Thursday, October 17, 2019

Environment vs Economic Impact Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Environment vs Economic Impact - Research Paper Example Environmental Economics is concerned with the theoretical and empirical studies of the economic effects of environmental policies all over the globe and it suggests measure of mitigation of the effects. There are many economic activities as carried out by different people in the world. The range and type of the activities are heavily dependent on the level of development of the communities in question. For example, during the ancient times, African communities were known to carry out economic activities such as trade, keeping of livestock and cultivation of land among others while at the same time the western countries were involved in the industrialization processes as the main economic activity. The economic activities may harm the environment if not well checked. Some economic activities are very detrimental to an extent that governments throughout the world have banned them. Almost all economic activities carried out have an detrimental effect to the environment and therefore it is crucial to manage the activities to make sure that we don’t continuously erode the environment and also we should severally conserve the environment to make sure that a good environment is always available for the humankind (Jeroen 43). Sustainable development occurs only when the three pillars of development namely social, political and economic are balanced. Environmental stability is part of the social pillar. Current situation of the Environment vs. economic impacts Increases economic growth in the world has led to increased pollution in the world which can be categorized into Water pollution, Air pollution, Solid waste pollution, Noise pollution and Land or Soil pollution. The increasing industrialization in the world has led to the production of heavy machineries, motor vehicles and other motorized locomotive machines such as airplanes, trains, cranes and ships among others. The increased mechanization has led to the swiftness through which goods have been moved from one place to the other and people have been able to move at a very fast pace from one region to the other. This fast movement has enhanced connection of different region and this has facilitated more trade and therefore more economic growth in nations. However, there has been consistent air pollution which contaminates the air in the immediate environment of human beings. Research has shown that increased CO2 emission leads the depletion of the ozone layer. Depletion of the ozone layer tends to allow the dangerous sun rays to hit the earth and in turn leads to cancers and skin diseases. The motorists also make a lot of noise leading to noise pollution which leads to poor hearing capabilities. Companies involved in the production of the machineries and industrial goods are also involved in emission of effluents which in turn lead to water pollution. Water pollution affect the population using the water in a multiple of ways; for instance livestock drinking the contaminated water die , human beings taking the water will also die and most importantly the plants which take up the water will get contaminated (Harris 43). The contaminated water also reduces the nutrients available for plant uptake through displacements of ions in the soils and thus the plants may face eventual drying and death. The contaminated water effluents are also taken up by human beings in form of vegetables especially those grown in the urban areas. Trash and garbage is a commonly seen scene in most urban regions in the world. It is a major

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