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Sustainable Design Case Study Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Sustainable Design Case Study - Research Paper ExampleThe primary(prenominal) reasons behind people moving towards urban areas are to seek employment, make shopping for purchasing goods, seek entertainment as thoroughly as affect better standard of living. Simultaneously, existing environmental infrastructures related to work as well as services are quite insufficient to serve the sharpen in population as well as population densities. It can be observed in this context that overcrowding leads to environmental vulnerabilities as well as abasement unless strategies related to reversing the environmental deterioration can be applied. One of the determinants of the sternness of environment conditions in the urban areas has been their regional ecosystem types such as mountainous, coastal and riverine among others. It needs to be remembered that the urban ecological types are significant components in identifying the environmental strategies on with preparing the plans for precise a nd sustainable urban development. The project also discusses regarding the carnal planning, environmental health management and sustainable development. The main objective of the project analyzed in the paper is to make the urban areas quite self-sufficient, enjoyable turn out to live and thus sustainable (Williams, 2000). Challenges and Opportunities The most important urban environmental requirements by the people in the developing countries would comprise provision of healthy readjustment as well as other built surroundings, access to environmental infrastructural methods as well as services. It is worthy of stating the fact that the most severe influences on urban environment concerning people and which is caused by human being as well as nature are water pollution as well as depletion, air pollution and energy use and wastage. Furthermore, urbanization leads to solid waste and resource losses such as groundwater contamination and depletion, land and ecosystem degradation amo ng others. There are a few infuriating factors as well in relation to the project which lead to urban environmental degradation that are lack of public as well as political awareness, lack of efficient public education as well as involvement along with requirement for public pressure and political will. It is quite noteworthy to control such factors and make policies to minimize the impact of the factors on the environment so that the sustainability of the urban areas can be ascertained (Williams, 2000). Involvement of Numerous Stakeholders The efforts at enhancing the urban environment would comprise the involvement of numerous stakeholders such as governmental bodies, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) as well as the informal sector in defending the environmental problems. It also requires the efforts of numerous institutions, organizations as well as individuals. It becomes difficult for the isolated put through to meet the requirements because of the swiftness and intricacy of change. It has been found that one of the most crucial causative factors to the prevailing accumulation of urban developmental issues is the lack of synchronization of actions betwixt various stakeholders as well as actors. In order to reduce this problem, it is necessary to have a major intention of working in harmony towards the attainment of the common objectives. When all the stakeholders collaborate in order to work towards the accomplishment of the goals of the particular project then it leads to greater synergy. It comprises

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