Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The experience of inactive nurses returned to nursing after completing Essay

The experience of inactive nurses returned to nursing after completing a refresher course by Hammer and Craig - Essay Example The focus of the study was to highlight the experiences of nurses In Midwestern University who were returning to active service after completing independent refresher courses between the years 2000 and 2005 (Hammer and Craig, 2008). Generally, the primary purpose of the phenomenological research was to identify some of the experiences usually encountered by previously inactive nurses taking refresher courses before returning to active nursing practice. Refresher courses is one of the evidenced best practice practices that are increasingly being used in the health care system to improve the performance of professionals particularly after being inactive in the service. The researchers have effectively employed the use of a systematic inquiry and well structured methods to address some of their research questions. This is particularly important because use of evidence based practice in nursing is widely based on the previous researches. This paper critically analyzes the appropriateness of the qualitative research design used as well as the feasibility and effectiveness of the research article. Feasibility and significance of the study With regard to the feasibility and effectiveness of the research, a number of previous publications have revealed a growing shortage of nurses in our health in various healthcare institutions. ... after undergoing refresher courses is significantly important because it will provide more insight into some of the ways of mitigating the current shortage of nurses. For instance the described experiences of inactive nurses who are returning to practice can effectively be used in evidence based practice to help in the improve patient care in healthcare institutions. Appropriateness of the study design The research methodology used by the researchers has met most of the conditions necessary for research methodology congruence. For example some of the criteria adopted during the conduct of the research study included selecting participants who have successfully completed refresher courses and had been employed in active nursing for 6 month after completing the course, had time to participate in face to face interviews and were living round the research centers. In this regard, the criterion used in selecting the potential respondents not only ensured the effectiveness of the research but it also ensured that the researchers the prospective participants were best placed to effectively provide answers to some of the research questions. On the other hand, the use of face to face interviews provided the researchers with an opportunity to clarify any doubt to the participants and adapt the questions such as by rephrasing or repeating some questions. This is particularly necessary because it enables the researchers to ensure that the interview questions are well understood thereby improving the reliability of the responses. Additionally the use of face –to-face interviews also allowed the researchers to pick up nonverbal clues that may be unconsciously exhibited by the respondents. It is however worth noting that despite the effectiveness of this research method, face

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