Sunday, June 9, 2019

Experiences Pt.2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Experiences Pt.2 - Essay ExampleIt furthermore provides them with the opportunity of staying physically fit and healthy. What I took home from this experience, in addition to fine tuning my body, is how to plan and deck out activities, exploring new places for climbing, encouraging members to keep climbing till they reach the top and celebrating with them once we reached the peak. In addition to being a source for doing something I love, this club has helped me better enhance my leadership and communication skills.With the recent dire situations going on in Gaza, I now believe more than ever that I should be given a chance to become a medical professional so I can save peoples lives. Having been brought up in economically and financially backward situations, I have incessantly been at a disadvantage since my birth. I have only seen my family struggling, and in regularize to fend for the family, once I was old enough I started to help my father with the family business too. Despit e the lack of financial resources, we together as a family have strived into leading at least an average life. Although I am fortunate my family now considers the US as our home, my roots of being a Palestinian have always caused me misery. When an individual is afraid to speak of their origin to others, it becomes clear that others are prejudiced and racially discriminating against them, and my case is no different. Thus, I always felt as an outcast and I never had the fortune of feeling a good affiliation no matter where I

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