Sunday, May 12, 2019

Labor Law DIscussion board 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Labor Law DIscussion board 3 - Essay ExampleIn Amandas case this justice presents itself as the most signifi burn downt resource Amanda has. Amanda has a sick family member and she cant run the risk of losing her job. With a lot at stake she should seek legal advice on how well to interpret the Family Medical Leave Act. According to the law Amanda is entitled to a 12 calendar week leave to take c ar of her mum. During this period Amanda does not face the risk of losing her job. However, the law does not nominate specifications on whether or not an employee should be provided with medical funds in such a scenario. Additionally, the law does not provide specifications on whether or not an employee should be compensated for the days they spend come forth of work. But in Amandas case the law is the best resource Amanda can be receptive to disregarding the employee- employer contract.The employment contract Amanda signed holds the most significance in this case. The provisions of the contract are always adhered to till termination of the contract. If the provisions of the working contract gave no room for such health policies, Amandas employers prolong an upper hand in the case. However, every citizen is entitled to service by the bench system in such situations. Amanda could seek court action to stop her employers for withdrawing her health benefits of her working contract. Additionally, Amanda may legal action to have a medical leave under which her employment contract would besides be valid and her health benefits are not withdrawn. These are the only two scenarios that Amanda may have an upper hand. However, her employers may counter these claims by agreeing to pay up the health benefits but request to finish up her working contract. This is because for an unknown period of time Amanda may be out of the working schedule of the confederation which would in turn mean that the organization may find a

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