Jewish men who are in line with his passion and talent wise inclination. In the same span of time, Georg ends up having an action with a Jewish girl who is a singer and an attendee in his musical gatherings. Georg loved Anna and impregnates her with a child .At the same time, he is torn apart due to his identity of a wealthy baron and his lover who is a middle elucidate women. Georg is in a dilemma so as to dress which class he would favor, whether it is his rich Jewish intellects, himself who is a rich Christian or Anna, this mid dle class lover who is a singer.The political background of the novel is war looming Austria, its conflicts and disintegrated feeling that existing between Christians and Jews. These Jews had migrated from Israel and sick stein to Central European regions. Along the novel, one of the characters Bermann explains to young Georg that if one is willful then he/she can achieve the freedom they want no matter what the situation may be. Here the Jewish are attempting to maintain a distinctive culture of their own in the midst of Central European Country which is Austria. Brennan is pointing out to Georg that every individual can have his own solutions for the problem but the echt victory is achieved when one conquers their anger, despair and disgust.Brennen hear speaks for the part of Jewish community who is on to a clastic stage due to the supremacy of Christians in the central Europe. He is of the opinion that Jews must unite and stretch forth harmoniously among Christians to bring f orth peace and serenity. During those times, Christians had a rivalry

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Marketing and Strategy Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Marketing and St esteemgy Theory - Essay practiceThe introduction section examines the fact that the wander of failure for the introduction of bleak point of intersections in retail securities industry industry travel within the 70 to 80 per cent range. It then develops a theoretical set explaining why this happens. The theoretical model then culminates in a set of hypotheses that are further investigated by the paper. The conclusion part of the paper summarises the main issues brought out by the paper and gives inferences where appropriate. It then con mansions that indeed the ordinate of failure for the introduction of new products in retail grocery industry falls is very high.The rate of failure for the introduction of new products in retail grocery industry is very high it falls within the 70 to 80 per cent range. Linton Matysiak and Wilkes is a product development and market research satisfying specializing in perishable regimens. The firm carried out a review of 1935 new products introductions by top food companies in the fall in States (Linton, Matysiak and Wilkes, 1997).This review was aimed at determining national introductions, regional breakdowns, line extension mortality, new item mortality and the overall product mortality. It also ventured into determining the ratio of line extensions to new items. The firm examined a number of issues such as the number of product line extensions, the number of innovative and new items and the locations where new products were introduced.On the other hand, the review found that the Top 20 grocery retailers in the United States enjoy a 76 per cent rate of success in the introduction of new products. However, the fag 20,000 food companies in the US found to have slightly less than 12 per cent rate of success for new products introduced (Linton, Matysiak and Wilkes, 1997).The review found a number of differences between the top 20 companies and the imbue 20,000 companies in new product introductions. A notable one is the lack of strategical marketing on the part of the derriere 20,000 new product introductions. The research also observed lack of research among the bottom 20,000 food companies in the US.On the other hand, the top twenty companies were observed to greatly embrace strategic marketing and research. Before any new product introductions, these companies had gathered all the vital information finished research. Strategic marketing elevated them even higher (Quinn, 1998). These two aspects are what are believed to be the conjuring behind the success of the top 20 companies.New product introductions were found to cost an average of $270 per product for each store (Linton, Matysiak and Wilkes, 1997). This is quite a sum of money considering that every year a supermarket whitethorn introduce about 5000 new products. It therefore becomes very difficult for the small players to compete effectively with the large and already established players in the retail grocery indust ry (Porter, 1980).Groceries spend about $956,800 for every store, to the highest degree of which eventually fail. Strategic marketing and market research can therefore go a ache way in increasing the success rate for new product introductions. This can greatly fulfil money for both retail stores and manufacturers, since any successful new product introduction pays off in the long run. The survey further observed that big corporations practice strategic marketing as an immanent part of their day-to-day business management.The firm made use of statistics from the US Commerce

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ECON100- Business Economics and the New Zealand Economy Assignment

ECON100- Business Economics and the New Zealand frugality - Assignment Example(b) Expenditure is a product of price and quantity. It possible for total expenditure on houses overall in Auckland to rise compared with expenditure on the earthquake reconstruction. This is because the penury (quantity) of houses sold will development considerably as supply also is boosted. The reconstruction will reduce this increase since some state will be forced to go back to Christchurch due to work or other issues. The railway line is based on principle of cracking of supply and demand. The increase in demand and supply of houses in Auckland is the degree of responsiveness in relation to changes in price.I am the only T-shirts seller (supply low), gross demand high and the potential customer identify am the only one with the T-shirt (demand high). match to the price elasticity of demand, the price is charged based on the change in quantity demand divided the percentage of change in the price demanded. Therefore, in this scenario the price will be relatively high due to high demand, low supply and profit margin requirements. The superior the price elasticity, the adjacent a trader should price their products to competitive products and likewise. From the c erstwhilept of price elasticity, having a pricing objective is non sufficient. There are other myriad factors considered prior to setting its prices, the customer may buy once and never come back. These factors comprise the demand, the offerings costs, and the customers target needs. In addition, other factors such as the external environment including competition, the economy, and regulations. Other perspectives of the marketing mix include the nature of the offering, its promotion and distribution. Price elasticity makes individual sensitivity to price alterations, interferes with the demand for the good. The decision to come up with the price is based on how consumer will respond to prices suggestions.i) In this consumption today and consumption in the future

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Critical Appraisal - Packaging Design and the consumer behaviour Lab Report

Critical Appraisal - advancement Design and the consumer behaviour - Lab opus ExampleThis essay is an appraisal of the product design process that explains and evaluates the different aspects of publicity product designs.Packaging design is a business function in an enterprise that substructureful be utilized to discover different strategic purposes for a company depending on the needs of the planetary house. Among the different attributes a designer can implement into a packaging design include shape, color, weight, technology compatibility, graphics and durability and functionality (Young, 2002). Packaging radical are created based on the needs of a segment of customers who demand for a particular distinction in a product can lead to increases sales for a company based on packaging design superiority. A company that used design innovation to increase the sales of its products is Neese Products. This firm specializes in food storage utilized different plastic designs that ca n be applied to more or less pre-opened original packaging using a zip slider top and adhesive strips to maintain radiance and prevent spillage (Smith, 2007).There are ways to further integrate packaging design can be used as a strategic tool to add value to a corporation. The packaging industry realized that best way to attract a global customer audience is to discover the customers preferences and integrate the international input into the packaging design. The global audience is interested in cherishing the dry lands environment. A green product is a product manufactured on an eco-friendly manner to protect the environment (Colorado, 2005). An example of a firm that utilized packaging design environmentally sustainable centralize is Johnson & Johnson. The company emphasized a moved to recycled content in its packaging design for products. The firms increased its post customer recycled from 15% to 80% while at the same time bring down the use of PVC used on consumer primary, secondary and tertiary packaging solutions (Rhoda, 2007).Packaging designs are influenced by the target market the company

Alternative Assessment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Alternative Assessment - designation ExampleResearch has demonstrated that both the curriculum and performance based assessments played key roles in the development of individual skills among learners with the latter use, known to create awareness among the students and teachers thereby offering an avenue for to a greater extent lessons. This also creates a system of consistent follow-ups as a track tool for the performance and donnish development (Shinn, 1989).Performance assessment is a system in which students demonstrate that they have acquired mastery of specialized skills and that they have competencies in a specified field by way of performing certain tasks (Espin, 2012). In view of this, students are gauged based on their achievements on a rather unconstrained response to a significantly rich stimulus resource material. This kind of assessment gained favor from a number of mettlesome profile individuals in the united state in the late 1980s with some advocating for a rep lenishment of the traditional multiple choice assessments (Espin, 2012).Despite the extensive campaigns to have the system adopted by institutions of learning, it dealt a blow as efforts to have it installed were marred as it failed to capture an imminent role in so far as achievements of tests in schools is concerned. This was attributed to the fact that it failed to meet the threshold of standard-based accountability.Curriculum- based assessments on the other mitt is a system of continuous monitoring of students daily development in an academician setting with direct evaluation of their academic skills. This can be used to measure the students progress and achievements in written expression, spelling, reading and arithmetic (Lee & Owens, 2004). While conducting this kind of assessment, the instructor administers certain timed samples and academic materials that are taken from the curriculum based measurement. When such probes are given to students, they are subject

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My Suggested Economic Policy For Mr. President Essay Example for Free

My Suggested Economic Policy For Mr. electric chair EssayFirst of all Mr. President , I provide equal to congratulate you on your victory as the new president of the united states of America and I wish you a successful and prosperous administration as the president. The success of all administration depends massively on the policies that the commander-in-chief and other government stakeholders put out and how effective the policies are enforced. The retiring(a) administration had much of their efforts on war, terrorism, and weapons of mass destruction while economic concerns were often relegated to the back burner. I am not saying that security measures are not important to the policies of nation but we cannot fail the market forces and turn them to our utmost advantages. Policies on international thrift are very essential to the prosperity of any nation and that is why I would like you to look into some celestial orbits, which I would suggest for your closing decision . A New Global Order There are new emerging market economies and mainland China and India are the main point of view. These two countries are becoming world-class competitors in diverse stove of sectors and this development exit require even more rapid improvement in the skills of U.S. workers and the flexibility of U. S. -based companies. It will be important if your administration continue and develop new reforms that will increase the countrys competitiveness and nimble negotiations on trade and other international issues. However, new competitors also offer attractive markets for U. S. exports and investment. They are precious suppliers of high-quality, low-cost goods. And if properly incorporated into the global economyand paired with effective domestic policies in the fall in Statesthey will lead to new gains in global growth, as well as improvements in U.S. productivity that will further magnify the benefits of globalization for the United States. Credit Check Going by standards and new-fangled analysis, the United States is the worlds largest deficit and debtor nation. This poses a threat and risk to both the U. S. economy and foreign policy. ). The continued buildup of debt owed to foreigners, moreover, will steadily erode national income over time. This status, I will like your government to look into and advising your administration to work towards restoring a sustainable current account and international monetary position. Energy DrainEnergy is another area in the Unites States that is very vulnerable when looking at it from both economic and foreign policy points of view. This is due to the ineffective policy from the past administration. Over the new-fangled years, the leaders of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) are allowed to manipulate world energy prices, holding them 50 to 75 percent above market levels in recent years. This has resulted to the rise of the cost of energy as a share of U. S. GDP by triple fold since 1997. The inflation of energy costs has caused a depression to the U.S. GDP and I believe that an effective policy in this area is very important. This area need lots of attention because if this administration do not look into it, the United states government will probably be forced to continue launching periodic military interventions to satisfy its tremendous lust for energy. Therefore, Mr. President, as your adviser, I believe that effective policies in these areas will bring about economic boos in your administration.REFERENCEDolan, Edwin G. , and Lindsey, David E. (1991). Economics. Chicago Dryden Press.

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Grapes of Wrath and Migration Experience Essay Example for Free

Grapes of resentment and Migration obt personal EssayThe ro art objectce, The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, takes you on a chronicle of unmatchable familys migration, from okey to calcium as a result of exodus. The family is forced to migrate west in search of a defylihood during the great depression of the 1930s. The structure of the chapters in this book alternate between narrating the trip of the Joad family with descriptions of the west move ment of migrator createers in the 1930s as they flee drought and in pass aroundry. Steinbeck, a native of calcium, draws from premier lapse experiences to guide the reader non only along the journey of one family in fractionicular, the Joads but, to also expose the desperate conditions of migrant farming-families mettled during the great depression in America. The Joad family was a part of a migration of wad c entirelyed okies which were farmers from the southwest that migrated westward in search of opportunity. The Oki es were farmers whose topsoil blew out stance due(p) to dust storms and were forced to migrate along Route 66 to California in search of cipher.The Okies were resented for migrating in capacious numbers to subject fields in the West where naturalise was already hard to find and the sudden multitude of workers caused hire to be lowered. The Joads reside in Oklahoma, referred to as the Dust Bowl of the U. S . because of its lack of rain. The Joads were sh atomic number 18croppers evicted from their homes because they failed to pay the cuss their loan payments to the Shawnee Land and Cattle Company. The entire area was being evicted by the globe owners, forcing sharecroppers to leave all that they develop ever know and cared for behind in search of a sustained life elsewhere.The smart decipherables up by introducing the main characters and painting a picture of a dried up atrophy Oklahoma farming region. Released from an Oklahoma state prison after serving four years of a m anslaughter conviction, Tom Joad makes his way back to his familys farm amid the desolation of the Dust Bowl. He meets Jim Casy, a former preacher and the man who baptized Tom as a child. Tom gives the old preacher a inebriation from his flask of liquor, and Casy tells Tom how he decided to stop preaching.He admits that he had a habit of victorious girls out in the grass after prayer meetings and tells Tom that he was conflicted for some clock time, not cunning how to reconcile his sexual appetite with his responsibility for these young womens souls. Eventually, however, he came to the decision that there aint no sin and there aint no virtue. Theres middling stuff people do. Its all part of the same thing. No longer convinced that gay pleasures run counter to a divine plan, Casy believes that the human spirit is the Holy Spirit.Jim accompanies Tom to his familys farm when they find it deserted, fronted by withered crops, they find Muley in that house. Muley is an old family friend that tarryed behinde while his family leaves for California to hunt to his rightful land. He explains haltingly that a large company has bought all the land in the area and evicted the tenant farmers in order to cut labor costs. The three men proceed forward travel to Toms Uncle Johns house, where they find the Joads preparing for a long trip to California in search of work.The entire family has gone to work picking cotton in hopes of earning enough money to buy a car and make the journey to California. Large California landowners have poster announcement for employment throughout western Oklahoma, and Ma and Pa Joad have decided to move their family their evicted from their farm by the bank that owned it, they feel as though they have no choice. Once Tom has been reunited with his family, in the following chapters, the narrator assumes the voice of generic tenant farmers, expressing what their possessions and memories of their homes mean to them.The farmers are forced to pawn most of their belongings, both to raise money for the trip and apparently because they cannot take them on the road. Steinbeck makes it apparent during this section of the novel that he believes that the economic system makes everyone a duperich and poor, privileged and disenfranchised. All are caught in something larger than themselves. This is used to give reference to the large picture of society and how situations dictate undesired behavior. In a sense it was a way of pickings some hatred off the people hired to kick people off their lands because these people as well lost their livelihood.When the time comes to leave, Muley Graves bids the family good-bye, but Grampa suddenly wants to stay. He claims that he aims to live off the land like Muley and continues to protest loudly until the Joads lace his coffee with sleeping medicine. Once the old man is asleep, the family wads him onto the truck and begins the long journey west. When the families leave the farms, the lan d if left vacant, and is worked by people with no society to the land. This is used to drive home a theme of man and his relationship to the land as a symbol of ownership.Such a separation between work and life causes men to lose oddment for their work and for the land. As the Joads make their way down highway 66, it is described as being backed-up and fill with broken down poor farmers getting ripped off by auto repair shops selling parts. Steinbeck suggests that the hardships the families face stem from more than harsh weather conditions or simple misfortune. Human beings, acting with calculated greed, are responsible for much of their sorrow. Such selfishness separates people from one another, disabling the kind of unity and brotherhood that Casy deems holy.It creates an awful animosity that pits man against man, as is clear in Chapter 12, when a gas station at hunt downant suggests that California is becoming overcrowded with migrants. Steinbeck uses Pa Joad to embody the de sire to be connected with the land, this is displayed by his allowingness to stay back from his family to tend and live off his native soils. Conversely Jim Casy represents the focus of the family and its the most important aspect is to stay together. Ma Joad also represents the glu holding the family together and the backbone of the family unit.The family reaches Oklahoma City, while here they suffer the spill of their dog, and Grandpa Joad, and are forced to give them informal funerals due to a lack of money. After scurvy such a major loss, the family picks up new passenger the Wilsons a family they met broke- down on the side of the road. A few days down the road the family gets told by a car salesman that implications of open jobs in California are false. This comes a large sense of worry among the family because there survival depends on the opportunities waiting in California.At this point of the novel the umpteen amilies traveling along the road have come together as one family creating a sense of comfort and belonging. The people have created rules and enforcement of impartiality this is a drastic change in identity and life. They are no longer farmers but migrant men. The family reaches California, marking a major shift in the journey. Once in California, the family is warned by Ma that the family is travel apart, as a result of the passing Grandma and the separation from the Wilsons. Coming after deuce sets of stately warnings from ruined migrant workers, Granmas death bodes especially ill for the Joads.They now seem fated to live out the cautionary tales of the men they have met in Chapters 16 and 18, who now seem like predictors of the future. earlier the Joads even set foot on its soil, California proves to be a land of vicious repulsion rather than of opportunity. The unwelcoming attitudes of the police officers and border guards seem to testify to the harsh reception that awaits the family. Once in California the family is forced to mo ve north by authority, which do not take a liking for the okies. The family reaches a camp where they stay for a little while. This camp was a squatter settlement of okies with no diet or work to speak of.This is an unsettling feeling for the Joads and a sense of anguish settles over the family. A man come into the came looking for people to work, but he does not have the proper papers and will not disclose the wages to the workers. This creates skepticism by for the okies and a scuffle breaks out. Which results in Jim Casy taking the institutionalize for Tom knocking out a police officer. The men take Jim Casy away(p) and the Joads flee in search of safety and work. The family finds work in a peach orchard where they get paid 5 cents a basket. That evening, Al goes looking for girls, and Tom, curious about the trouble on the roadside, goes to investigate.Guards turn him away at the orchard gate, but Tom sneaks under the gate and starts down the road. He comes upon a tent and dis covers that one of the men inside is Jim Casy. Jim tells Tom about his experience in prison and reports that he now whole caboodle to organize the migrant farmers. He explains that the owner of the peach orchards cut wages to two-and-a-half cents a box, so the men went on strike. Now the owner has hired a new group of men in hopes of jailbreak the strike. Casy predicts that by tomorrow, even the strike-breakers will be qualification only two-and-a-half cents per box.Tom and Casy see flashlight beams, and two policemen approach them, recognizing Casy as the workers leader and referring to him as a communist. As Casy protests that the men are only helping to starve children, one of them crushes his skull with a pick continue. Tom flies into a rage and wields the pick handle on Casys murderer, killing him before receiving a blow to his own head. He manages to run away and makes it back to his family. In the morning, when they discover his wounds and hear his story, Tom offers to l eave so as not to diddle any trouble to them.Ma, however, insists that he stay. They leave the peach farm and head off to find work picking cotton. Tom hides in a culvert close to the plantationhis crushed nose and bruised face would bring suspicion upon himand the family sneaks forage to him. Word gets out that Tom is a murder and is forced to leave his family. originally he leave he has a hear to heart with his mother, he speaks of Jim Casy and his way of spirituality for the greater good. As Tom leaves his family to fight for social justice, he completes the transformation that began several chapters earlier.Initially lacking the patience and energy to consider the future at all, he marches off to lead the struggle toward making that future a kinder and gentler one. The Joads are left to work on the farm but, then there is a six day flood that wipes away the families cars and settlement. This forces the family to set off on foot for higher ground. Al decides to stay with the Wainwrights and Agnes. Traveling on foot, the remaining Joads spot a barn and head toward it. There, they find a dying man and small boy. The boy tells them that his father has not eaten for six days, having given all open food to his son.The mans health has deteriorated to such an extent that he cannot digest solid food he needs soup or milk. Ma looks to Rose of Sharon, and the girl at once understands her mute thoughts. Rose of Sharon asks everyone to leave the barn and, once alone, she approaches the starving man. Despite his protests, she holds him close and suckles him. This is the closing of the book, which for me is an amazing ending. It was symbol of family and the fight for the greater good of the common people. Analysis In the Grapes of Wrath, we are taken along side a family of okies, who are forced to migrate west.Through this journey we can use the insights of the suffering the migrants went though to wear understand the immigrant experience. Throughout history outsi ders have driven people off their native land. They stemma victim to the physical and environmental forces that drive them off the land. Immigrants or in this case migrant workers are labeled as trash and are used as capital gain and cheap labor. This is due a lack of options and the people are forced to work for unfair pay and to be handle unjust. The Dust bowl was an ecological and human disaster in the Southwestern Great Plains regions of the United States in the 1930s.The areas affected were Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. The poor handling of the land and years of drought caused this great disaster (Jones History). During this time the Okiesa name given to the migrants that traveled from Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, or anywhere in the Southwest or the northern plains to Californiaencountered many hardships. These hardships are brilliantly shown in John Steinbecks The Grapes of Wrath. Scholars agree, The most important fact about the dust storms was not scientific but h uman their tragic effect upon people seeking livelihood on the in love Midwestern farms (French 4).Steinbeck believed society was inhumane to the Okies and through his novel we can account for how the Okies were treated. By looking at Steinbecks own personal background and information from historical commentaries we are better able to grasp his ratiocination for writing the novel because he understood what it was like to grow up as a farmer, and an outsider. more(prenominal) importantly, however, we are able to share in his compassion for the Okies. To fully understand Steinbecks reasoning for writing the novel it is important to look at his family and where he grew up.John Ernst Steinbeck was born on February 27, 1902, in Salinas California. His parents were middle-class people who played many roles in the community and cultural life. His father worked as a manager of a flourmill, and his mother taught in a one-room rural school (Swisher 13). Steinbecks compassion for the Okies is clearly seen in passages like, this The Okies are resourceful, and agile Americans who have gone through the hell of the drought, have seen their lands wither and die and the topsoil blow away and this, to a man who has owned his land, is a curious and terrible pain (French 56).The encounters Steinbeck had with the Okies inspired him to write The Grapes of Wrath (Swisher 20). The Okies were not only exposed to greed but also to the terrible feeling of an empty, deprived stomach. Steinbeck remarks, And in the South he a homeless, hungry man saw the golden oranges hanging on trees, the little golden oranges on the dark green trees and guards with shotguns patrolling the lines so a man might not pick an orange for a thin child, oranges to be dumped if the price was low (318).In conclusion Steinbeck wants his readers to feel the pain of the Okies. They were discriminated against because of a circumstance (The Dust bowl) they had no control over. Steinbeck can relate to this inhuman e treatment because he too had suffered dirty and hatred based solely on his physical characteristics. Nature handed the Okies and Steinbeck a bad hand and he wanted society to grasp the reality of human unkindness.Steinbeck writes, If you land owners could separate causes ( thirstiness in a stomach, hunger in a single soul, hunger for joy and security) from results (growing labor unity, striking at new taxes, outfit government), if you could know that Paine, Marx, Jefferson, Lenin, were results, not causes, you might survive. But that you can not know. For the quality of owning freezes you always into I, and cuts you off forever from the we (Steinbeck 206). So we can use Steinbecks life experiences and historical references to use the Joads journey west to better understand the immigrant experience.

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An Important Idea in on the Side Walk Bleeding Essay Example for Free

An Important Idea in on the Side Walk haemorrhage EssayAn Important Idea in on the Side Walk Bleeding and the Sniper An important judgment in On the Sidewalk Bleeding by Even Hunter was that of the importance of having your give individuation. Andy, the aboriginal character of this short story taught me a valuable lesson as to the significance of this. He also make me aw atomic number 18 of the fact that we occupy to think involvements through thoroughly rather than making impulsive decisions. Andy was a sixteen year old male child who Wore a purple tip the lettering on the masking of the Jacket read The Royals, a name which he was proud to own. only non until he was stabbed did he realize the reality of taking on the identity of what you be non. Underneath the rough, tough appearance of the Jacket Andy was a normal boy, who wanted to live a normal life and achieve many things But now he was dying. Andy had made the fatal mistake of wearing the Jacket of a gang. He had perspective that this would give him power and prestige, and did not world until too late that his identity needed to get it on from himself, that he had to work hard, and be himself rather than hardly follow a crowd in order to take a leak it.This taught me that we an take on someone elses identity the easy way, but it is not so easy to lose, regular when it is no longer wanted or needed. A valuable lesson I learnt from Andy was the importance of having your own identity and the necessity of thinking things through thoroughly before making decisions. When Andy became part of the gang he did not know that he was approximately to die, he did not know that it would rob him of his life and destroy his dreams, he did not know that a time would come when he would hate the title and its meaning, he did not know that he would die A Royal when he Just wanted to be Andy.From this I learned that Andy did not recognize the importance of having his own identity, until he understood t hat he would be Judged by the group he belonged to, rather than who he was himself. He was A Royal and proud of it. However, the time did come when he resented the title, he wanted to get rid of it but couldnt. This reminds us of our own actions that we have solely taken on the spur of the moment while blinded by the glitter and glory of what whitethorn lie ahead, without taking the time to stop and think that it may be deeply regretted. We are simply attracted by someone elses power and think we can share it with no effort of our own.It teaches us that we need to spend time in thought, instead of making impromptus decisions, in order to avert these disastrous outcomes. The boy lay on the sidewalk bleeding to the world he wasnt Andy he was simply a boy. a royal how could he escape the title and Jacket that branded him with a stupid word, that to him now seemed meaningless? If he had not been wearing the Jacket he would not have been stabbed, the knife had not been plunged in hatr ed of Andy. The knife had only hated the purple Jacket the Jacket was a stupid, meaningless thing that was robbing him of his fife and identity. It is clear that Andy understood too late however, it has taught me that if we give up our identity to take on that of some other group or body we may lose our own completely. It takes time and effort to find our own identity teenage years in particular are a time for building identity, however, they are often too busy and too occupied to take this time and effort and therefore sophisticate to a gang for the identity they also an important idea in The Sniper by L. Flattery. Unlike Andy in On the Sidewalk Bleeding the sniper has no name and is only referred to as The Sniper money who kills.This text taught me, that in war nobody has a face nobody has an identity of their own. This story is about two snipers barb at each other from opposite roof tops. A woman darted toward the side street. The sniper fired and she flatten with a shriek in to the gutter. A mans head and shoulders appeared, looking toward the sniper. The sniper raised his rifle and fired again, the head ferine heavily on the turret wall. The short story ends ironically when the sniper realizes that he has killed his own brother The sniper dour over the dead body and looked into his rooters face. Only then when he saw his brothers face did he realism that his opponents were all individuals with identities of their own. A valuable lesson this taught me was that in war nobody has a face, everyone is Just shooting at the identity of the enemy, at the uniform of the opponent. The fact that none of the characters are named proves this yet again. A young republican, they are only identified by the side they are supporting. Because of this inability to see people as individuals they never realism that they may be killing friends and family. T also taught me that we deed to be prepared for the consequences of what may happen when we take sides of war and tha t we alone must be responsible for our actions. Both the short texts On the side Walk bleeding and The Sniper look at this idea of identity. However, while Andy finally recognizes the danger of not having his own identity and dies rejecting the gangs overriding one, we are left to assume the snipers ultimate understanding of the danger of losing your identity, that he will realism that he is in conflict with humans and will begin to wonder about the identities of all he has killed.

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Christian attitudes to Infertility Essay Example for Free

Christian attitudes to Infertility striveInfertility is the inability for a couple to conceive a tike by the natural processes or after a year of trying.This can happen for a flesh of reasons. One of the reasons could be stress. As we live in a society with high expectations for people to be successful it puts people below enormous amounts of stress which could ca spend them to become unimpregnated. other problem a couple could face is that all the man or muliebrity could have been born infertile or one of them has an STD (sexually transmitted disease) . Another could be dieting , as rough women and men diet excessively to reach size zip fas goer it causes the womans periods to stop which will in turn cause hormone imbalances which whitethorn make a woman infertile. Women could become infertile for a number of other reasons such as smoking, alcohol, era or being overweight or underweight . Men can also become infertile for a number of reasons such as alcohol, drugs, a ge and radiation and chemotherapy treatments for cancer.This makes life hard for married couples because the wish for a fry is too strong. Although somewhat couples can accept god chose for them not to have a child , some others will go to any lengths for a child.There atomic number 18 a number of different treatments for infertile couples. The more or less common is In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF).In Vitro means in glass in Latin which is the way the egg is fertilised. It is a technique were an egg is taken from the womans womb and placed on a dish and sperm is taken from the man and used to fertilise the egg on the glass . formerly the egg has been fertilised and has began to flex as a fetus it is implanted back into the womans womb where it grows for 9 months.The countenance is Surrogacy. Surrogacy is where another woman carries the baby for another couple who are unable to do so. An egg is taken from the infertile woman and a sperm from the partner and is fertilised then in serted into the surrogates womb where it grows and when the child is born it is addicted back to the couple.Another treatment is Artificial Insemination By Donor (AID) . This is a treatment where the sperm of a donor , who is unremarkably unknown to the couple , is medically inserted into the neck of the womans womb where it fertilises the egg and grows into a child .The final treatment is egg donation . This is similar to AID ,only an egg from a donor who is usually unknown to the couple , is fertilised in a lab then medically inserted into the infertile womans womb to grow into the child .Georgia AllenAO2Christian attitudes to sterility.Catholics have very strong views about infertility treatments which require explore which are done on embryos which Catholics see and class as a human life. Catholics are exclusively against IVF as it leads to spare embryos being created and then are being used for experiments both scientific and medical. The embryos may even be thrown away , Catholics are against this because it is a life of a child and it has rights . Catholics are also against infertility treatments because children are supposed to be created through and act of love and infertility treatments interpose with what Gods plans for that couple and no body has the right to play God.Other Christians have opposite views about infertility treatments than catholics. They think infertility treatments are a good thing as it brings new life to the reality and makes a couple happy. Some Christians might object to treatments where a donor is involved as some people class this as criminal conversation because it involves somebody else in the marriage and that is wrong because it is in the ten commandments. They do agree with AIH as it involves no third party and is just between a conserve and wife. Some Christians are against fertility treatments for unmarried couples or woman past the child bearing age and even homosexuals. As they think that it is not the way G od planned it to be .Muslims agree to most treatments as long as they involve no third party and all natural methods of whim have failed . Muslims are completely against surrogacy and adoption . Muslims believe treatments such as AIH and IVF are ok because they use the sperm of the husband and no other person is involved. Islam is against AIH because it has been donated by another man and is seen as adultery .

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High Cholesterol Essay Example for Free

risque cholesterin Essay eitherbody worries about their health good? Nowadays bulk really dont care too much and only do the bare minimum to get through their life. Most people just eat what they want, and make a bunch of decisions that will only destroy your body slowly. There are many diseases out in that respect and you piece of ass never be too safe, because your health is what detentions you going with your life. Many diseases out there people dont even know about. Well this disease I am about to question bottom of the inning affect your health like you wouldnt believe. This disease mint be very unreliable for the human body if not properly taken care of. This disease is called High Cholesterol. starting time off, what is Cholesterol? Well Cholesterol is a sticky, waxy, fat substance found naturally throughout your body.1 Cholesterol is a very important substance to maintain. Doing so will prevent a make do of diseases that can cause even more damage to your b ody. Thats why watching what you eat can play a huge factor in your life when it comes to health. Now I will exempt to you why it is important to manage your cholesterol. Why is Important to manage your cholesterol? If the cholesterol reaches an excessive amount, it can stick to the hearts artery walls. So much so that it can block and narrow them, this is cognize as plaque buildup.Over a period of time if the plaque builds up at a high rate, it can lead to a much more dangerous thing called atherosclerosis which is unflinching to be a hardening of the arteries. People dont realize how serious it is to watch your cholesterol. Having High Cholesterol, it can cause a serious risk for heart disease. High cholesterol is in your body, and the more it increase 9which comes with age) the more it can cause a serious disease. The thing about High Cholesterol is when you drop it you will not even know it. If you continue to consume a lot of fatty foods, or being overweight from eating to o much food altogether, or even if you lose a family history of such disease, you must make sure you watch your cholesterol level at all times.Did you know that if you have a bit too much cholesterol in your blood, it can cause cardiovascular disease? Well Cardiovascular disease is the No. 1 cause of dying in the United States. 2,200 Americans die of cardiovascular disease each day, an average of one shoemakers last every 39 seconds.2 After reading that statement, doesnt it make you wonder how you can treat it? Because I am sure that scares you just like it scares me.There are many things that can cause your cholesterol level to skyrocket, so the best thing to do is learn how to prevent this from even happening. It is important to have a daily diet, watching what you eat can prevent your cholesterol level to rise. Eating rosy food such as vegetable, meats, etcalways make sure you stay away from fatty foods. When having a good diet, it helps you maintain your weight, which being overweight can also cause high cholesterol.Being physically fit is also another good way to maintain high cholesterol. Not only do you want to watch what you eat, you also need to make sure you exercise. Exercising is by far the healthiest to do for your body. There are many different exercises that are good for your health. Some of these exercises are running, stretching, walking, jump rope, anything to keep your blood flowing in your body so that your cholesterol level stays normal. Another study product which can affect your cholesterol is tobacco.Tobacco which not only causes high cholesterol problems, it causes death by other diseases. Staying away from tobacco is very important. Even inhaling second hand smoke is dreary for you. Quitting cigarettes should be a must, especially if youre trying to maintain good health, and lower your cholesterol level. Every 7 seconds, someone is dying from the use of tobacco products.Treating high cholesterol is basically maintaining good hea lth. invariably make sure you see your doctor at least once a month, if not in two ways a year. Have him check for any problems when it comes to high cholesterol. Its really something knowing that everything we do in life can affect us as a person, especially our bodies which keeps us alive and vivification our lives. So always make sure you maintain good health, and watch your cholesterol level so we can stay alive and live life because life is to short.Works Cited1. What Is High Cholesterol? EverydayHealth.com. N.p., n.d. Web. 03 Oct. 2012. http//www.everydayhealth.com/heart-disease/cholesterol/understanding/ind

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Sample Reflection Assignments Essay Example for Free

Sample Reflection Assignments set just ab forthWritten assignments ar of two types Reflections and Project Reports.Reflections An essential subdivision for student learn in service-learning telephone circuits is write and oral reprovals on the field study companionship, as well as on early(a) elements of the course. To cook an produce isnt enough to ensure learning you need to intention exclusivelyy and thoughtfully reflect upon the come across and what you learned from it to ensure that learning occurs. As T.S. Eliot once wrote (The Four Quartets, New York Harcourt Brace, 1943, p. 24), you can have the experience besides miss the meaning.Towards this end there are eight-spot written reflection factors required in this course. These reflections are intended to help you focus in on what you are learning (or not learning), identify issues or concerns on your mind, explore an idea more deeply, or in other ways enhance your learning about the course topics, yourself , and others.According to the North Carolina State Service-Learning Program (Reflection and Articulating Learning, Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning. NC State, 2004) the beaver reflection celebrates a simple three step model (1) describe the experience(s) objectively, (2) analyze the experience(s) in scathe of the categories of service-learning objectives (personal, civic, academic), and (3) articulate (express) the learning that results. We will go over these steps as part of our first reflection exercise.These reflections should be approximately two pages long (500 words). They will be graded. The best six out of eight grades will be used towards your last-place grade. Evaluation of reflections will use a set of criteria ( color) to be distributed and discussed in class.Project reports There will be a series of written assignments related to your service-learning project. In preparation for the write-up of the final project report for the community partner (along with o ther possible final products uniform videos, curricula, maps, and so on), students will prepare a written work plan and two progress reports (schedule to be provided). all in all of these written assignments will be graded and become part of the final grade. Details on all of these written assignments will be provided and discussed in class. transmission line Cultural Health Care (NURS 105)INSTRUCTOR Rycki Maltby PhD, RN, FRCNA lowest Paper (25%)The purpose of this written report is to synthesize your learning over the semester. The paper should be 8-10 typed (word processed) pages, 12 cpi, and follow the attached guidelines for written assignments.Using the service-learning project, the cultural self-study, and the in-class reflections, discuss what you have learned. What surprised you? Has your thinking/perspective about particular issues changed? Did you become aware of the subjective nature of value judgments? Why or why not? Can you find any support in the literature for y our position? Provide evidence of at least four articles. What is the next step for you in learning about cultural health parcel out? Be sure to provide examples from your practice and tie in literature.Guidelines for Written AssignmentsA Level1. cornerstone is comprehensive, gives reader good direction, sets the scene, and is followed throughout paper.2. Summary/conclusion is thoughtful and relevant.3. Fundamental issues addressed in depth with original arguments and critical judgements, demonstrating insight and creativity.4. true and classic primary literature sources are utilized.5. piece of music carriage shows evidence of individuality, unity and fluency.6. Overall presentation of the paper isprofessional with no errors in syntax, spelling, etc. (i.e. Proper English address usage), and follows APA format.B Level1. Introduction gives reader direction and is addressed throughout the paper.2. Summary/conclusion is clear and concise.3. Fundamental issues addressed with evide nce of some original arguments and critical judgments.4. Current literature sources utilized (primary and secondary)5. Writing style is fluent with evidence of individuality and clarity.6. Overall presentation of paper is neat and well organized with few minor errors in syntax, spelling, etc. (i.e. Proper English language usage), and follows APA format.C Level1. Introduction gives reader direction.2. Summary/conclusion is clear and concise. Fundamental issues described but limited originality of arguments and few critical judgments.3. Limited literature sources are utilized (current and/or classic).4. Writing style is fluent and some evidence of individuality and clarity.5. Overall presentation of paper is neat and minor errors in syntax, spelling, etc. (i.e. proper English language usage), and follows APA format. COURSE Adv. Development Sem. Communities and Human Development (PSY 366) FACULTY Lynne alinementFinal Writing Assignment At the end of the semester, you will be assigned a final writing assignment. The purpose of that assignment will be to help you integrate the reading, writing, discussion, and data gathering, analysis and interlingual rendition we have done during the semester. The exact format of that assignment will be shaped, in part, by the increment of our community-based project. As we progress throughout the semester, we will work together to develop more explicit guidelines for this project.COURSE Community Psychology (PSY 295)FACULTY Lynne BondAnalytical/Critical Reflection (2 pages) These brief papers are to focus specifically upon the weeks reading assignment and its relation to our community field work, other readings, and personal experience and observations of your own. Your goal is not to summarize the readings. Rather, you should analyze and reflect critically upon a join significant issues raised in the readings. To reiterate, ideally you will critically reflect upon these readings by linking them with other actual we have cov ered in our course (readings/discussion), community field work you have done, and other aspects of your experience and knowledge (e.g. personal history, issues observed in media, other coursesetc.). We will discuss and practice reflection activities in class at the beginning of the semester to help you feel more comfortable and prepared to complete these reflection papers.Intro to the nonprofit organization Field (Carrie Williams Howe)Final Reflection AssignmentWHAT? What have you learned through this course? What stands out to you, feels new to you, excites you, or challenges you?SO WHAT? Why does this learning matter? Why does it stand out to you? Why is it important to you personally or in the bigger picture?NOW WHAT? What do you do from here? How will you take this learning with you? Does this learning change your perspective, your career goals, or your interests?Your reflection should be 3-5 pages long and should dig deeply into this experience to reflect on your learning. It should connect to academic concepts and critically attempt your own development through this learning. You will be graded based on the reflection rubric provided in your syllabus.During Service ReflectionCritical Analysis Papers (9) You will be asked to write a brief critical analysis paper for each topic we cover in this course. These papers should thoughtfully connect your experience at your nonprofit to what you are learning from readings and course notes. These reflections should be about 2 pages and will be graded based your ability to integrate the following Information about your Nonprofit the actual information about your nonprofit in relation to the topic we are studying (list of bill of fare members, for example), and an examination your own experience in learning about or being involved with this element of the agency. Your synthesis, interpretation, and analysis of the above factors with course information (for example does it align with the reading? Does it seem ef fective? efficiency you suggest changes or improvements?).

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My Immigration Research Paper Essay Example for Free

My Immigration test Paper EssayIn this paper I testament use the ethical theories of utilitarianism and deontology, as well(p) as the vista of ethical egocentrism, as they pertain to the loose of immigration. Living in a republic fenceing Mexico radical Mexico, this is indeed becoming a pressing issue as tens of thousands of unratified immigrants flood my state and beside states. This issue brings up many questions such as 1 What is our moral pact to these immigrants? 2- What is our moral obligation to U. S. citizens that argon affected by this influx? 3- Is it morally right for smugglers to profit from the pain of those pursuance safety, security, and a better life? 4- Is it morally/ethically right for p atomic number 18nts to subject their children to the long, l cardinally, risk of exposureous move around to the unify States.By applying the theories and perspective noted above, I will show that if this issue is not handled immediately, the consequences will be unwholesome to both U.S. citizens and the immigrants as well. The desire of the immigrants to obtain a better life does not preclude them from chase current laws and processes. While they act from a position of self -interest, their actions blow many others in the process. From October 2012 through with(predicate) September 2013, the Border Patrol has apprehended about 24,000 unaccompanied children at the border. Between October 2013 and the end of June 2014, the scrap rose to 57,000. It is estimated this number could reach 90,000 by the end of September 2014. Most ar coming from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.in one case the immigrants arrive in the unify States, what is our moral obligation to them? Under current law, these children be hardened under the custody of the Department of Health and Human Services which works to place them with family members in the U.S. plot of ground awaiting a court date. The influx has cr tuckered the largest backlog in immigratio n courts. In the first half of the family there were 366,724 pending cases. As of March the average wait time fora case was 578 days, harmonise to the Justice Department records. Experience has shown many immigrants never show up to these hearings. Deontology claims an act is to be evaluated in terms of its accordance with a set of rules. Consequently, it is clear that these immigrants score broken the immigration laws of the U.S. both in the way they memorialiseed the land and in their refusal to attend court hearings.Their flight to this country clearly is done for the someones self- interest. They hope to flee the dangers and poverty of their home countries to seek a better life in the coupled States. However, does the actions of the immigrant outweigh the effect of this influx on the population of the United States? Once here, national, state, local and clement organizations are being used to kinsperson, feed, provide medical care, and other sufficeance to these immigr ants. Meanwhile, United States veterans, homeless, mentally ill, and the aged(a) go without needed services. Should our own citizens not be our main focus? In my state of New Mexico, one of the poorest in the nation, we are currently housing and processing hundreds, if not thousands of these immigrants. My town of Las Cruces has opened its performes to house and care for the immigrants, even though many of the children here do not have got enough to eat or a proper living environment themselves.Once the immigrants arrive at our local shelter, they are given a cot, clean habilitate, a shower, hot meals and health checks. After eating, they file into rooms to discover hygiene supplies, diapers, clothes, and suitcases. Children can choose one toy from a large box of donated stuffed animals. Down the hall, volunteers assist the immigrants to call their families across the country and book train, bus, and plane tickets, depending on how much the families can spare. With the system t he church shelter has developed, most immigrants will be on their way to relatives within 2 days. President Obama is seeking billions of dollars to increase the number of facilities for these immigrants, to tighten border security, and expand the number of U.S. immigration judges.Should huge amounts of U.S. money be expended to deal with illegal activity or more properly used to alleviate problems of legal U.S. citizens? governor Rick Perry of Texas has ordered the depicted object Guard to help protect the border because of Congresss inability to act on this issue. Again, this is taking resources that might be needed elsewhere. While most Americans understand and sympathize with the reasons for this influx,the cost to the American public is substantial. One of the less publicized sides of this immigration issue is the smugglers profiting from the distress/fear of others. The smugglers are referred to as coyote smugglers. One smuggler described shipments of thousands of dollars i n forgiving cargo from slums of Honduras and highlands of Guatemala to cities across the United States.It is business sometimes business is very intelligent. The vast majority of immigrants who enter the U.S. illegally do so with the help of a network of smugglers. It is a high risk, high accept business estimated to generate $6.6 billion a year. The immigrants wages $4,000 to $10,000 each for this illegal journey. The smugglers in turn pay off government officials, cliques operating on trains, and drug cartels. The experts estimate a profit of $3,500- $4,000 per person if the journey goes as planned. The smugglers are profiting from the rising violence in gang-ridden cities of primal America. Many of the immigrants travel to the U.S. because they believe they will be allowed to stay. The U.S. generally releases children to parents, relatives, or family friends. Their cases take years to go through the immigration courts. This gives rise to rumors of a bare-ass law or amnesty for children.The coyote smugglers spread those rumors to drum up business. In a July 23, 2014 issue of the Las Cruces Sun- intelligence activity it was reported that the Homeland Security Department arrested 192 people along the Mexico border in southeastward Texas on immigration smuggling charges and seized more than $625,000. A crackdown called Operation Coyote took place over the uttermost(a) month, part of the 90 day lawsuit to target smuggling groups. The White House stated that smugglers are exploiting U.S. policies and the crackdown was a message to the smugglers that our borders are not open to illegal immigration. Analyzing this issue from the perspective of ethical egoism, the immigrants and the smugglers are both looking out for themselves, one to seek freedom and a better life, the other to gain as much money as possible.From a deontology perspective, clearly both the immigrants and smugglers are not interest the law. The immigrants are entering the U.S. illegally while the smugglers are giving payoffs to drug cartels, gangs, and government leaders. Finally from a utilitarian standpoint the course of action of both the illegal immigrants and the smugglers certainly does not maximize the sterling(prenominal) good for the greatest amount of people. The illegal immigrants may benefit in the short run, only whenif at last returned to their countries may indeed be subject to even great hardship. The corruption supported/used by the smugglers does nothing to create a better life for the majority of people. And once again the financial and emotional effect on the U.S. is wide spread. Another question/ concern raised by this influx of broadly speaking unaccompanied children is related to their safety, both in their home countries and related to their long journey to the United States.Homicide, extortion, rape, and gang recruitment have risen to epidemic levels in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Immigrants rights advocates in the U.S. say they are perceive more children from Central America who are not only fleeing gang recruitment and random violence, but who have been targeted themselves. This violence is seen as the key reason for driving immigrants north. But lets look at the very imminent danger of death these immigrants face by not only placing themselves in the hands of smugglers whose only concern is money and the desert journey they face. The smugglers receive money from the immigrants and their families both in their home country and in the U.S. This in turn places more of a financial burden on these families, while a successful outcome is not assured.Along the journey, these immigrants are still subjected to the threats of gangs, drug cartels, and corrupt government officials. They are subjected to the extreme heat of the desert with little food or water and often just the clothes on their backs. Recent news reports put a face to this crisis when Texas authorities identified a decomposed dust found recen tly near the border with Mexico as that of an 11 year old Guatemalan boy, Gilberto Francisco Ramos Juarez. He was identified by calling a phone number etched into his belt buckle and by family members describing the clothes he was wearing when he left home. A recent interview of a rancher in Brownsville Texas reported him also finding a body on his ranch. He reports having to keep a constant quantity vigil all day and night as illegal immigrants enter his land, approach his house and car, and seek aid.Hector Espinal, the Honduras spokesman for UNICEF, stated The message is that governments should do what they need to do to stop the violent conditions that are devising these children leave. How to stop violence in Honduras is a subject of much debate. Two major gangs- The Mara Salvatrucha and Barrio 18, have grown into transnational criminal organizations. Drug cartels use Honduras as a point to move cocaine into the United States.First Lady Garcia of Honduras says her country needs its own U.S. funded anticrime chopine similar to Plan Colombia or Mexicos Merida Initiative to fight the gangs and cartels. Vice President Joe Biden recently visited Guatemala. To coincide with that trip, President Obama has pledged $93 million in new programs to clip violence in Central America.This includes $40 million to reduce gang membership in Guatemala, $25 million to build 77 youth outreach centers in El Salvador and $18.5 million to build 77 outreach centers in Honduras. The White House is currently requesting approximately $3.7 billion in emergency funding with $300 million for international programs to aid Central America. However, the House Republicans recently passed edict to address the crisis. The new $694 million version would send migrant youths back home without hearings, and contained a gent bill that could lead to deporting more than a half a million immigrants to whom the Obama administration granted acting(prenominal) work permits. This companion bill coul d prevent more than 700,000 people whove already gotten work permits, from renewing them.Lawmakers objected to move any more money to President Obama without a strong stance against the two-year-old deportation relief program that they blame for causing the current border crisis by creating the perception that once here, young migrants would be allowed to stay. The new GOP border bill adds $35 million more for the National Guard, reimbursing states for guard deployment. It would increase spending for overwhelmed border agencies, add more immigration judges and detention centers, and alter a 2008 anti-trafficking law. We can apply the theories of utilitarianism and deontology and the perspective of ethical egoism to the above question much in the same way as we did before. Once again the immigrants, but also the smugglers, are acting in their own self-interest. One wants freedom, the other seeks money.both the illegal immigrants and the smugglers are breaking the law, both in their home countries as well as the United States. By focusing on their own interests, the illegal immigrants forget the bigger picture. Would it not benefit the greater number of people to focus on the root problems in Central America? No one doubts the dangerous conditions in these countries. However, other dangerous conditions face the immigrants on the journey to the United States. Is one danger greater than the other? If these immigrants indeed make it to the United States, most will be returned to their home countriesto be placed in the same conditions, disillusioned from the loss of their hopes and dreams. Only by a concerted military campaign to improve conditions in their home countries, can the greatest benefit result for the greatest number of people. The issue of immigration is perhaps one of the hottest issues facing our country today. As tens of thousands of illegal immigrants make their way into the United States, many moral and ethical issues arise.Do the individual right s of the immigrant to seek a better life, outweigh the electronegative effect their actions place on their own families as well as the citizens of the United States? Do the immigrants have a right to break laws, both in their home countries, as well as the United States, in order to obtain their dream? Is it the ethical/moral responsibility of the United States to care for the illegal immigrants once they arrive? And lastly, is it morally /ethically correct to send children from one dangerous situation into another(prenominal) one, rather than trying to fix the core issues precipitating their illegal journey to the United States? By applying the theories of utilitarianism and deontology, as well as the perspective of ethical egoism, I have attempted to answer these questions.Utilitarianism stresses the greatest good for the greatest amount of people. In the case of illegal immigration that would seem to be that more effort should be aimed at correcting the core issues in Central Ame rica. Deontology stresses evaluating an issue in terms of its accordance with a specified set of rules. Obviously, in the case of illegal immigration, the laws are not being followed. And lastly, ethical egoism argues that acts should be done out of a persons own self interest. Clearly, this is what drives the immigrants. But the impact in the long run, both to the immigrants, their families, and the citizens of the United States, may be too big a value to pay.References1 Exporting Mayhem across the Border. 2014. Bloomberg Businessweek, 4379, 10. Permalinkhttp//search.ebscohost.com.prox-library.ashford.edu/login.aspx? commit=truedb=bshAN=96077008site=eds-live 2 Grillo, Ioan 2014. Honduran Children Deported From U.S. Back to Worlds Most Violent City. Time.Com, p1-1. 1p.Permalinkhttp//search.ebscohost.com.proxy-library.ashford.edu/login.aspx?direct=truedb=bshAN=97074587site=eds.-live. 3 LaFranchi, H. 2014July. Border crisis Kerry asks Central America to help combat insincere informa tion. Christian Science Monitor. P.1. Permalink http// search.ebscohost.com.proxy-library.ashford.edu/login.aspx?direct=truedb=crhAN=96897036site=eds-live 4 Preston, Julia. The New York Times. U.S. looks to tide illegal border crossings-Biden goes to Central America to discourage illegal immigration- deportations of central americans will be accelerated. Accelerated by the Lexington- Herald Ky. June 2014. Permalink http// search.ebscohost.com.proxy-library.ashford.edu/login.aspx?direct=truedb=edsnbkAn=14E97D7C018E48F0site=eds-live 5 Schearer, M. 2014. Obama in Political Bind over Unaccompanied Immigrant Minors. Time. Com, 1.Permalink http// search.ebscohost.com.proxy-library.ashford.edu/login.aspx?direct=truedb=bshAN=97059415site=eds-live6 Micheal,Shear, W.2014 July 10. Obama seeks $4 b for border crisis- United States- Immigration- 150,000 children projected to flee Central America. The Sydney Morning Herald Australia. P 17. Permalink http// search.ebscohost.com.proxy-library.ashfo rd.edu/login.aspx?direct=truedb=edsnbAN=14EF984EBA4C6788site=eds-live 7 E. Edurado Castillo and Christopher Sherman of the Associated Press. Migration spotlights Mexican coyote smugglers retrieved from The Las Cruces Sun News 2014 July 22. 8 Christopher Sherman and Will Weissert of the Associated Press. Gov. Rick Perry will send National Guard to border. Retrieved from The Las Cruces Sun News 2014 July 22. 9 Kuhnman, Jim The Associated Press. How a flood of kids upended immigration debate. Retrieved from The Las Cruces Sun News 2014 July 21. 10 Anderson, Lindsey The Las Cruces Sun News. Cots, Clothes and Compassion 2014 July21. 11 The Associated Press. Govt arrests 192 for smuggling. Retrieved from The Las Cruces Sun News 2014 July 23. 12 Werner, erica The Associated Press. Hose Oks border crisis bill. Retrieved from The Las Cruces Sun-News 2014 August 2.

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Crim 101 Notes Essay Example for Free

Crim 101 Notes EssayWhat is criminology? A social science studying abomination and related phenomenon such as law making, execrable behavior, victimization and punishment Discipline of criminology is a new-made development Most ideas and concepts we now have about crime and criminals emerged over last 2 or 3 centuries Modern criminology is multi-disciplinary (inter-disciplinary) Influenced by sociology, psychology, and biologyThe fascination with crime Crime is popular topic for newspapers, TV shows , books and movies There is little relationship between crime news and actual amount of crimes Media focus originally on violent crimes, even though such crimes forms yet smart part of all criminal activity Appears as though police solve more crimes and arrest more cirminals than they do in reality The appeal of crime stories and crime newsCrime related stories are often hammy and lurid Deal with moral questions of good vs evil Criminals appear in stories as insane or dangerous psy chopaths Stories happen in short time span- between newscasts or newspaper editions Easy for the world to understand Felsons 10 fallacies about crime Book 1. the dramatic Fallacy o oblige ratings high, media seek strange/violent incidents to report/create dramas around murder makes up less than 1% of all crime, yet from watching TV or reading the papers, it seems like a commonplace events seems that al almost murders are well-planned, grisly affairs, or they happen solely by random chance in fact, most murders start as arguments that escalate into violence most crimes are relatively minor property crimesActus Reus a real event, in which somebody has committed or failed to commit an act b. Men Rea criminal function you must have the intent to commit the act c. No legal defense or defense d. Must be contrary to a provision of criminal law Crime as normative violation pictures Mala in Se Mala in se something bad or evil in itself Laws that criminalise acts most societies and cultures agree are inherently wrong, e. g. , murder and incest Mala ProhibitaMala prohibita something that is deemed to be wrong or criminal only because it is prohibited Acts where there might be considerable disagreement from society to society re their integrity Concensus vs. conflicy * consensus * conflict * rescript as a functional organism * Society and social transformation root in social conflict * Norms/expectations based on shared values/interests * Society not perfect or natural. But forced upon us * Those who are different (e. g. ,criminals) are deemed to be abnormal * Society/laws based on values and interests of those with the power