Thursday, August 29, 2019

Statement of Purpose for graduate school ->Taxation Program Essay

Statement of Purpose for graduate school ->Taxation Program - Essay Example I soon realized I was passionate about handling complex financial matters and processing results, which I took to mean that I was not going to be satisfied with routine and directed procedures. My senior colleagues at the CPA office encouraged my ambitions, which only added to my feeling that I was ready for graduate studies. My love for matters finance begun when I was in high school, where we had an enthusiastic and encouraging teacher who would let us listen to budgetary proceedings, and once arranged a visit to the Treasury Department. She also ensured that we carried out as many practical roles as we could, while also encouraging us to read. I especially remember the impact of reading the Wall Street Journal each week and feeling that taxation was the most important aspect of American financial markets. My interests became more focused at undergraduate level, where, although management and accounting, which was my major, were easy to understand for me, I found that taxation was what really held my interest. I was fortunate enough to get an internship at the CPA Office, which turned into some of the best experiences of my life yet. I met a lot of people while working there and feel that I have a good advantage having worked there. It was during my internship that I finally decided that I wanted to be come a tax Consultant in the future. Although I felt that I could hold my own while working as an intern, I was cognizant of the fact that my base knowledge in taxation only consisted of my TAX3300 course. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that I needed to focus my studies in taxation, taking my IRS EA exam that I passed in the individual section. After receiving more encouragement from a CPA friend of mine, I also aim to pass my Representation and Corporation sections this year. My friend also recommended that I apply to Golden

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